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    Such a gorgeous coco!!! She is perfect! Can't wait for my abyssal black dice tower to cozy up to her.
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    Okay, long overdue photo shoot for my new prototype Bubinga GM System. Having no sculpts lets the Draco engraving really shine; it has a fun message if you translate the text. The Bubinga is gorgeous for a larger piece like this. The rolling tray pieces have nice straight grains and the screens lovely waves with a beautiful sheen.
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    Musical table for two... Rock and Classic rock
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    "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I can change my avatar tomorrow! It's only a day away."
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    I do not. In fact, I don't actually own it. A friend of ours we used to live near has it - so really, I should also.. buy it. And the expansions. Regardless, still excited!
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    Jamey "got me" to back: Legends of Sleepy Hollow Visitor in Blackwood Grove Who Goes There Lucidity TradeWorlds: Exterra Edition Barkers Row Bridges to Nowhere Infected Grimm Forest Arkham Ritual Cosmic Run Leaders of Euphoria Gloomhaven Exploding Kittens
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    Viticulture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do it!!! It's delightful.
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    Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/241478362/kitchen-rush-piece-of-cake?ref=user_menu I have the base game for Kitchen Rush. My sister and I love it. Now with the expansion, you can have dessert! Yummy
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    The storm is here, but just the border, a few snow and icy rain. Schools are closed for the day. Could be the second big storm passing south of me, 'cause we have still a lot snow from the winter.
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    Wow I remember some of those older games on the left shelf (Inventors, Dealer's Choice, and I think that's Waterworks under Mille Bornes. Unfortunately my parents threw a lot of those out when they moved one time I was not happy with them.
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    First real shelfie
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    I’m finally diving into Gloomhaven this afternoon. I’m very excited to get it going!
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    Finally got around to taking some pictures of my recent deliveries. My hero sleeve in Ziricote. D20s in Pau Rosa, Chechen, Bocote and Spalted Tamarind. And the D6s are Bubinga.
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    Just see this in a sport review. "Pink Hat Guy" Jim Anixter has owned Cubs tickets since 1967, says he wears hat so wife of 46 years knows he's at the game & not cheating
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    @LuckyIke, What you don't see in most of California... @Adam, More St Paul hyjinks in url https://www.twincities.com/2018/04/17/why-no-car-towing-during-winter-storm-st-paul-ran-out-of-room/
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    I bet the psychic never saw that coming.
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    Damn you @Barb Bliss I hadn't heard of this and had stayed clear of new KS projects given all the stuff I've backed so far this year, and you go and put an end to that.
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    I wore my Santa skull sweater today in faux celebration. This winter wonderland is only acceptable if we get another set of holidays.
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    The guy said that was OIL
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    When you think that winter is over...