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    There's a bunch of conspiracy theories proposed on these forums...Dusty Doom...Game Tables....1,000 page threads....I am sure @tgpumpkin can help in this regard.
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    I have a game "night" on 12/22. The plan is to play Roll Player, and then take them on a journey to "War in Christmas Village". I WELCOME ANY/ALL IDEAS AS TO WHAT TO DO. I thought I'd have fortune teller tell them to follow the white rabbit (ala Neo and the matrix and Jefferson Airplane). Then there is a bunny ("Cotton") with a gun belt slung over one shoulder. I'll have him running by saying "We're late!" over and over and "Come on! Come on then." here and there while waving his six shooter over his head. They have to follow or we can just start drinking. They'll get into a sheltered glen. The bunny then will say something like "Thank you for coming, but I have a feeling you're going to be sorry you did. By the way, I hope you like snow." Then the portal zips them to the north pole. The 50,000 foot level premise is that there is a Krampus like woman named (a little help here). She was beautiful and popular once, but has since been transformed into an evil creature by a warlock that she spurned. So now she's determined to wipe out happiness in the world, and what a better start than to destroy Christmas from the inside out. She cast a spell over Christmas Village. She has Santa believing all children are not nice. Instead of giving toys that would be loved, he's got the elves developing deadly toys. Note: The elves are happy to oblige, as they are tired of making toys for kids and then seeing them ignored because it's not an electronic device. So far they've created evil toys like Chuckie, treent Christmas trees, and mimic presents. The reindeer are also affected by the spell. Rudolf has started turning into a zombie, and Blitzen has taken to walking on 2 legs, drinking, shooting, and smoking Camels. Anyhoo, Mrs Claus sees the changes in her husband (and elves, reindeer, et.al.) but can't convince him that what he's doing is wrong. Others like her (of strong constitution), have been quietly banding together to figure out what's going on and try to fix the problem. The Easter Bunny and Burl Ives Snowman are allies of Mrs Claus. The snowman has some magic ability of his own, and creates a portal for the Easter Bunny to bring heros to help save Christmas. Note: When Santa flies off on Christmas eve, if the house is inhabited by Michigan fans that never went to the school (aka Walverines), he's to put lumps of coal in their stockings and bludgeon any children found inside with the coal sock. Madam Krampus may be evil and all, but if she's going to eat children, it might as be little Walverines. The world would be a better place less of them strutting around. I have the Christmas Treent (how evil are your branches) and packages, fighting elves, and these. The top link I have in my hot little hands (where bunny ideas came from), but the bottom two have to ship yet. They say the 12th for ship date, but I live about 10 miles from a distribution center, and sometimes I get lucky and things ship fast if the items are in that distribution center and another deliver is going to my street. So bear that in mind when making suggestions. https://www.amazon.com/War-Christmas-Village-Mistletoe-Misfits/dp/B07N3WSMQQ/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075MBSB1W/ https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N3YFVY7/ I'll post more pictures as I take them. The elves are done, and the evil toy is close to being done.
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    Everyone has been so nice to me, and teaching me all about wood working! On my first Maker Day, Thomas walked me through all the steps for making a Looking Glass, up to it going to the CNCs. On my second, Jake helped me start my cutting boards and supervised while I planed and joined my wood for cutting boards, and then taught me how to do a glue up! Yesterday, Jeremy supervised while I planed them again, used the table saw, and use the router to make them fancy. I've still got plenty more to do, but I'm having a lot of fun - it's really cool to see them come together. This one is for my mom. This one is for my friend, for the Secret Santa my Warcraft guild is doing. And this one is for me!
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    *dons tinfoil hat* I've never been more ready for anything in my entire life than I am for this moment.
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    Those are not theories! Those are documented facts! @tgpumpkin has proof of them all! Sort of like BoRo honeycomb sentinels
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    I wonder what colors would stream out for @EdInSeattle or @Serge Darveau...
