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    Sounds like she could use a Viking Beardo! https://www.beardowear.com/collections/viking-beard-hats
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    I think you should make Barb wait until last for the Bolivan Rosewood blog personally
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    This was amazing! Thanks for putting it together. I backed a Bolivian Rosewood hero sleeve in the KS a while back simply because I loved the look. I'm now even more pumped to one day hold it in my hands! Incidentally.. I love the whole series! Might I cast a vote to do Bocote next? Edit: First post! This will be the beginning of a glorious disas.., uh, future. Yes yes.
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    Beards are a natural form of protection, they filter out all of that poisonous saw dust in the air, and look stunning as a side perk. I've heard rumors that Lindsey has been trying to grow one just to fit in.
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    This write up made me excited, as one of my CoCo's will be Leopardwood. One of the tiles will be a saber-tooth tiger and another a dragon. I can't wait to see how the specks look with these animals. Hopefully the dragon will look like he has scales.
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    Of all of my collectors I am ordering, Chechen is the one I am most excited to see! I even went with the XL because I am certain I am just going to love it. Thank you for the write up!
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    Yeah. But I got an addition out of it :-)
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    These aren't the greatest pics, but you get the idea. One is the entrance to my backyard. aka my secret garden. One is the front yard yard. aka Charleston courtyard. Too bad the table blocks the garden bed behind it. That's my dad's memorial garden bed with over 25 species of hostas in it. The white shutters/trim was from my initial attempt of an English cottage garden. I'm open for suggestions on a color that fits better with Charleston courtyard. One is the rock fountain garden. aka the angel garden. Note: the rock is 4 feet tall, and the blue angels are the ones with the white blooms to the left of the rock. The yard looked better before it got pelted by hail twice! (note: the guy in the photos is my buddy John. His wife is the photographer)
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    It is highly sought after because of its rarity and because of its unique patterning.
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    It really is a lovely wood, I wish I could find a dinner table made of the stuff (that I could actually afford of course). Looking forward to more of these, and waging psychological warfare by telling friends about the poison sap after letting them hold one of your products.
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    I'm not at the same location as my game rack, but what I recall is: Eclipse, Thurn and Taxis, Suburbia, Hell Rails, Race for the Galaxy, India Rails (dyslexic's nightmare), and Kill Dr. Lucky
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    Since I chose Chechen for my coco, I'd be partial to that out of selfishness.
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    Now I know why Barb is in love with Rosewood. Its an awesome wood. Almost as good as my precious leopardwood. I wouldn't mind owning an item or two...or three in Rosewood.
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    @Konas, I don't think you should "enable their addiction". ?
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    *awakes in the middle of the night* Did somebody say bocote?
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    Hey, I know that skirmish box! Wow - I knew about the hardness of the wood, didn't know about the oil nature of it though. Very interesting @Konas. I'm glad you found a solution for it because I love the look and feel of BoRo. BoRo is definitely among my favorite woods you use (along with redheart, bubinga and bocote).
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    I can not deny that the first picture that caught my eye when I first found Dog Might was a coco in amazing Kickstarter green flame birch. I speak highly of boco I know but I love my fire cocos. They are stunning.
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    I know that to let Konas be my DM. I like my tiger familiar for my druid character. I loved reading about your challenges and ultimately finding the perfect woof for your products.
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    Woooo! The log blog cometh! 1 - 10 scale how grumpypants will @Barb Bliss be that you didn’t go with BoRo for the triumphant return of the blog? I love that picture of the sapphire quilted Maple! It was worth the hour of searching.
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    True sign of a great community...we all suffer the effects of 70's disco together.
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    Hooray for the log blog!!! Fortunately my dad's first major in college was horticulture and I was taught from birth to not pull bark off a birch tree. I am currently singing, "Ring My Bell" in my head as a direct result of this blog, thanks @Konas, but seeing as how I was one of the people screaming and yelling for this blog to pickup again, I suppose I reap what I sow.
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    and with my fiery pack too, and also probably a cake dragon sheath later.
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    So my rainbow dice tower will protect my baby dices from my monsters dices
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    Another dangerous wood. Those trees are out to get you. Good thing you have a battle axe in the shop (I hope).
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    Thanks for that, Barb. Thanks a lot. One of my young cousins mistakenly thought AC/DCs "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" was "Dirty Deeds and the Dunder Chief". I will sing it like that forevermore
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    My favorite Beatles song is actually Norwegian Wood...
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    You know I still <3 you Barb!
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    Went with a Leopardwood xl. make it look great guys! Great Write up.
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    That table is fantastic.
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    Despite the distribution map I can confirm black walnuts grow and thrive in southern New Hampshire. My neighbor across the street alone has a handful of massive ones estimated to be 100+ years old. Like clockwork we know New England leaf season is a few weeks away when the large green tennis ball sized pods (not sure what else to call them) that contain the walnuts start pelting the ground below. For a couple weeks our street is filled with the crunching sound of cars running over them. My year old car got its first decent dent a few weeks ago when one of them dropped directly onto my hood as I pulled out of the driveway. Thankfully black walnut season wound down a week ago.
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    Awesome Barb!!! Here's to ours looking amazing!
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    Is this a KC Green reference?
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    Chechen is my xl set too.
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    @Konas I'm glad you added the disclosure for the Lolita novel because the first thing I thought as I was reading this was, "He said The Wood Bible is the only book he will ever read."
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    That is a gorgeous walkway! Beautiful.
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    You are speaking my language. I collect hostas, sedum, and coral bells for my "foliage gardens". OCD personified. If there is grass in my yard, it's a weed. I lost count of how many kinds of hostas I have around the high 60s. If I had to guess, I'd put it in the 90s. I even have an "angel garden" (blue angel, guardian angel, morning angel, angel veil, earth angel, etc). I create collages with all the colors and sizes. I've had people stop their car, get out, take a picture, and leave. That never sucks. :-) The newest hostas are Red Hot Flash, Spartan Lances and Spartan Arrows.
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    Not many people know that woodworking is actually a form of self defense...
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    Wow, another poisonous tree. And I thought trees only attacked by falling on lumberjacks. They are more creative than I thought. No wander lumberjacks need to master wielding the ax to defend themselves.
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    Thanks. I will try to keep up the pace of one a week. That's a great idea, you could even keep a small pic of the rash in your wallet and show it to them. Then let them know that it won't start for a few days.
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    Also, a new neighbor just moved in. He'd look great in red flannel...
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    ooooooooohhhh, Chechen is a good one. Anything that's called Black Poisonwood is obviously interesting
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    Rules are meant to be broken! But seriously you're fine. We talk about wood here all day and all night. There's no way these forums are not going to be filled with face palm worthy jokes about our wood. Most likely from Barb. Super awesome that you are digging the hobby! Any wood you'd like us to do next?
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    @Ian Coyle Hah. I wouldn't be surprised if it looked identical.
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    I just stained by Broken Token for Gloomhaven American Walnut. My inserts looks great. Walnut is a great wood color.
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    @Barb Bliss Is this a joke....
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    @Barb Bliss We will always stay rooted in games.
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    I suppose playing games on that table will become ingrained soon.
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    Note: I don't think lumberjack juice and band saw should ever be used in the same sentence (except for here).
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