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    And now for something completely different. Monster Slaughter. 5 stupid teenagers go to party in an abandoned cabin in the creepy woods. The monsters (players), compete for killing them. "Special Guest Stars" come to the aid of the stupid teenagers. Stupid Teens 1 and 2: Britney and Tom Guest Stars! Zigmo: Agent MS: Red Ansol: Summer: Ghost Hunter:
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    Once I learned Token Shields were being retired, I knew I had to get one more. Galaxy stain turned out to be a good choice!
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    I got a post card in the mail yesterday. When something like this happens it really hammers home how much this type of thing rarely happens anymore. I hope this post inspires some of you. Hello! Your front yard is so beautiful! It makes my blood pressure go down when I walk past it. Thanks for adding beauty to our neighborhood! Random Stranger
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    Doc from Back to the Future has been a hoot to paint.
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    The ghost had slight lines in the mini, but no red stripe.
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    It was one of you boys. I don't remember if it was @LuckyIke, @Peter Pickle, @Adam or someone else. I do know that it wasn't @tgpumpkin. He wouldn't have gotten to a decision in time.
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    While I AM very envious of the deck jacket - I had no chance at that. I was on vacation without internet - so if you didn't get it someone else surely would have. It's too beautiful a piece to have lasted the 5-7 days it would have taken for me to get home after the drop. So don't feel guilty about it - really. I'd rather it went to a home I knew honestly appreciated the beauty of the piece. But I'll still be envious - and I will keep my order in with @Konas to look for another piece. And now I'm 95% sure I don't have the piece you're talking about, because I'm pretty sure I only have one piece of non-Bolivian rosewood (other than dice) - and that was a custom piece, not an in stock piece.
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    Well the one of them was on the R&D section of the stock page for over a month, so I don't feel bad about that one. The deck jacket, that one I feel a little guilty. Maybe we could swap Patagonian Rosewood burl for the deck jacket burl.
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    Didn't mean to, but I'll take it. 😜
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    Probably, but it's no pulp fiction. ☺️
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    That carves me deeply @Barb Bliss...too deep.
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    I have a set of these from one of their previous Kickstarters. Very nice quality. The color is very vibrant.
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    Those are pretty. I just coughed up $145 plus shipping for Massive Darkness 2.0, so not sure buying more dice makes sense.
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    Infinite Black has another dice Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infiniteblack/elder-dice-shards-of-illumination?ref=user_menu#
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    Wow, such a graphic response! Love that our in stock offerings provoke such amazing emotions. πŸ˜„
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    There is something so lovely about a fine piece of burled walnut. We knew we had to do something with that piece that came in. A fine addition to your collection!
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