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    Well today was the earliest something happened to me. I went on a pontoon ride, in Minnesota, on Easter Sunday. It was a little cold going into the wind, but quite pleasant when we were going with the wind. At about the halfway point of the ride, a bald eagle took several passes around us before heading back to the top of a big tree. He was close enough to us that I said "Don't poop on me".
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    See I got kids so I just make my 8 year old play miniature games with me. He has a primaris army we are working on for 40k and we have been playing TANKS as well. I have lots of others to get in into later on as well.
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    Here is my mimic and our characters (Battle Chef and a Drow Rave Rogue) Just bought a screen for my husband for his birthday gift. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1otVGSFXsThdEd7BzeU_CRwYGotvsoooV/view?usp=sharing
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    Finally finished the necklace, just in time for Easter! 😁
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    Bones 4 fulfilled this week! We were too intimidated to open the box but needed to at least inventory! Painting backlog now officially lasts thru 2030. (There are 150 minis in the core set alone, another 40 in the expansion box. What have we done????)
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    Painted a mini for my husband's inquisitor of Gorum character.
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    I have to say, if I do get into miniature painting I would definitely want to paint that Bloodborne set though. LOVE that game. It would be a dream if I develop competence in mini painting to paint it. In case you're wondering, I am waiting to move before taking my hands into mini painting. I bought that learn to paint Bones set but don't have a good area to do it. My wife even got me a cool lighted magnifying glass stand so I can take up the hobby.
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    I have wanted to try it since I saw that video a few months ago. Man I wish I could afford your guys stuff. Someday I will own some. But these boards look amazing.
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    It was a last year Kickstater that I just received from a retailer of Québec. Only a few games in Canada, could be less than 30.
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    Holy Crap!!! It's even better in person.
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    I had to check too many check boxes. Drew may be right. I think I do have a problem.
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    LInk: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamingbooks/the-dungeon-set-of-2-modular-books-of-battle-mats?ref=discovery_saved_ending_soon Last year I bought the giant battle mat books mentioned at the end of the video. They are awesome! The artwork is spot on. Put two together and you have a huge play area. This new Kickstarter allows the same flexibility but with smaller, more portable books. I recommend this for all DM's and for regular players who like to bring extras to their games.
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    The contrasts on this piece and the ripples of the top grain are a joy to behold. The straight vs. ripple especially looks fantastic together. I am so glad this was a normal-size sheath, I really don't need to spend any more money with moving almost upon me. On a similar note, is this GM system BoRo? If so, is this mine, or did someone else special order a BoRo GM system with vines sculpt??? This question has been haunting me for weeks...
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    Agree with @tgpumpkin, the number of projects CMON has open doesn't bother me in the least, I know they'll produce. I got in on the early bird pledge. I'm not sure if I'll keep it or not, but I didn't want to get past the first 24 hour window and then find that I really wanted it only to have lost out on $10. We'll see if my pledge still stands at the end of the campaign.
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    With great reluctance, I mowed today for the first time. I love living in the country but as time goes on, I detest mowing in the summer months. Had to bypass several large areas that were all but underwater this weekend but most of it wasn't too bad. I am actually still mulching leaves from last fall - we had a very late fall and then a heavy winter that arrived all at once. The last time I mulched I was in my heavy winter gear a few days before the snow flew. Leaves were still falling after I'd pulled the mower deck and installed the snow blade.
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    Thank you @Barb Bliss. 😁 I started adding a few streaks to the chipped areas. Trying to sell it as impacts of large caliber ship to ship combat, not "rust." Also started coloring in the undercarriage to confirm that I like the color scheme. Here's current status. I did this side and had to stop for a bit. So many little details and edges. Doing a pair of these ships, so planning to split up the work over the next few days. Will then wash all the silver, highlight, a little dry brush, and do a pass with the airbrush to add some engine soot. Once the silver us basecoated it should go quickly.
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    This is very WIP, but here's today's efforts. Just did basecoating and striping today. I'm using a technique taught by Miniature Monthly where you apply some colors with a sponge, then put some silicone mould builder over the area (also with a sponge), then basecoat and peel the mould builder back off to reveal the layers beneath. Usually this is done to simulate rust and mechanical wear. I'm hoping to turn these chips into blast marks from enemy fire. Instead of rusty colors, I used some Reaper Burnt Metal (the copper), silver, and a little bit of deep blue. This is a resin model, and the primer came off in a few places but I can fix. I'll let this cure for a day or two, then come back and add some streaks, smudge (blast marks) and start on painting the undercarriage. Most of what you see will remain red, but the lower areas will be a dirty silver. I'm also going to do a blog post on striping.
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    Of course I want to retire. The only thing I currently loathe more than my job is interviewing.
