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    So yesterday we were playing a game that required us to use a candle but there was a slight draft from our ac so we found a brand new use for our coco so the ac unit didn’t blow the candle out
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    Gnarly was beyond relieved. The last thing he wanted was to be seen as a walking waffle, even if that was pretty accurate. He wanted to give the storyteller a bear hug, but knew that would be a huge mistake. Last thing he'd want to do was squash the storyteller. Instead he gave him the suavest nod of his head that he could muster. (OOC: get over here @tgpumpkin. I've been giving you so many tributes, I should get a patch).
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    Love the close up shots of the meeples. I see a few felines in there.
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    I lied, I'm having a Glenlivet Nadurra 16yo single malt scotch.
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    The march to Gencon continues! I have this weekend and next weekend to get the bulk of the shipbuilding done. The weekend before Gencon, we'll be getting ready for the event itself, and I'd like to have the fleet in its storage container and ready to put in the car well before Jul 28. My goal this weekend was to get the small ships "complete" and the big ships ready to take color (i.e. gap filling and any primer touchup). I've met my goal, and am about to sit down for a glass of rye and the Harry Potter marathon currently on Syfy/USA. What remains for these ships is only the engine glows, dotting up some of the anti-collision lights, and a healthy coat of varnish after they've had a chance to cure. These ships are small - smaller than a hotwheel car - so there's not as much opportunity for striping and elaborate airbrushing. I stuck to the basics and then striped what I could. Most if my time yesterday was in the masking and airbrushing the stripes in small batches (I probably had more masking and painting the 1 color stripe than to run all the ships through the 5-color airbrush basecoat). That being said, when I got up yesterday they were still 100% black primer so the method moves pretty quickly if you can assembly line it. Disclaimer: I used a really dark silver to line the edges and some details. Under direct light, the camera really picks it up. In person under natural table light, they don't look so shiny. Pic 1: Missile frigate. Will be close air support for my flagship. I built two of these but only needed one for my list. I've tested the navigation lights in blue, but don't think they show up well enough. These guys were a b*tch to mask for striping, so I gave up and just did an accent across the bridge. Pic 2 and 3: Small squadron of corvettes. I'm really happy with this scheme, especially the menacing red tips of the missiles against the gray/blue hull. I masked off the bridge to match the missile frigates' scheme, and then hand painted the canard tips. The mold for these guys is apparently 3d printed, so you get some of the printed texture in the result, which makes me a little sad. Pic 4: Gunboats and the 2nd Missileboat. I spent a ton of time with the masking tape, but feel it came out well. At the very end and out of focus are the troopship carriers - the Dropships that give Dropfleet its name.
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    Just FYI - if I'm reading it right, they continued to open the Giant Mini pledge level and eventually just opened an unlimited quantity of them after the day 1 drama/hoopla. At least I'm seeing it open as of this moment. I'm holding tight on this latest CMON offering. Similar to what others have said, I'm already heavy into Z:BP and have Z:Invader coming. Storage space is a significant consideration right now, despite the Ikea Hellquest a few weeks ago.
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    Yes I backed it. Yes I backed it. Yes I backed it. Im probably giving up island of el dorado as a result unless Cthulhu doesn’t cut it for me. The whole insanity thing I find is intruiging and with it being an Eric Lang game I want to give it a shot. No way am I getting the monster mini but that doesn’t bug me. thanks @RomyCat @Barb Bliss And @LuckyIke @Adam I don’t think less of you! I’m staying still because they now are going to have st least an extra episode and extra monster in the box. If I complete this backing I’ll be done with cmon for awhile. I have 2 zombicide (still waiting in green horde), massive darkness, and rise of Moloch now.
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    I think he can, I think he can, I think he can!
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    Come and get me. Come and get me. Come and get me!
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    Snowdonia is slowly calling to me more and more . Watched rahdo and it’s so intriguing. Trying to resist................
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    The first DMG product sold before it was finished. 😛 I call mine Chester. This pretty kitty is made from Bocote. The upper left hand corner of this picture is @RomyCat's Cheshire before it was "finished".
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    Since everyone is melting in the insane heat wave this week I've got some exciting Dog Might News to plunge into. A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES! On Monday a new Team Member will start here at Dog Might, bringing her expertise in shipping, industry know how, and sweet melee skills to our office. Who is this mysterious new Viking? You'll have to check in Monday to find out and say hi! Sentinel Boxes Are Live! Our newest design, the Sentinel, is now available for purchase! Originally designed as an alternative to the traditional deck box, the Sentinel has proven to be one of our most useful and popular products ever! It's been play tested and developed for LCGS, CCGs, RPGs, and Board Games. Check it out for yourself here http://dogmight.com/sentinel Dog Might Is Sponsoring A Game of Thrones North American National Championship! Dog Might is honored to be chosen as one of the sponsors this year for the AGOT North American National Championship. This amazing LCG is a beloved game often played after work in the offices. It's also one of the things that brought the original company founders together and drove them to create a tabletop company. We are excited to give back to the community that has given us so much by providing the championship prizes this year. Follow along at https://tabletop.events/conventions/agot-north-american-nationals-2018/updates
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    @tgpumpkin Don't think less of me, but I've dropped my Cthulhu pledge to $1 and I'm going to decide later. The more I watched the game play video, the more I questioned how much I might get to it or if I would just play Zombicide instead. I've taken my money from that campaign and gone and backed Snowdonia. So for now, I will commit to Snowdonia and the new Vital game Escape Plan next week.
