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    My awesome custom box that houses the spot lights for my jewelry and craft business. At the Art Festival. The window washes out how pretty the stain is.
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    @GhostChopper, A lot has changed in a couple of weeks. Note: pay no attention to frost protection sheets in the first shot. It got down to 36 over night.
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    Friday, I got an email from John and Linda asking me if I wanted to sneak in a pontoon ride on their new pontoon before the weather turned. Uh, YEAH! It looks like a floating cocktail lounge. 73 degrees and sunny. Music playing through the speakers. Wine/cheese/crackers/grapes while floating in the middle of the lake with a gentle breeze. Several pairs of Canadian Geese with their new really ugly baby honkers paddling beside them nearby. Then a quick spin around half the lake, and then steaks and baked potatoes on the grill. A nice and relaxing afternoon/evening before the weather turns ugly for a week. Note: everyone should have a good friend with a pontoon.
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    I'll be happy all we are seeing is rain. For a place that gets only about 5" a year, we received almost a half inch overnight. Not so good with the rivers as swollen as they are - but so far, no major flooding again. In a few months we will be wishing for rain.
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    The neighbors stopped by again. šŸ˜˜
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    One nice day in a week of rain otherwise, and the neighbors were out and chatting on the front steps. The kids really got big over the winter. Brauer is only 9 months old, but is going to be a BIG guy like his daddy. Teddy decided there was more room by the tree in order to eat his ice cream.
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    Yes, you do. I have said it before and will say it again, one of the best games around. It might not feel that way when you first start, the beginner scenario doesn't really show off what this game can do, but it is worth sticking to it. I promise.
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    New dice to add to the collection. Die Hard dice! Love the little notes.
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    We usually don't split up, so I'm guessing either 6 person co-op Nemesis or Massive Darkness.
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    I have to say that this is getting really depressing.
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    No people, but deff snow and chairs
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    Yeah. Use shredded versus chips though. Helps keep them from floating away. It doesn't help with the tree seedlings, but they are easier to pull through the mulch. Once I get the tree seedlings out of the way, I spend about 10 minutes a week to weed my entire yard. Neil and Mark across the street and I have a little game we play. When I'm doing my spring work and are pulling tree seedlings they say "Nanner nanner boo boo". When they are cutting their grass and edging I say "Nanner nanner boo boo" back to them. Another help is to put newspaper under the mulch. That's too much putzing for me, but I know people that do that and swear by it.
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    @Barb Bliss same with me. I've gotten 3-4 telling me they're backing. Maybe I should give it a second look but it didn't stand out to me originally.
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    I'm laughing at your description of its effect on the earth, hahaha. Oh goodness. Glad it worked out pretty okay at least! Ahhh, that sounds amazing!!
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    We just finished Gugong. Most of the time it was figuring out the rules, but I was much to hospitable of a host as I was dead last. I want to play it again before I forget it. Maybe I'll try a solo game tomorrow.
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    Ooooh, Meadery. I didn't know that was a word.
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    Getting excited for PaizoCon this coming weekend. Got into 2 lottery games and some fun seminars. Really looking forward to the Viking Meadery which is walking distance from the hotel :).
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    No boardgames were there The water is almost gone, clean it and dry it after.
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    Just to follow this up, I'm not healed up yet and I'm kind of sighing about it. After that first night, the swelling went down and by the first weekend I was feeling pretty good. In fact, that first Saturday was my Dropfleet tournament, and I was pretty much on my feet from 10:30 am to almost 10 pm getting through the 3 games. It was tender, but nothing really bad going on. Monday and Tuesday I was fine, but stayed off of it as much as possible. Last Wednesday (a week after the incident), it started swelling up again and was looking really gnarly (orange and green and purple). I had a knot the size of an uncracked walnut come up, and the area around it was puffy. Blood clots run in my family, and they get scary quickly. More back and forth with the nurse brother on Thursday, and Friday morning I did a walk-in to my doc's office. I truly expected the doc to send me off for an ultrasound, but he poked and prodded and shrugged. It's in a low risk area away from the veins, it's not showing signs of a clot, and "it looks like you just took a good wollop." He set me up with some kinestetic tape, which gave instant relief, and I'm taking it (mostly) easy this weekend. I'm frustrated because the weather finally turned, and I'm on the couch with my foot up. Sitting at the paint bench isn't so great either, but I'm hopeful that I can get some assembly done today.
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    @tgpumpkin: Brother, I think you need this... https://www.plowhearth.com/en/Halloween-Decorations/Headless-Halloween-Pumpkin-Holder-Figure/p/65F98
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    We are definitely related, brother. I thought the same thing.
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    I started work on the fountain garden this afternoon. I didn't finish that garden as I was diverted by the promise of Punch Pizza. But I did get the pump out of the basement, installed it, and it still works. I got to listen to the water trickling down while I was working.