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    I am declaring the KDM Gigalion and the Giga-Survivors to be done! Again! (I've said this before, hah). I actually bought 2 of this kit - one to paint quickly and one to hold and maybe do for a contest piece. The survivors are super detailed and are all equipped with some iconic gear. I did them in the same monochromatic flavor of my set (warm buttercream colors for heroes, grays and blues for monsters). When I set out, I wasn't going to fill any of the mold lines and gaps, but relented and did a halfway job. One of my regrets is not spending an extra session or two here smoothing these out, since I kept getting pulled back to the "fast" version to tweak things. Edit: Work in progress pics HERE: https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/12/hot-of-desk-kingdom-death-gigalion.html
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    New sets of minis due to arrive tomorrow! Great news.
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    From my right arm., Glacial; from my left, Dark Rainbow. And my heartsblood is Teal/Aurora.
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    I use loctite for everything now.
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    Are you calling us underdogs demon's @Anne? "And then Anne was fired!" (although @Konas would probably agree with you sometimes)
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    @tgpumpkin I require reading on all the DMG conspiracy theories. As a fan of conspiracy theories, it's incredibly valuable to my ability to do my job.
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    With the emergence (please fund!!!) of the gingerbread gang, I'm thinking maybe the villain for this one should be Santa's brother (evil twin that was exiled until he escaped) and save the hag for the follow on. The campaign suggested the name Sugarplum Mary Sparklepants. Had been evil twin's sweetheart until he was whisked away.
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    Not sure. But is feels like if a site doesn't have certain things or has certain things that are not secure, it won't launch. And if too many hits happen (like KS), it gets blocked. It's annoying anyway. You have a problem, google the problem, find a link that may have a solution, SORRY you can't see it. smh.
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    A new experimental stain? Underdog blood.
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    Old habit. Between getting laid off everytime a Bush is in office and taking care of aging parents, I've horded my vaca until the end of the year for about 20 years. It's money if I got laid off and if I had to leave to take care of one of my parents, I had PTO available to take.
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    On the work pc, so no access to KS. BUT this is live on KS now. Search for "gingerbread gang".
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    Looks like you have your follow up for next year! The Gingerbred Gang comes down from the North Pole to get their revenge on the PCs!
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    fyi, this is up on KS now. The Gingerbread Gang!
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    Cool. That ought to be a KS stretch goal. A day at the shop making something on maker day.
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    Well beating a live one is too hard, because they run faster than I do The dead ones are the only ones I can catch.
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    It's about our gaming tables for hitting 1000 pages, right?
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    How thoughtful to think of me this holiday season.
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    Ah, yes, I see it now. I am very excited to try this method with little touches of my own style. I use a lot of washes now, sometimes only using them and dry brushing. Works well and it is quick. It's got to be fairly quick for me for all regular models. PS. That thing we discussed earlier via email is a go. Keep it on the DL for now por favor.
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    I guess I should answer the question too. I really want to play Rising Sun. Been trying to for a few weeks now but stuff keeps popping up. Also want to run a full campaign of the Legends of the Five Rings RPG. We've had a few one shots but really want the depth of a campaign. The delay has mostly been due to me pushing because I haven't prepped. Lastly, I REALLY want to GM a game of Outbreak:Genlab Alpha. I started this two years ago but the group split after 2 sessions. Too many players with newborns in the group. (You want to make sure you have a game group that breaks up quickly, add a few newborns to the equation).
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    The game is a blast. Phrases like "Awww This is the cutest backstabbing card ever" and "I hate you so much right now" have been uttered when playing it. The only downside is the player limit of 2-4. This is my first attempt at a not vanilla base. I can't decide if it looks like grass or vomit.
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    PAX-U was this weekend. Is a little weird not to be there, though we made most of the same drive LAST weekend for our trip to see friends near DC. Adepticon registration went live today! They do badge registration and classes/events in one go. The system isn't bad, but when you register multiple people you have to build out their itinerary individually. And, with the server crying due to load, it wasn't a fast process. While we got everything we were after, it was stressful. I really wish more people would adopt the Gencon method where you build out your wishlist in advance and just submit it for processing on the appointed day. I'm actually punting the DFC event to be able to take a couple more classes and play Freeblades. The DFC event was 8 1/2 hours - I don't think I'm up to that!
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    Many thanks wxcougar!
