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    Again I thank you for your insight. As I said, for other reasons, Gen Con isn't really an option for me this year.. but it's good to know about the refund policy for the future.
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    Another Kickstarter down. Can't wait to start reading. Hoping to play it with my boys This was my last outstanding Kickstarter
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    Oof, yikes! Thank goodness Washtenaw County is so protected. 😋
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    Echoing Ed's sentiment... O M G YES
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    FWIW, if you're willing to obsess over the Gencon housing portal in the months after the block sells out, you stand a decent chance of still getting a downtown--or maybe even connected--room. That's what I did last year after both me and my friend got a crappy time for the lottery and missed out the first day--I checked the portal several times a week, sometimes multiple times a day, and a couple months out I was able to snag a 2Q downtown room. Your chances go up if you only need one bed, as it's the two-bed rooms that are really in demand. People change their plans for a number of reasons, and the new system means any cancellations have to go back into the block, rather than get traded between attendees. Just something to keep in mind!
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    Dark rainbow flames would be sick.
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    Another idea! A literal "wall of flames" for the DM to run game behind. What's extra cool (IMO) about this is that it lends itself well to several different color options: Fiery red Infernal green (blame white wolf for associating green with Infernalism) Icy Blue Abyssal Black Something something Purple Etc.
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    Now I know where the Wall-a Wall-a moniker comes from...cause its a WALL!
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    First real snow of the season happening now. We got a skiff earlier back in December. But winter seems to be waiting til the new year the last few years. Currently snowing big flakes and sideways because the wind is blowing. Speaking of wind, its been pretty windy here and the annual tumbleweed migration has begun. Picture of a nearby town.
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    Nod. It's definitely a good deal when even with S&H it's like half the price they normally are. Yes - you wait a while for these.. I think it took like 5 months for me to get mine from last years sale.. but if you're not desperate for the brush, it's worth the wait.
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    If I was working I would be grabbing a brush with larger needles then my krome. It's nice they are doing the same price for Canadian orders too.
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    So for those who might still be interested Badger is running their Birthday sale again this year. Now $56 for an airbrush (plus S&H). So it ends up being $70 for US shipping. Couldn't resist and ordered a Sotar even though I haven't started using the Patriot I got from them last year yet http://www.badgerairbrush.com/H56B_guidelines_rules.asp
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