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    So, Mike and I were just discussing how amazing this community is and how honored we are to have such amazing fans. We wanted to do something to show our appreciation. So, we are going to give all of you that regularly post on this thread, cuz this thread seems to be where all the cool kids hang out, a special promo code for 20% off anything on our site. That code is "peterpickle". Enter it on the bottom of our page in the promo code section. This will be active for a while so no rush and certainly, no pressure. We just wanted to give back in some way. We really are amazed at the zeal with which each and every one of you posts and talks about our company. It helps us through every hard day and boosts us even higher on the good days. So, thank you so very much. @Barb Bliss@Adam@tgpumpkin@Serge Darveau@Thomas Browne@RomyCat@ElysianPeace@Ian Coyle@LuckyIke@yatescory@Zenithsplendor@Blinkus Maximus@TheAuthorOfOZ@ChaseTyree@Miyu83@Zoxe@SeeSome@Russonc@NonObserver If I missed anyone, please accept my apologies. This is open to anyone that has registered on our forums. I wish it could be 100% off! Mike
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    Just got my CoCos! I’m Backer #50, but my order needed to get redone so it just got here. It’s a 4-Pack of benge (mine!) and a fiery green, fiery purple, and XL fiery purple (for friends in my gaming group). Amusingly, I also have a dice only Mighty Dice order that just shipped too, so I should be getting another DMG box before the week is out. Yay!
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    I too have had the painting bug recently. Here are some shots of my latest ones from the Cthulhu Wars game. Really cool minis to paint. Plus they are pretty big, which helps my sawdust filled eyes. The yellow one is still a WIP.
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    My dream is to someday find a supplier for Flame Box Elder Wood!
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    I got my new guitar neck (bocote fingerboard with a canarywood base) and got it all installed. Figured i would post the finished result. Down the road, i intend to do the body in either canary or bocote. But that will be a little while.
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    Here are several shots of my new dragon tray. I absolutely love it! I took some shots in different rooms to show how the color can change from room to room depending on lighting conditions. These were all done at night though with no true natural light unfortunately. I think I stared at this for like an hour straight when I first got it. The luster on this piece is just incredible. When I say it looks way better in person I really mean it. Every time you shift it in your hand it has almost this holographic shimmer to it to where you see details and colors you didn't see before. Great job DMG!
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    New precious’s came in the mail for my birthday!
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    The new coco is working great! Thanks DMG!
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    So my spalted tamarind came in and while I was admiring it I thought I’d take some pictures of the koa too. The photos don’t do koa justice it’s even prettier in person. Though I was surprised to notice they had a little bit of a size difference! Still they are gorgeous and I love them both.
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    Why does the Canadian Mike drink Polish Vodka and the Mike of Polish descent drink Canadian beer? Inquiring minds want to know. In any event, we stopped by DMG for an hour or two to say hello, and take a tour last Friday. Everyone looked a little bleary after a long/hard work week, but still made time for Drew and I. I even got an "irregular" Benge CoCo and Drew got a prototype dice tower that was too out of wack to make the prototype sale from the scrap bin as a parting gifts. Note: I usually stick to gin, but the Polish vodka was A-OK. p.s. Stay away from the band saw. They had gruesome "after pictures" taped to it to remind people to be careful.
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    I realized that I never posted the photos that I promised of the completed project from my first woodworking class. So here they are. A simple, classic cherry box with walnut accents that the instructor had us build using various techniques that got us some practice on each of the tools in the shop. The class was fun, and I love the end result, but I think this type of woodworking isn't for me. The precision required to get every cut exactly right, then cleanly glue the pieces together was and interesting project but it didn't call out to me as a hobby. OTOH, the shop also offers classes on turning wood for bowls and pens and I'm thinking I might give that a try to see if I find that a more enjoyable project.
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    We fared much better on our next run through of the same dungeon. The second scenario allowed me to use a lot of my cool terrain I had been working on.
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    She did! I saw her do it!! And Puzz came out of the CNC room after cleaning today looking like this... Displeased expression and all (but I suppose that's how he normally looks).
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    Name: Frisko Race: Flatcoated Retriever Class: Guardian of the Garden Best Known Skill: Imitating a statue whilst trying to hypnotise an unsuspecting doggy treat Favourite Magic Spell: Summon Puddly of drool around one's self. Famous for: Disguising himself as a Labrador before outing himself as a Flatcoated Retriever Most Ashamed of: the fact that his beard is turning grey at the age of 3 Untill this moment it is uncertain where Frisko's exact allegiance lies. Known to bark at everyone and everything that passes by in order to scare them off(unless you are a horse... Frisko doens't cope well with dogs that are 2 meters high), he switches tactics as soon as someone or something enters the garden and starts to befriend them immediately (unless, once again, you are a horse... probably... we try to avoid this from happening).
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    Sparty On! Top row: Chechen. Middle Row: Canary and Benge. Bottom row needs no introduction. Drop the mic.
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    As I had mentioned before, they kindly swapped the red felt out for green for me. Benge has a really nice straight grain pattern with a really shiny luster.
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    Backer number 203 - and my CoCos arrived! The box looked like it was driven over by a truck and then chewed on by rats - but the cocos are perfect! And if there's ever a world shortage of bubble wrap, I've got it covered. I'm going to have the most colourful game table ever at my next games night... Some are XLs, with extra trays, and some standard size - all flame birch.
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    Thank you one and all for your continued support. It means soooo much to us. Yes, the 30% is the biggest discount we offer so the damaged ones are what they are and will remain that way after the sale is off.
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    Nice joke for the cops with this no authorized night parking in the street... You have done our evening hahahahaha...
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    Just see it on BGG facebook.
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    Yesterday I got my metal dice from DMG. Here is a picture showing off my new dice inside my new dragon sheath along with three minis I painted relating to my Pathfinder character who is a druid with a big cat familiar.
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    So I might have gone a bit overboard this time...but they’re soooo pretty, and so smooth! DMG, these are truly pieces of art; thank you for slaying these Ents.
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    I'd like to introduce you all to Liz Taylor
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