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    So many great pics here! I love the contrasts on that kingwood token shield. I just came back from Origins with a lovely little pile of 4 card stands from DMG's $5 shelf! I'm looking forward to using them when I get my Betrayal at House on the Hill Legacy game going. The bolivian rosewood on the bottom is one I ordered a few months back, and the new bubinga one matches it perfectly, but the others are all slightly different shapes and sizes. It's pretty cool - I guess card stands are a good teaching tool for apprentices and/or good for experiments. Also - what wood is the big one on top? It's super dark red, with a couple thick black stripes running through it. Could it be an unusually dark and stripe-y piece of padauk?
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    I've been enjoying my summer. And spending a lot of time working on painting minis. Here is some of my work. This is my most challenging piece to date. It came in five pieces. Its the first miniature I had to glue together. Then I had to buy a special putty to fix the cracks. Then I bought 3 metallic paints to use on it. It's become my "Flame and Joy" piece. My sister gave me the elf for Christmas. I bought the other two pieces. They look like they belong together. I love my portal. Can't wait to use it in a RPG secion. I worked a long time on this one, putting more and more shades of green on it. The final results is a monster I don't (and do) want to meet inside a game.
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    I hope everyone is having a good week so far...over the hump..here comes the weekend. I have band rehearsal tonight (three piece rock type). Not sure if any of you are aware that I play in a band with @Bardacious Jeremy and have for a few years now. That is how I found my way to Dog Might. Do something fun tonight if the opportunity presents itself.
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    I just got a notification that DMG was backing Game Toppers 2.0. I figured @Konas finally cracked and had to get the Nordic Rails, but saw that there were several DMG add-ons that are already unlocked. There are some good deals there! Maybe I'll be ready for a new gaming table system by GT 3.0... Anywho, I thought it might be a good idea to list live KS projects that DMG is partnering on for those of us that missed them.
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    I can't stop looking at this. If something like this ever appeared on the site with a fierce looking pumpkin in the middle I'd lose my seeds.
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    Poor you. Sorry you have such a long wait. I've had mine for quite a while now and use them almost every time I play board games at home. Nowadays, its hard for me imaging playing certain games without them. They help so well with organization. Soon you will have yours.
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    I've not heard of Shipwreck Arcana. Hope you have fun playing it. I recently got in Expedition: the Horror and Tiny Epic Mechs. I've not gotten around to playing them yet. Also bought Wingspan, which we enjoyed playing. Skull Tales with its many minis is suppose to arrive in the next week or two. Lots of painting in my future.
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    Ohh, the game has a 3D element. That is cool.
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    Now, I want that bike, Superbike... and a Knight armor.
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    @Zoe Sweet! I didn't know padauk could get that dark and still be clearly red, even with sun. Wood is so cool!
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    I should get +1 for this, so I should be about -999 999 999 now I will drop again soon, deeper and deeper.
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    That's good. 6 dragon trays just isn't enough. 😈
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    The adventure cases i was working on are complete.
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    Finally got a shipping notice on my HB55 airbrush. Guess I'll have to fork out the rest of the money for everything else now
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    Wow, @RomyCat!!! I love that portal, but that dragon is fantastic!
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    You are definitely getting better. I love the portal too!
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    @Josh, You guys should practice on some dragon trays!
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    Great news. I finally found someone who had cardinal flower! I worked in the yard all day thanks to a cool cloudy day. Good news, I got a ton done. Bad news, my left knee is killing me today.
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    I saw this screen today..not sure who did it but I dig it.
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    A stain i did Friday. Ended up looking similar to (but not as cool as) Jeremy's orc screen.
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    I think we need another tread under all about miniatures for this awesome information so we don't have to hunt.
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