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    At any rate, we are way too busy at the moment to even work on a prototype for this. We had our best Q4 ever in 2018 and are busting our butts to fulfill it all. Plus KS's. Lots to do. We are hiring by the way. 4 or 5 more apprentices. So, if you know anyone in the area....
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    Congratulations. It's been amazing to watch you grow as a company - both in terms of size and skill.
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    I kicked out these corpse pile tokens this weekend on a whim. They replace a cardboard piece in Shadows of Brimstone. About 45 minutes total time invested, including the time to mount them on paperclips so I could hold them with a wine bottle cork. Not intended to be fancy. I may go back and put some glow in a few of the eyesockets. Mix of airbrush, drybrush, and airbrushed inks.
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    because you're so innocent and never think of doing such things @Thomas Browne
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    Oh my gourd I missed this!!!! Congratulations @Zoe. That’s awesome. Sorry I was distracted by the castle tray to offer my sincerest well wishes. Also quite an active day in the comments today peeps. Felt good to chat with all of you for a while there and see some outstanding puns. Haven’t ran out of “likes” in quite some time.
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    @Konas, You have a bug in your email. Calling ambrosia maple spalted tamarand. Must have been some MF trying to do too much too quickly.
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    We are looking into it. We have 17 CNCs right now. Adding another shift next week which will help a ton. Running some production numbers all week long to find out if we need more. We are hiring about 5 to 7 more apprentices too, which will help a ton. Should be a great year of growth as far as production is concerned.
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    He's shirking his responsibilities to expand his business. Selfish bugger.
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    You won't see it for like a year though @Barb Bliss. Because @Konas will find half a dozen woods to write about first.
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    A few new things going up today. This is my fave. Ambrosia Maple.
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    How about I make the first prototype in a colored resin frame and BoRo panels just for you. Only $2600!
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    Leave it to me to pick the super duper expensive items.
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    So, yesterday, Mrs. Zoxe and I were talking about KS's we were waiting on. I mentioned that Shadows of Brimstone, Forbidden Fortress was supposed to ship in January, meaning I might be lucky if I see it by June. Then, just to prove me wrong, Flying Frog put up an update overnight that said that our pledges are on the water!! Since they pre-packaged everything in the factory, and the boat is due to arrive in January, I might actually see my pledge in February! This is an important milestone, as THIS was the pledge that started my Kickstarter Habit, and while other games have fulfilled, THIS was a huge outlier in my history. They posted an unboxing video. The volume of painting that I need to do is making my head hurt.
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    Aww thanks tg I can always count on you to spruce up my wording. 😂
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    Gourdeous castle tray on my way. Cross that off the list.
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    Hey! Still here and still well. The holiday lead-up and subsequent holiday season just bogged me down. I don't even know where to begin posting, haha, so I'll just fire one off here. I'm going to try to get back into the conversation a bit more, but January-March is busy for me because I'm prepping for my company's new catalog that comes out in March. In related DMG news, I just got the notification form the dice KS on Wednesday that my Redheart D6s are on the way!
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    You're still there: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/251319/20-most-anticipated-board-games-2019-final-voting?fbclid=IwAR3NfuVyZpD--L4r4iAcdYBBytutlVmFUC0kXCsd3Bffv5vAVmmors0hnVc Category Party.