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    On another note, we cut into the Bastogne Walnut yesterday. Gorgeous. A bit lighter than Black Walnut but heavily figured. It is also very wet. Need to let it sit for a bit before we do anything with it. We got some Redheart in the other day that was so wet it was spraying water when we cut it. I have never seen anything like it. Now, we have to let it sit for a month or two.
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    Lol I admit I have a lot of enthusiasm for Vindication. When he first launched his game he only was pulling 25k and decided to pull and rework the project. It didn’t help that there were like 500 other big projects like Zombicide, Lords of Hellas, and others going on. Like DMG, I saw a man who had put a lot of heart into this game and had an awesome passion project that wasn’t getting the light of day. I read several of his posts as he talked very openly about failure and became very impressed with the heart he put into this project and how he was handling the canceled Kickstarter . I figured he could use someone who could go in ahowing a whole lotta faith in his dream....and be a little extra in the forums and make some ridiculous noise . In the end, I’m incredibly proud of Orange Nebulas success. Their heart, commitment, and dedication are the reasons for it combined with a very invested community....all I did was make some noise and helped draw peoples attention to see it. If you haven’t done so I encourage all of you to back vindication. I love backing people’s dreams. If I feel someone has put heart into something and if it feels genuine....I’m going to go all in on them and be playful in the process. People need the faith of others...and I’ll do my part to o-range it .
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    Aww shucks foiled again @Thomas Browne on a different note can’t wait to check out that walnut so I can at least see the wood @Barb Bliss will beat me to
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    I would hate to face her in a duel. She's got an amazing trigger finger.
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    The problem is finding someone to throw them enough money for them to get the BIG piece of Waterfall Bubinga so we can get scraps. Sounds like a job for @Zoe
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    We've already established I don't run anymore. As far as buying before it hits the store, I only did that once and I'd do it again for that boco mimic box.
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    I think what you should do @Konas is just post a product on the store but replace the buy button with “barb already bought this” button. That way she doesn’t have to go through the trouble of reposting pictures of what we missed in those .005 seconds you launched it and she bought it
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    Let's list the things that are faster than @tgpumpkin pulling the trigger. I'll start. A buffalo in 105 degree heat.
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    I’m not sure how but a couple days ago I came across something that clued me into the ice cream dice. (Again I don’t shop for dice). As I was just nosing around I saw the creator tease that he had a cool collaboration with DMG and I was like ohhhh crap. Second you backed it I figured he’d posted the surprise. i would back if I had a need or used polys . I think they’re neat looking.
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    I don't particularly care for the dice, but the box is cute as can be.
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    Hah. I would like to note for the record that I didn't mention this here at all. You found it all by yourself!
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    Damn it @Konas @Zoe and @Lindsey why do you have to make things I don’t need! I have so many dice from you guys alone. I don’t need dice. Yet these dice look tasty which makes me want to need dice. Then to put the cherry on the sundae you make a pretty creative dice box. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/icecreamdice/ice-cream-dice/posts/2415745 in all seriousness I love you keep exploring cool collaborations.
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    I think I need one of them keychains in a fancy wood like waterfall bubinga 😛 seeiously though may be cool to get one in Padauk.
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    I don't know. Zoe is on it. Really, just a couple more Sheaths in Flame Birch and 2 screens. Nothing too exotic. Go shovel.
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    We will have just a few items going up in a bit. Like 5. Nothing big today. The Bastogne Walnut should be arriving today! I am pumped. I can't wait to cut into it and see what we got. I will put up pics if it is as sexy as I hope it is.
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    We were just talking about using the weed dragon for the snow and figured that same thing would happen.
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    The large difference between the standing temperature and the wind chill makes it shocking if your in cover from the wind or it dies for a second its cold but bearable then you get hit by the wind and its like WTF just happened. I kept the kids inside to wait for the bus we just watched for it from the window as we are on a hill and can see it coming up the road.
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    They sell beer at stores so you can stay home and drink when it snows.
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    That is so cool. I may have to grab one. Love helping out the humane society.
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    We are taking orders for it all of this month. @Barb Bliss noticed it early...as she is prone to do. No in stock of these. We will also be visiting the Humane Society sometime this month and will have pics. Hopefully, @Lindsey doesn't talk me into another dog..... @Zoe is helping to conspire against me. Please, lord, help me to be strong.