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    So, got more of the set done today. Almost finished. Thought I would share some pics. Plus, some of the custom product we are making for the palyers is ready as well. Mine is the Pink Heart sentinel. The DM Screen is not the one we will be using. That one will have a Beholder on it!
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    IT IS TIME!!! I have been waiting a while to share all of my gorgeous Dog Might wood bits, and today my Valhalla Screen and Component Collectors arrived so here they are in all my poorly framed glory. We have 4 Benge Component Collectors, a Benge Valhalla Screen, 2 Canarywood and 2 Padauk Hero Sleeves and a Dark Walnut adventure case. I can't wait to actually use them but I had to bust out some components from my favourite game to show them off. I am starting running a DnD adventure properly for the first time in a few weeks time so Ill add a picture of the screen in action then! Much love and respect to all here and the DMG team!
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    Finally got a chance to get some pics of my Coco. The Chechen is beautiful, and the Redheart sammich top looks amazing too. This was definitely worth the wait!
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    Got this Friday, but I was at con. Just got back an hour or so ago, and here's some pictures I took
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    Some crazy new Valhalla Screens going up soon!
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    Probe Droids are done! As I mentioned above, I started these guys many moons ago, and my painting methods have changed quite a bit in the past year. I decided to let little flaws go - mold lines, injection gates, gaps, and other model prep issues that I'd fix today were left "as is" and I decided to see what I could do quickly. I'm happiest with the grimy, dirty, oily robot arms, least happiest with the details on the central globe. There's a lot more that I could have done - gem-style lenses, better battle damage, picking out rivets and vents, etc. and a lot of overall cleanup. But ... it's time for brushes down and onto the next.
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    I've previously posted these but couldn't resist since they're finally getting some time on the table. DMG kingdom death gear grid prototypes working in tandem with CoCos. Magnets are holding these together for a 1 player, 2 character dashboard.
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    @tgpumpkin, This is for you! My Sentinels and Sheaths. As you can see, I don't have 20 of them, but what I do have are pretty spectacular. @Konas and DMG are da bomb! My favorite is hard to pick, but it's between the Ziricote XL Sheath, the aluminum inlay Sheath, and the BoRo Sentinel. Note: @Thomas Browne still may have some resentments over the BoCo and BoRo sentinels and Ziricote sheath, given I beat him to them by about 14 seconds combined. I don't know if this makes me a bad person, but I still don't feel bad about that.
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    Congrats. And as I promised, here is a picture of Bria in her witch costume. : )
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    Taking a short break from dropfleet (the panel lines are giving me a great case if the mehs) to have some fun with a the Brimstone Sand Kraken that I bought 2 or 3 Gencons ago but never got around to assembling. Will be a played model and not a competition model so I am going super fast on him. Assembled, with a 28mm figure for size ref. Initial green airbrushing. Later airbrushing would add the green highlights and orange mane. Current status. Working the eyeballs up to pure white before I paint the details. Played with some hand highlights in bright green around the eye plates. I'll do likewise on the orange and figure out something for the tentacles. Rocks will get repainted brown.
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    I have recently returned from a nice family vacation to Boston and New Hampshire, but while I was on vacay, our BGG group purchase of Snowdonia arrived to the guy who spearheaded the whole thing. This is what he received...
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    Reapercon contest entry. Started assembly about 10d ago, airbrushed basecoats last Friday and hand detailing on Sunday. I should have kept track of my time, there's a reason I've been a lot quieter on the forums. First pic is the nekkid model. Still a WIP and under crappy desk lights. Need to fix some highlights, do another pass on the blades, adjust lighting with the airbrush and wash and detail the base.
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    I.m waiting for this mat for my fantasy game.
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    I'm proud to say that the color shift scorpion won first place for Best Monster in the Shadows of Brimstone painting competition at Gencon. I was greatly humbled by the response to the figure. Picture below is in the case at the show floor, followed by a couple of glamour shots in my light box. I painted a pair of them, but the category is for best single figure, so I picked the one I liked better for the entry (the one with the ram horn skull). Middle of the weekend, I was at the booth buying stuff, and noticed a guy with the scorpion kit box in his hand. He brought his wife to the case, pointed at the box, then my figure, and back again and gestured excitedly. She smiled and nodded, he pulled out a phone and took several pictures of my figure. That one exchange was better than winning anything. My other entry was greatly enjoyed by the people I talked with, but rightfully didn't place. There were some wonderful entries in the diorama category. I painted up two sets of bad guys in the Ghostbusters vs. Slimer theme. The backdrop was out of a hot wheels set that I repainted. The little Ghostbusters shoulder patches were free hand, my first real attempt at something like that. Had a ton of fun, will put the Ghostbusters on the gaming table proudly.
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    I got my 3d printer last night and got it all put together and running. This is the first test print (which was instantly claimed by my 3 year old when he got up this morning)
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    So this weekend we drove out into the foothills looking for cool pictures I can sell. I saw this really cool shot of the riverbend (picture #1), so we stopped the car and walked back to the spot. I was getting the camera ready as I walked and accidentally hit the button, taking a picture of who knew what. I figured I would delete it later. I got home and uploaded the pictures, forgetting about the oopsie. Turns out that "oopsie" was a cool shot of the hills with a few fair weather cumulus in a blue sky. Also turned out to be straight by some sheer luck. Picture #2 is my accidental picture.
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    Mrs. Zoxe just snagged this one. Her 2nd DMG weapon - she can now dual wield!
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    I love it so much!!! It is bigger than I thought!!
