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    I.m waiting for this mat for my fantasy game.
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    That new DM screen is what I'm coveting! I'm still tapped out after Gencon and earlier DGM splurges though, heh. But man is it pretty (I'm a sucker for the dye jobs!), and a great "gaming themed" screen!
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    So. I’m finally all caught up with Dog Might. I pledged to the CoCo Kickstarter back in 2017. Since then I have had one order or another in production until earlier this summer. Here is the entire collection. Left to right, front to back. Hero plinths. (Various Woods) Wooden dice (Black Walnut and Chacate Preto). Dragon Sheaths (Paduak, black walnut, Bubinga, Wenge). Bone box with hero sleeves (Bolivian Rosewood, Chechen, wenge, leopardwood, and bocote) Galaxy Sentinel. Monterillo Rosewood XL Dragon sheath. Mixed wood XL Dragon sheath. Bubinga GM system. Black Walnut dice tower. Rainbow dice tower. Bolivian Rosewood rolling tray. Selectively stained Valhalla Screen. (Not pictures, many dice, some presents and my cutting board because it’s in the china cabinet and I forgot about it.)
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    They released a picture of the first new mini
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    You get better the more you do. @Konas gave me a piece of advice when I started. Any painted mini is better than a not painted mini. πŸ˜ƒ There is a forum for mini painting you might like.
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    That's how I feel about KDM. I really need to stop buying models that I don't have time to build and paint
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    Ha! Yeah, I feel your pain. I've got other games still in shrink that I've had over a year. I had to stop using kickstarter for games, and I'm actively making myself not purchase all the shiny things so I don't keep adding to the pile. A local con in October has a free flea market/trade area at a specific time, so I plan on taking quite a few games there to clear some space. It's an addiction for sure to have that new smell of a freshly unwrapped, unpunched game!
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    If you have a problem, then others like @Serge Darveau, @RomyCat, and I are basket cases. I've got about 8 games on my shelf of shame. Photosynthesis, Charterson, Gloomhaven, Gorus Maximus, Celebria, and Village Attacks spring to mind for me. Problem is you need to get them when they are on KS (at least used to be), but some of them take time to get through (e.g. Massive Darkness) or are so much fun you play them over and over (e.g. Nemesis). My one group has dived into Legends Untold, and that will take at least the rest of the year to finish up.
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    Maybe I need a 'spend MY money thread..." Damn it @Konas
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    Cherry Game Master System with dwarven engraving and the red wine leather interior - this was one of the Kickstarter prototypes (purchased 2/2018). It has served me very well, but I'm thinking a Valhalla Screen would suit my needs a bit better. Retail looks to be $298 - I'm interested in Valhalla Screen trades or I would sell for $230 (shipping included). This picture is from the original DMG listing - I can get updated pictures if anyone is interested (it's aged beautifully - as Cherry is wont to do!).
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    Another OT: but holy hannah-a We are calling it the rally squirrel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28-rwRRuyJg
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    Off topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCKX7Z3p03I
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    Hint, hint @Zoe, @Zoxe and @Adam.
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    I'm open for a Gamehole get together with you and @Konas and others that may be willing to travel to Madison. Take one day or less to look around and the rest of the time to play games and drink. And no. I'm not interested in running or playing tennis @Konas.
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    The expansion should fix some issues, but it's still a lot of fun.
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    I looked this up as I'd never heard of it. Green army men have come a long way. 😜
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    With the arrival of our sentinels, I put out all my dice on the game mat to see how many I had. My husband decided to do the same. Turns out he has one more set of dice than I do, as well as more miscellaneous dice. (Mine is on the right).
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    Consider donating games to your local library.
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    I look at the games I'm waiting delivery on, and my stomach turns. I could have taken a European tour for what I've given to Awaken Realms and CMON.