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    Whenever I wear a new sweatshirt or shirt that I really like, I end up slopping some sort of food on it. It's really weird how chronic the issue is. The last time it happened, I wore my new Michigan State grey sweatshirt to the local pub and ordered a burger and a beer. Once my burger showed up, I shook the mustard jar, and of course the lid wasn't screwed on. You guessed it. Mustard EVERYWHERE. I never did quite get the yellow stain out. Of course the waitress felt terrible as I told her about my spill curse while ordering, so I wouldn't order something that was prone to dripping. Any who, while I was in the yard (and far past the point of enjoyment), Emma came over and asked me if I wanted to go out for pizza with her and her mom (that is visiting). Uh, yeah! I ended up wearing my brand new ladybug t-shirt that has to be washed in cold water, inside out, and on the delicate setting. I seriously stopped and contemplated not wearing it because I didn't want to spill on it. I decided to just wear it and get it over with. We ended up going to Punch Pizza. It's a Vera Pizza Napoletana member, wood burning pizza place. I got the "Milanese" (ham, roasted red pepper, gorganzola, and basil). On the third slice, I took the first bite, and tomato sauce/red pepper fell off the slice and onto my new lady bug shirt. SMH
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    Bloodborne campaign ended yesterday. Base pledges for this one are getting A LOT of stuff in true CMON KS fashion.
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    I finally got a copy of Wingspan yesterday. It's sitting on my table, punched and sorted, and ready for me to give it a try tonight.
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    And that is part of my issue with it too. I said that basically I can do Origins more easily and for less money - and actually make sure I get what I want. Even if it wasn't conflicting this year, I was 50-50 on going (mainly would have been going to see friends who are just moving inot the Philly area)
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    Ahaha, I got night terrors as a kid, which is like sleepwalking during a nightmare. One of the ones I had was kind of Zelda-esque. There were tall, wiggly pillars standing above a crashing ocean. It was dark, spooky. All you could see was the next pillar and the waves crashing up against the bottom of them. It was a million miles down, it seemed like. I stepped from one pillar to the other. Then I fell. And I woke up. I had been standing on my bed, trying to step to the stool at my writing desk. Not the most stable of stools - it was one of those fold-up ones - so I fell. I crawled back into bed and didn't remember anything until I got to the mirror that morning and saw dried blood on my nose. Hahaha, oops. Now this is turning into a dream sharing thread, lol. Whenever I think of Murphy's Law, I think of all the times in theater where we had something wrong with the set, and it was always dead center stage.
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    That is a lot of spiders attacking. My sister hates spiders. She won't even touch the spider swam minis I recently painted. Love to see her try to play your game when the spiders are on the march.
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    A few ago, thinking about to make some cleaning in my basement before some problems with my sump pomp (broken, long electric shutdown)... so the floating ball has a bad idea to leave the pomp this week end. Murphy's law again looking better.
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    GENCON EVENT QUEUE DAY! Gencon announces their calendar in advance, and then uses a wishlist system to build out your calendar for the 4 1/2 days. Then you log in at the appointed time (i.e. today at noon) and click a button to submit your wishlist to the Gencon supercomputer for cranking. Of course, everyone is doing the same thing and the whole system pauses and shudders when the clock ticks over. When you click, you can almost feel the power grid browning down and the earth's rotation stuttering a bit. Anyway, the last two years have been unkind to us in the queue. This year I got marginally better at about 8200ish (vs. I think maybe 14,000+ last year? I'd have to go look). Mrs. Zoxe initially didn't get a number at all, but finally took a risk, refreshed the page, and found that she was 1,000 lower than me. When the dust settled, we didn't get into our painting classes (booo!) but I had plenty of other events to choose from. #1 on my list was Dropfleet's Narrative Battle, and I got into that. Mrs. Zoxe got into some writing events and a crochet class (crochet a dice bag! hah!). But we have things we can do and are not scrambling back through the catalog to make use of our time. #nerdstress
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    Whoa Iā€™m not used to @Konas popping up here on the weekends. It scared me for a minute thinking today was still a weekday and I got confused and stayed home šŸ˜›
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    Humble bundle has a bundle of print and play copies of Ninja division games. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/tabletop-ninja-division?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_2_layout_index_1_layout_type_threes_tile_index_1_c_ninjadivisiongamesystems_bookbundle Not sure if people know about the trouble Ninja division is in but they are doing this to try and help pay off some of their debt to try to fulfill outstanding Kickstarter rewards.
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    https://metro.co.uk/2019/05/14/dad-arrested-horrific-youtube-clip-abusing-screaming-toddler-9540741/?ito=article.mweb.share.bottom.link&fbclid=IwAR3db-OSWow6sL5FLqWwQ2Y0m4qNKpHsEWIxNrcy48kA0HKIM6YeIQp5tzg Someone pointed out this new campaign matches his bond. This is.. yeah. Very depressing.
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    Again????????????????????? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1777250163/dragon-eye-a-combat-card-game-based-on-game-of-thr/description
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