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    I am pretty sure Cyrus will beat me in this game.
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    Our collection. My husband's brother-in-law made the base. He used the deer as a sample and gave it to us because he thought it was funny.
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    Snagged up this beautiful Black Limba Looking Glass from in stock the other day! My partner and I call Black Limba "Boo Limba" because it looks just like Miss Boo's fur. My best friend did the beautiful art of Miss Boo for me. Gave this to my boyfriend yesterday evening so that he won't miss the kitties too much while he's away for work. I didn't have time to get him one to match Calliope, our calico, but I'll mail that to him when I get it. Here's a photo of the original art, because she is SO TALENTED. Edit: he also feels VERY STRONGLY that no one but us gets our kitty engravings. 😅
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    I am going to tag @Anne and @Konas so they get a ping. 😁
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    Aieeee! A FLOOF kitty!!! And so pretty! We rescued two kittens last spring from our vet...because we clearly needed more (cats are like potato chips, etc. etc.)...one of them is a little tabby boy (I have a soft spot for tabby cats) and his brother is a floofy cat with a HUUUGE tail...also a tabby, but he looks like someone took his brother and puffed hard on a paw to make him floooof out. 😄 He is starting to look a lot like a Maine Coon..except probably half the weight. LOL.
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    @Josh, I've got my eye on you! Note: I wouldn't say no to pictures...
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    I would ping the KS in a direct message and/or wait for @Konas or @Anne tomorrow depending on urgency. Pretty sure the goal is to get access to the pledge manager. On other projects with a similar collaborations, you could back it for $1, and then get the "add-on" in the pledge manager or you could back it for the cost of the add-on item and then spend the dollars in the pledge manager. Some projects are fine with a minimum of $1 for access. Some want more. I would check their FAQ. Maybe your answer is already there.
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    The ice dam from hell has melted way down, and just slid off the roof!
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    I may have bought the last dragon tray made by DMG and it's heading to my house. That and a player pad and a couple of mini painters. Why does time drag when you have a package in route? And seeing pictures of Cyrus makes me really miss my kitties, darn it. Fish are cool and all, but they are jerks and not into cuddling. On the plus side my fish "Mrs. Fisher's sister has gone from nickle size to half dollar size. @Zoe, I think of you every time I watch her swimming around.
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    It's not technically a game, but I just found this KS and I have a MIGHTY NEED. I don't even know what I would do with a robot cat, other than be delighted every moment of every day.
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