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    Gnarly's mirthful look flattens out a little as he knows Padauk spoke the truth. He was a little disappointed that the dwarf moved away without waiting for a response, but after seeing the dwarf topple onto some poor souls, he thought that maybe he had just dodged a bullet. "Definitely plowed." He did feel an itch though, and it wasn't just pollen. Gnarly aimlessly scratched his gruff beard, took a deep drink to finish is ale, and ordered another one. While he waited, a whirlwind of conflicting thoughts swirled through his head. Gnarly said under his breath "Gourd grief. I feel like that big headed kid. For once in your life Gnarly, make a decision man." Gnarly knew being a farmer was a tough (though boring) life, but the adventures that await could be an even tougher row to hoe. Finally one side of his brain won out, and he ordered a second ale. "I can combine two things I lack currently: companionship and adventure" he says to no one in particular. When he received his drinks, he carefully stepped over Padauk (who looked like an upside down turtle, what with all his arms and legs flailing to no avail), and headed over to the story teller's table.
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    Bill Sunderland whistled appreciatively from his table near the Storyseller. “I’ll say that’s as good a yarn as any I’ve heard in this inn. Here’s a copper well-earned, Storyseller.” He tossed a penny onto the Storyseller’s table. A serving girl brought the Storyseller a bowl of soup and a fresh mug of ale with a quiet word of explanation. The man nodded his appreciation to two well-dresses merchants seated across the room. The Storyseller turned to his travel sack and took out a stack of sealed envelopes, ink and quill. “I’ve got letters for sale bound for the North, and for the West. I’ll record your will for three penny, and write down your family story on fine vellum for two silver. I’ve got news from afar, of the King’s War against the rebels to the south. Whispers of familial discord in the elvish courts. Questions answered, rumors clarified, bits of tales and knowing of things. I don’t tell fortunes but if you want me to tell you ‘you’ll find a wife and happiness by running off with a gal from two towns over’ I’ll do it so you can tell her and her angry parents with a straight face that it was all fortold and destined to be.” Patrons came over to the Storyseller in ones and twos, mostly tending to the small simple business of farmers’ small, simple lives. The Storyseller affected a professional demeanor and tended to his recording with a slight hint of boredom. He sold a sealed letter to a merchant bound for Swillig, far up Rhill in the foothills of the Dunnlap Mountains. Eventually his business dried up and he found himself staring into the fire nursing a half mug of ale.
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    After 40 turns, the best players (avg attack and defense) 8- orange (aka pumpkin team) 58 7- green 61 6- purple 70 5- yellow 79 4- white 87 3- blue 92 2- red 112 1- black 129 But everybody has a chance, this is a dice game and with better stats, better are the chances
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    I wooden guess about a canarywood eaten by a cat.
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    Gnarly's mind was a threshing. She's royalty? Me a companion of with an elf? Not sure which statement seemed more preposterous. Maybe I should just bale and go back to my pumpkin patch. No! No! I already decided to take a chance on some adventure. But she's an elf, and her friend is trying to hide it, but she's got horns on her head! What kind of creature has horns on their head!??!?!? That doesn't have to be a bad thing, does it? Think man! Think! Awwwww, the only thing I have going for me is that I don't look like I'd be worth fleecing. No! No! There's more to life than sitting in a pumpkin patch. I'm no prize, but I have things going for me. I'm strong as a bull, sly as a fox, run like a deer, tough as nails, and can milk a pun for all it's worth. Maybe I can convince the dwarf to come with me on an adventure. That would liven things up AND increase the odds on my safety. One thing would be for sure. I wouldn't be the slowest guy in the pack with him around. Of course that only helps when there aren't too many enemies. Awwwwwwwwww, I should just get drunk like the dwarf and go home. I've always had a stable life, so what do I know about adventure. No! No! You bought the ale for the storyteller, and you are already over here. Give it to him, and see what happens. What's this about a question? Suddenly my brain is a barren wasteland. I need a question. Think man! Think! Awwwwwwwwww, I'm going to ask something stupid, and sound like a hayseed. What the heck. My brain was teeming with questions on the way over, but now it seems like getting this question answered is a gift. I can't spoil it. Awwwwwwwwwwww... No! No! Stop panicking. Buy some time, and the perfect question will come to you. Yeah, that's a good idea. Gnarly put on his best confident and charming face, and put an ale in front of the storyteller and said "I really enjoyed your tale. I bet you have a lot of them. Here's a token of my appreciation." Gnarly turned his head to look at the elf, and simply said "madam."