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    Got my first Dog Might purchase in this week, a gorgeous bubinga and wenge sentinel! It's absolutely everything I hoped it would be, plus it fits 100% perfectly in the Kingdom Death: Monster box. Thank you so much Dog Might team, and special thanks to Zoe and Rosie for taking extra care to make sure it turned out exactly how I wanted! :D (It's a little redder in person than it is in the photos!)
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    Note to self, medium dog costume is almost too small on Cyrus. The hood does not sit right on his head.
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    Odd DMG birthday facts. Both Cameron and I were born on the 13th. Me in August, him in March. And, here's the spooky part, both of us were born on a Friday!
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    So, I can finally tell you all about one of the surprises we have been working on. We made an amazing GM Screen for the second season of We're Alive: Frontier on Geek and Sundry. It is a live edge Walnut 4 panel screen. 2 Of the panels rotate and have engraved panels that allow the GM to update info for the game. We are pretty pumped. Being on Geek and Sundry twice in a month is pretty special for us.
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    Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in the oven the before: After
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    Dog Might's creations do make great birthday gifts. It was a year ago this month that I received my first Dog Might product. A Spooky Pumpkin Themed Dice Box from my sister. It was an awesome gift that I still use often.
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    Carrie says Come on Doom let's go trick or treating, I bet we get all the treats. 😀
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    First print of the night is for my 8 year old.
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    You guys have some awesome hobbies. I share several of the same ones you do. Painting. Used to paint on canvas in college. That faded as I focused on teaching. I took up miniature painting a year ago or so. Also recently been doing some wood painting. Graphic Design. This is like painting but on the computer. Not only do I teach Graphic Design, I do a lot of projects, some which have been printed in school newspapers, yearbook, and websites. Photography. Fell in love with this in college, but never got to take a class in it. But somehow I later was teaching kids how to take photos in journalism class I taught. My photos have appeared in my high school newspaper, yearbooks, and various website. Kids and parents will sometimes download pictures I take and put them on their phones, making them their wallpapers. I feel honored whenever they do that. Writing. I fell in love with this hobby back when I was in 6th grade. So far, I have had articles appear in several college/high school newspapers, online blogging, and five books published (self-published, but still published). I've also edited two books which my father published. He is his 70's and I'm proud of him taking up writing after he retirement. Crochet. I used to do this quite a bit. Back when I in maybe 10th grade, my first baby blanket I made even won 1st place in a contest. I used to crochet Christmas ornaments to give to all my students. As I teach high school, that is over a hundred needed. I would start months in advance about the time weather cooled off.
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    I admit that I was surprised you didn't find this topic days ago.
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    @tgpumpkin, you are not supposed to be here. Didn't you read the topic title?
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    That looks easy and so much fun. I want to "punch a pumpkin!"
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    Those are gorgeous, Thomas Browne! That bocote is really unique. @Barb Bliss Oh dear, all fear the Konasphere! (But do so while cackling over your wooden pretties! We don't need to eat anyway... right?) @Konas Take all the ideas you want! Especially if there's a minute chance they end in more cool DMG offerings.
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    Latest loot. Bocote Sentinel Vampire Dragon Sheaths (Blood Toreador and Night Gangrel) And as much as I love redheart, I have to give @Konas credit. This is one of the prettiest pieces of Wenge I've seen. I love it.
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    OMG, I know someone who would want that Imperial Ruby Spellbook!
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    The backside is pretty cool as well. A built in dice tower. 2 small storage areas. And d6 magnets. It really was the first incarnation of the new Valhalla Screens.
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    Caption contest!!!! I know where you sleep!
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    The youngest kitty in the house Lily is dressed as the classic board game Suburbia.
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    Oooooh The GESTALT DRACOLICH VALHALLA SCREEN + ACCESSORIES sold! Someone has deep pockets!
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    My daughter made me a cake today for my birthday, and surprised me by making chocolate pumpkins to go on top. She knows me so well.
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    Sweet! I can’t wait to see it! It’s a Christmas present for my hubby 😊
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    Another print from overnight
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