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    I occasionally go through bursts of solo gaming, either just to spend some time away from a screen or to try out new games. Some of my favorites to solo are: Zombicide - This is a "pick your flavor" kind of game, but I enjoy Black Plague/Green Horde. It takes up a ton of table space, and many of the missions are designed with higher survivor counts, so you have to be okay with controlling up to 6 characters with their own abilities, inventory, and tracker boards. If I'm down for a long solo game with minis and randomness of dice, I'll pull this one out. The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction - While the standard rules have players aiming for a certain number of points to end the game, the solo option is more of a high score race against yourself. The objective is to build as many atomic bombs in only one play through of the deck. Several of the cards have different rules for solo mode, but these are printed on the cards themselves, so there's not a ton of referencing the rules over and over to make sure you're doing the right thing in solo. I've enjoyed tracking my score each play and seeing if I can beat it (or at least match a particularly high one). This is an inexpensive game and plays pretty quickly solo, so its easy to get in more than one game if you enjoy it. Black Orchestra - This is one I picked up just a couple of months ago, but I've played it several times solo already. The ultimate goal is to carry out a plot to remove Hitler from power within Nazi Germany either before or during World War 2. This involves forming a plot, gathering the items or intelligence needed, and then meeting the requirements to carry out the plot. It's a tense game with a heavy theme, but there's quite a sense of accomplishment when you finally win. Duel in the Dark - I'm not sure how available this one is, but it's a fun game of a British bomber heading to a target within German-occupied Europe. In solo, many of the advanced rules are stripped out, so it's pretty light. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, but these are always fun!
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    Got to play two games on Saturday evening. Got to play Lisboa first. It's been a while so I forgot some of the rules, and we spent a little too much time looking stuff up. I won!!! Then I got a game off of my shelf of shame: Side effects. Jaemus won, but I came in a handy 2nd. I wasn't going to win as both Doug and Jaemus horded all the anxiety cures that I needed to win. Apparently, they don't care as much about winning as they care about me not winning πŸ™„ It was pretty fun.
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    Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fowers/burgle-bros-2-the-casino-capers/description My sister and I love the original Burgle Bros 2. We are using it this year as one of our 10x10 Challenge games. Sometimes its fun to play as bad guys 😈 The sequel looks exciting with some new twists.
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    I was just about to post about that one. Damn that's nice! If I wasn't already getting a Rainbow version....!
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    This would go great with my watermelon shield, but how may sentinels does a gal need...
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    That is cool. I guess us oldsters like the psychedelic stuff.
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    Well, I have 8 dragon trays and coco trays already, including @yatescory's boro beauty. I'm full up,... even for me.
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    Another Kickstarter arrived only a couple left to arrive. I only have tiny epic tactics and Humblewood left unfulfilled. I don't back nearly as much as alot of you lol.
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    That's a fine looking collection @88east!
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    A one off dice box I was able to stumble onto on the stock page. A smidge larger than the dice box in the R & D section of the page. I hope they do more of these, as it's super cool.
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    I will not divulge what I did to get such favor, but I was gifted something from @Konas' private collection. Holy Hannah!!! It's made out of Pink Heart!!! (He knows that I'm addicted to pink ivory.) There is skant few things sexier than a man that can handcraft his own RPG character storage for a specific campaign! If he had otter dice, I'd be in big trouble.
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    Anyone doing Dragoncon this year? It's coming up fast!
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    I loved looking at all the dice. Makes me want to buy more......
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    That's a very nice game room/dining room. I have a similar setup. I have box throne shelves (waiting for my top caps in wave 4), and an old lady crystal chandelier. It looks a little cluttered, what with all my DMG gear. 😍
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    Our game room is our dining room... and also happens to be our shrine to geekdom in general (I'm a big reader). We've added more since, but this was when we first got everything finished.
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    I'm almost the opposite - it was Euro games that got me into board games. I found other board games fun, but not the way I find Euro games fun. The majority of what we play at my house are definitely Euros... It's a crime that I don't own Viticulture, though. Especially when it's the one I can actually beat my boyfriend, the King of Agricola, at!!
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    Hello, I'm Travis, and I'm a diceaholic.
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