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    Didn't manage to finish the metal armed dude but did a bit of painting this morning.
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    Reapercon is done! There were 996 entries this year, largest to date. Scoring is a little different - you are judged against set criteria and rated across 4 possible scores (none, certificate of merit, bronze, silver, gold). In theory, if all entries earned a gold rating there would be 996 golds given. The criteria are harsh, and the event draws the best of the best with a high concentration of pro painters, streamers, and no kidding masters. From there, you can acrually place in specific categories (i.e. best of show), and some mini mfrs give their own first, second, third rankings. The Freeblades Polar Bear earned a bronze rating overall. I was shooting for bronze, hoping for silver, so I'm solidly happy with this. As my first reapercon entry, part of this was about getting stuff entered since I didn't start the piece until after gencon. More exciting: I also earned a 3rd place for the DGS Games manufacturer award, which got me a podium walk in front of 1000 people in the ballroom, and a large cast "challenge coin" medal. There weren't very many DGS entries, but looking at my competition I'm proud to place. Mrs. Zoxe also earned a bronze for her entries, which is impressive to me because she basically cranked it out over 3 days before we left. 😉 We started our drive home tonight (Sunday) and will spend most of Labor Day in the car.
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    I did the group buy for Snowdonia on BGG and the guy running the group just notified us today that he's supposed to get his shipment this coming Monday. We had 108 copies ordered in the group, the shipment weighs 1,180 lbs!
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    Today I worked on some beautiful walnut Adventure cases. During lunch Trenton Donnie Shane and I had a disc golf putting contest. It was a good day
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    So, I came in this morning to a couple of immediate, hard meetings. Then, found out I had received a very special surprise from a Mr. @tgpumpkin. Incredible. You guys are the best. It really means a lot that anyone would send a gift like that.
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    Troll with arms and legs from another mini added for extra viciousness
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    Yay I just hosted my first ever “Woodnt you like to know” post. I feel pretty special right about now.
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    On another note, we cut into the Bastogne Walnut yesterday. Gorgeous. A bit lighter than Black Walnut but heavily figured. It is also very wet. Need to let it sit for a bit before we do anything with it. We got some Redheart in the other day that was so wet it was spraying water when we cut it. I have never seen anything like it. Now, we have to let it sit for a month or two.
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    Finished the Brimstone Dark Altar yesterday. He'd been on my table for a few weeks, but yesterday was pouring rain. Lots of airbrushing inks in this, which I'm really enjoying. First time using blood FX.
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    Hey @tgpumpkin -- It's Dusty Doom (tm)!! http://dogmight.com/stock?id=8950
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    We actually weren't sure on a wood wallet. My husband always had a trifold style wallet. But he ended up loving his wooden wallet (boro with a rupee). He gets compliments all the time on it. This one is going toward holding gift cards/store cards for when I decide to not take my purse.
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    Next Arena Rex figure done! My matt spray seems like it comes out a bit shinier near the end of the bottle though.
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    Here's a pic of one of our new Valhalla Screens going through finishing. Terrible pic I know but it really shows off the Black Limba lumber.
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    Aaaaaaannnnnd all done. Tightened up some shading and finished the base. Made the display base yesterday out of walnut. We're fussing around the house today, will pack tomorrow and set out for TX after work on Tuesday.
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    That's a very nice game room/dining room. I have a similar setup. I have box throne shelves (waiting for my top caps in wave 4), and an old lady crystal chandelier. It looks a little cluttered, what with all my DMG gear. 😍
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    Oooo.... now I need another one for snacks!
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    On Sunday, my Chechen token shield contained 3 kids of M&Ms.
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    Not a great shot... but I got a beautiful set of blue sandstone dice at Origins. 😍
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    Actually, I do have a thought... could DMG make custom walking sticks if people asked? Or better yet "sword sticks" (where the blade is also wooden)? I had a character with one, but honestly, I sometimes feel like a good walking stick could benefit me out and about at cons with all the walking (I'm missing joints in my feet, and it means shock that'd be absorbed instead just travels all through the leg).
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    I went to paint again today after 5 days and the paint in my home made wet pallet was still wet it is awesome. I really like using them. I spent to much time going back and forth on this dang kroot warrior (I have 14 more to do) but I'm saying he's done I can't waste any more time on this one. He was my test one so I did to much testing on him lol.
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    Yeah, since a lot of the games I play are d10 specifically... actually, that reminds me... one second. My older and bigger dice tower with African Blackwood and Yellowheart d10s all produced by Dog Might!
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    I will put these here to torment @Barb Bliss
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    Resident sorcerer Shane bestowed his magic last week and made one of his magic relics available for sale. Needless to say I seized the opportunity to claim it within seconds before it was gone forever. Behold..Shane’s sentinel.
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    One of the breweries in Central Oregon came up with a clever way to measure their snowfall. They do admit that this was one of the drifts and not the main snowfall, but funny none-the-less.
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    Aww shucks foiled again @Thomas Browne on a different note can’t wait to check out that walnut so I can at least see the wood @Barb Bliss will beat me to
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    My CoCos just shipped!!! I can’t wait to see them!!! 😻😻😻 ...well, will ship soon...the label has been created!
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    @Barb Bliss Inside joke with my gamer friends. I was in the Army, so everyone gets me stuff made out of Purple Heart wood so I wouldn’t need to win a Purple Heart medal
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    Some of the goodies coming through~~
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    I think I will order one soon. Good board games deserve beautiful vessels for their components.
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    To be clear, I am not purposefully setting out to rid you, specifically, of your hard earned funds. I am just coming up with ideas.
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