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    Spent a good portion creating a team for Gaslands. If you haven't heard of this, it is a very cool game. It is a game of Post Apocalyptic Vehicular Carnage that uses matchbox or hot wheels cars and a rulebook that costs 12 bucks. We spent more time then we should have perusing the local super market's selection of toy cars then primed and painted them to fit the theme. Made some minor mods but didn't have any guns to add. Hopefully getting some of those soon. It is very fun and a nice, low stress way to paint, especially because the cars are supposed to look crappy and well worn. Here's my first go.
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    We actually weren't sure on a wood wallet. My husband always had a trifold style wallet. But he ended up loving his wooden wallet (boro with a rupee). He gets compliments all the time on it. This one is going toward holding gift cards/store cards for when I decide to not take my purse.
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    Chechen wallet with steampunk owl. Thank you!
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    It is in our office. We decided we couldn't part with it!
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    We have a ton of Dragon Sheaths available in stock so we are doing a flash sale for 25% off. ONE HOUR ONLY!
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    you have to love the osprey games they are all pretty awesome. Haven't tried gaslands yet but watched a couple videos on it and will probably be picking it up at some point. With 3 boys i have more then enough cars i can ... salvage... to make a tea,.
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    I spent an afternoon painting Village Attacks. I'll get some pictures up of the ones I've finished one of these days.
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    Just thought you'd enjoy steampunk owls.
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    Oh man! Can we open Barb's surprise box at the company holiday party this Friday?!
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    I can feel @tgpumpkin's lip trembling already.
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    I believe I spy Rise of moloch with expansions yes? Envious if you have the expansions
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    No addictions...but I do have the following collections: Boardgames, dice, tools, random crafting materials...
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    Hmmm...outside of my pristine dirt and leaf collection that blows upon the patch from time to time, I currently like collecting: Board games (duh) Video Games Pop Vinyls Watches Retro gaming memorabilia. Love 8 bit and 16 bit art/imagery. Like 70's and 80 retro art as well Jackets (me too @Zoe .... me too) T shirts (I buy more than I should get rid of)
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    I may have gasped when I saw it.
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    Lol while I have missed out on the occasional item....I like to think of it more as conscientious shopping rather than waffling 😛 @Thomas Browne And @Barb Bliss . i saw the striped sentinel and had an easy shot to get it. Peeps who know me know I love contrast. What held me back? The honeycomb. If it had a different configuration you’d be talking to an owner of his second sentinel. oh and welcome to the forums @LaBelleFleur ! As you are now witnessing first hand....this group is a real life version of Hungry Hungry Hippos and I’m the player with the hippo who has a broken lever on his hippo 😛
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    My mother would be so proud of me coming up with walnuts and black beans for anti-shaking snooping when I couldn't find my jingle bells.
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    Not unless you've hired someone that's quite prudish.
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    I think that would be a great time! Anything in it that is NSFW, @Barb Bliss?
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    I'm really quiet for now, backing about 70 KS in 18 months to renew my game collection, still waitng for 26 and the strike will add more delay.
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    And after, the black fries day