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    @Serge Darveau, when you get your Galaxy of Trian, take a close look at the Councilor card. That's vintage Barb. Was also better this last year. I did jump on some big ticket items like Tainted Grail, Assassin's Creed, and Nemesis. Then the last week happened. I have 5 hours left to decide whether to bail on Fuji Koro. I have a love/hate relationship with Game Brewer. Fuji has some great components, and Gugong is a gorgeous product. Also in on: On Mars Animal Adventures - cats and catacombs Maximum Apocalypse - legendary edition upgrades/expansion I dig Maximum Apocalypse, so the new expansion and box upgrade was a no brainer. Barb approved with 2 thumbs up.
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    I would be so jealous of that dog. Actually, in my Pathfinder game now, my Leopard had a much higher AC than me, a druid. I send her into battle, while I hang back and cast spells. We make a great team.
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    Good luck with that brother. He still hasn't ordered any pink ivory again. Too busy growing his company.
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    I got my humane society box the other day. So cute! I must have forgot dice came with it because I played 7 dice pickup after opening it ;). My husband was amused.
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    The Vikings need the OL prospects to fall. My guess is 1 for sure will get drafted before 18. Most likely 2 will be picked. Trades will cause havoc. But, if TJ Hockenbutt is still there, they will take him. If the OL they would be interested in 18 are gone, but Fant is there, maybe, they take Fant. If not, will try to trade down. They also would like to trade Waynes. He's got just one year left on the contract, but no cap space to resign him. So maybe they package Waynes and a one or a two pick to move up. You never know with "Trader Rick".
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    Hah, yes, I love watching how all of the mock drafts come to a pretty close consensus as the draft nears then it is blown apart by the actual teams and scouts. I think all of the secrecy and smokescreens work more on the mock draft writers then the other teams.
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    I feel this way as well. After we got the Song of Ice and Fire game in, we haven't backed another. Great game but just too much. It, literally, filled up the entire back seat of Lindsey's car. We condensed it all into one box but it feels a bit overwhelming. If I owned only one or two games, that would be great but it is not the case at all. Plus, while I do love miniature games, they are the least played at my house mostly due to the time commitment.
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    But like also DMG, they are not running 3 KS campaigns at the same time.
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    Another big CMON campaign. Almost $1M in the first day. I'm passing, as I am keeping to my promise for no new big sprawling KS games this year. Similar to the above video, @Serge Darveau - CMON has (at least) 7 campaigns open awaiting fulfillment and they started this one. 👎
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    Yes. There are a lot of tokens in that game where you're grabbing them: malfunction, fire, ammo/hits, noise, dead aliens, dead humans, and indicator stones. So the coco footprint was much smaller on the main storage. Then we had 2 cocos on the other side of the table for easier reach for that side of the table.
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    The newest Bones minis delivered on Saturday. As if we didn't have enough minis to paint!
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    Ohohohoh I am LOVING this ship. The stripes not being perfectly opaque, but also the damage. My fav so far.
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    Ah, thanks for sharing. I signed up for the reminder. I'm enjoying the base game.
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    Material of mini also seems to matter. I had no trouble with my two spray finishes on pewter, but boy did they make the Bones miniatures sticky. (I am completely spacing out the name of the sprays in general.). I know I do a last coat of Testor's dullcote for my Bones miniatures based on a suggestion and it stopped the sticky issue. Currently using an Americana shiny coat for my first layers since the other brand ran out. Some day I may graduate to "real" miniature paints and inks. But I'm pretty happy with my Apple Barrel for now : ).
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    I pledged some decks that have cards to help you make things up on the fly. Like "lucky finds" and descriptions for things that aren't part of the story. I also have some of Jeremiah's daggers, though I haven't done role playing in years sans the one DMG did in one of their kickstarters.
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    Nice survey Fill it for the form.
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    Nice tips. I didn't have any matte anything at the house but did have a satin varnish I sprayed a thin coat of which helped some. I did another with the inks but it was a toad like creature so the gloss looked good on that one.
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    @Serge Darveau, and a good excuse to pull out both token shields. 🎃 Note: My watermelon shield is due to arrive this afternoon. NO RAIN in the forecast!!!
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    Barb, that cat Kickstarter looks awesome. I might have to get it.
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    Received this one a few days ago.
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    I painted a mini the other day using only washes and the airbrush inks (with a brush). Aside from the inks making it more glossy then I wanted it came out really good.
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    Very nice. Everyone is getting so much better. I attribute it all to these forums.
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    Will do. We are low on it right now but should have coming in our next delivery in a few weeks.
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    Mission accomplished. The drive to the dentist was eventful. Dare I say it was raining cats and dogs, and the construction zone flooded! Not only was it coming down hard, and I was creeping along at 20 mph, occasionally a wave of water would fly over the concrete divider of 35W (north bound) and land on southbound cars.
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    Repurposing my Pumpkin dice box. Note: the steampunk dice have my brother's name on them, but he has to visit me to get them...
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    On an food/craft note, we finally successfully made sourdough! And by we I mean mostly my husband with me as a backseat Baker 😜 Took like 3 weeks from flour to starter to levin to bread
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    Tiny Epic tactics just launched and looks pretty cool. Allows for 3d tactics style terrain. Growing up on Final Fantasy tactics type games this is a no brainer .
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