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    I LOVE the new daggers and wands. I must save up and get one of the daggers. I will not be content until I do so.
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    Ding Dong! Dogmight at the door. Spalty skull (that got a little washed out by the camera), Chechen cthulhu, and macassar ebony dragon.
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    We know better than to believe that any more @Konas That's because it is
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    <grumble grumble> Stupid Dog Might, stupid 20% off sale, stupid gorgeous wooden gorgeousness...Stupid mailman, taking so long to deliver my new items! 😛
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    Amen! Summer is full of bugs and humidity. Summer sucks!
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    Grimm Forest headliners. After Massive Darkness and Village Attacks, this was a real change of pace.
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    I play Animal Crossing, and it's Halloween season in the game. Naturally, I had to murder some pumpkins and get a fashionable outfit!
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    What in the heck is bison grass? Do you mix with it or drink it straight?
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    Does anyone know of a "glow in the dark" paint? I want something creepy to paint the white glow...
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    wait wait wait wait wait wait HOLD UP NAME OF THE WIND LIKE THE BOOKS???????????????????????????????????????
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    Those two and the bocote are my favorites as well. As has been echoed on these boards before -- adulting sucks
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    Let me know if you ever want some custom foam to insert in that space to hold pins, watches, etc. It would be easy to do.
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    I'm still working on turning one case into pin storage (I got the wrong size jewelry cushions--and maybe this would be better as a custom build anyway!), but I turned the other one into a place to put my spare watches and bands!
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    Chechen Sprig Wand, Black Limba Stake, and White Ash Cthulhu Dagger.
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    It at last feels like fall here. I am so excited cause I really hate the heat.
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    That sounds so yummy. My daughter made me a pumpkin cake for my birthday this weekend. She did an amazing job. It's now my favorite cake. I told her she has to make it for my birthday every year now.
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    The forecast is talking 65 on Friday here. I know what I'll be doing. Getting my garage squared away so I can get the patio furniture into the garage, and still have room for my car. The boys are coming over Sunday, so I can ask them to move it!
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    Awesome! MiGT was pretty fun, but was a long haul for us for what ended up being 5 or 6 hours of gaming. I won "best painted" for Dropfleet Commander but didn't play as well. I was middle of the pack after the first round, but ended up totally biffing the 2nd game. Surprise for me was that it was 2 rounds instead of 3, so we were packing it in around 5 and had awards at 6 on Sunday. I was expecting to still be going at 9 or 10 that night.
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    It's very hard to find sausages that have no beef, milk, or MSG in them. I was pretty pumped to find these. Not sure what's the difference between Polish sausage and German sausage. I guess I'll find out soon.
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    Brought in some new creamer today. Definitely not tgpumpkin flavor. Nope, not at all!
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    No snow here yet but it was rainy yesterday but Friday and today are nice. out in woods having fun. Saw a black bear cub, two white tails and a little moose while out on the trails. Also got my brother to shoot his first gun.
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    You don't know the half of it. Let's just say, it's a good thing I don't have a spouse to answer to.
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    You aren't kidding--that's how I wound up with two Adventure Cases and a half-dozen Dragon Sheaths! 😛
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    A nice "warm" morning at 24 degrees F. The cats are already burrowing in blankets, so winter is surely coming.
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    fyi If you're attending PAX Unplugged, you will be able to play/demo the game as well.
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    This got sent to my email from a local pie shop.
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    I did some grocery shopping over my lunch break. Pumpkin Cherrios! I can lower my cholesterol and enjoy pumpkin goodness!
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    I had some reflexology testing done and was told peanuts, dairy, and MSG are death to me! Just shoot me in the head why don't you. No cream in the coffee, or Lattes, or coffee fraps! 😭 I thought that was, for the most part, the worst of it. If only. On Sunday I went out to breakfast, and they had their seasonal stuff that I usually always love. Pumpkin pancakes! At first I was thinking no fantastic whip cream with cinnamon. That sucks. Then I saw that dreaded word: buttermilk!!! 😡 Thank God that at least they had pumpkin muffins. I went to get a couple of them on the way out but then saw that they were slathered with sour cream frosting. 🤬🤬 On the plus side, I've felt SO MUCH BETTER since I stopped the dreaded triumvirate, but geez.
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    Is this in conjunction with the weed comment earlier?
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    We should all buy Monsterpocalypse and then never play it! The real gamer's dream!
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    We actually have a decent start on the kids Xmas presents. Pick up smaller items when on sale and wait till closer to get the big thing to make sure it's still relevant. We watch dr. Pol alot.
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    Out of reactions. Those are so very cute.
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    I bet you learned some new vocabulary while at that game.
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    I'm going to need to sleep with a night light for days after such a scare...
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    @Barb Bliss I spent entirely too long looking at that photo trying to figure out why the sausage links were pumpkin spice flavored 😂
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    Please, accept my sincerest apologies. 😋
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