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    Sound choice. I painted Massive Darkness first. Then Village Attacks, though I've got the expansion(s) coming smh. Now it's Grimm Forest and my War in Christmas Village figures. The only deviation is "the evil toy" from Rise of Moloch. I'm almost done with him. I thought he'd go well with the War in Christmas Village sets.
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    I've enjoyed Massive Darkness a lot. Once you get the rules down, it moves pretty quick. That and the countless hours that I spent painting the minis. Perhaps we can meet in the middle (Wisconsin?) sometime and I can bring the minis/game.
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    I came from a clay figurine background and I actually use several of the same techniques that I did with clay on the miniatures (only at a much smaller scale!). I got a pair of jeweler's glasses to help see what I am doing. I'm one of those people that uses apple barrel for their paints because I am familiar with it and know how to make it do what I want it to do. Haven't jumped over to the Reaper Paints yet but I am also not doing contests either.
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    There's no right or wrong way to get started and it depends what your end goals are or what style you prefer. In general though, I recommend hobby grade paints (and a premade set can be good value, Reaper is available via Amazon), a decent primer (I don't personally recommend rattle cans anymore, but Vallejo surface primer and stynlrez can be brushed on by hand) and a set of decent brushes (Army Painter Most Wanted still get use on every project). Beyond that all you really need is some paper towels, a solo cup, and a plastic disposable plate. For other tools, I wrote this a couple of years ago, and it's still mostly relevant. https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2017/11/zoxes-getting-started-guide.html?m=1
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    @Barb Bliss it's finals week so a little behind but I'll catch up and throw you my .02 cents sis
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    I can't speak for @EdInSeattle...but the answer to @Serge Darveau is his blood is as black as his soul...
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    In the depths of the 7th layer of hell of reading countless college Freshman Finals....I see I've been summoned to a far greater purpose....opening the eyes of @Anne and lifting the veil of lies @Konas has attempted to shroud us underdogs about Dusty Doom....the journey of a 1000 miles pages...and various projects @Konas claims he'll never do but does them anyway.... tis a heavy burden...but one I shall dutifully take on. *hands @Anne tinfoil hat* you'll need this....it's standard issue around these parts
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    Good thing you put that p.s. in there. I was trying to figure out what barking crows had to do with sand people.
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    Gotcha. Generally, an enemy has an Armor Class, or AC, that is based on the armor they wear and/or their dexterity. It can also involve other factors, like magic rings of protection, natural armor, blah blah. Generally, and this goes for every d20 system, 10 is a baseline. 15 is pretty good. 20 is VERY good. Above 25 is godlike. An AC is a static number that the hero must achieve to succeed on a hit. They roll the d20 and add any bonuses they would get for fighter levels, excellent strength, magic weapons, etc. i.e. A Hero decides to attack a tainted elf. The elf is pretty nimble but has no armor at all. I would say his AC is around a 13, pretty average as a mook should be. The strong fighter of the party tries to hit him with a +1 magic sword. The fighter adds his strength bonus, say +2, to his roll as well as a 'good fighter' bonus, often called a base attack bonus in DnD, say +2 in this case. So he rolls a d20, adds a total of +5 to that result and hits on a result of 13 or higher. So he needs to roll an 8 or better. This is really the basis for any d20 system. If you kind of understand the general 15 is a decent average, then you can really make up the numbers on the fly if you need to. The BBEG, your evil hag, should be hard to hit due to magic defenses, maybe an AC in the low 20s.
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    Grass looks good. Especially for the scale that this mini is. Compared to the tower and the dragon, the grass would be massed together like you have it. If you, for instance, had more individual 'leaves' it would break the illusion. Nicely done!
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    I think it reads as grass just fine! 😉
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    If he can't use his snowmobile in the street, I won't take my car today. (P.S. there's a ditch there lol)
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    That lion is fantastic!!!
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    Such smooth transitions.
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    Yeah, Leather Mike has a habit of breaking my painted minis when we play RPGs. Always an accident but I don't think he understands the time involved. I am missing one of my favorite minis from the last time we played at the shop. And it was from a massive Warhammer 40k box and I can't get it solo.
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