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    Hope everyone had an amazing Holiday! We had a fantastic time out in Philly. Went downtown to the XMas village. Had some amazing mulled wine. Lots of time with family. Ran a brutal 4 mile run. Food. Too much food. Got some great presents...including a Vodka Carousel! Some minis, an L5R book, running clothes. Too much to cram into my already packed gaming room. Good to be back at work feeling productive once again. Pic of us in downtown Philly in front of a flexing topiary buck....
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    Only two months after I got my AC... I love it so!
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    Ding Dong! My BoRo dice tower made it to my home. Little kiss of sap wood making it look like I'm giving opponents the evil eye.
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    A new beauty just arrived before Christmas Ready to hold my japanese style metal coins.
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    I’m in purchasing for a manufacturing company, actually! Today feels like my first day of actual relaxation... so many family events... so much turkey. What grade do you teach? In other news, my new credit card arrives tomorrow, so I can finally buy that Ambrosia Maple Sentinel. I feel like it’s just been waiting for me to buy it.
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    This is the one I got her. We get a decanter/ drinking device for each other every year. Makes you feel drunk just looking at it...
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    Just as DogMight rolls out their new Starfinder gear, I get my Sentinel that I picked out for my Starfinder character. Here’s the gear box of Zara, the elf operative with an attitude. and here’s a close up of Zara herself. She’s got crazy hair, doc martens, and bandstickers on her gun. And yes. That is steam coming out of a pipe behind her. Because my mini guy is amazing!!
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    Happy holidays everyone!!! 🎄 I’m alive, but get pretty busy for a bit there. Hopefully with the new year I can catch up and torment you all.
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    Hey @tgpumpkin -- It's Dusty Doom (tm)!! http://dogmight.com/stock?id=8950
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    Hi everyone! I thought this would be fun. So tell us what your New Year's Resolution is going to be when it comes to gaming. Also, include some things that you'd like to see happen with Dog Might Games this year too! I already have set my resolution set and its going to be very hard for me. I have so many games. I love gaming, I love collecting, I love pimping (games that is), and....it's getting to be too much. I want my resolution this year to be this: I can only purchase 3 games this year and 2 expansions. Nothing else. This will help me focus on the games that I already have on the shelf, many of which are unplayed. I am at the point with gaming that I look at my collection and think "Wow, it's cool to have so many games" and at the exact same time "If I had to get down to 10 games, I could easily." There are just so many great games that I literally know I could play over and over again and never get tired of. Keyflower is one of those games for me. I have played it over 1300 times since its available online to play. I have played Tzolkin 500 times or more. There are other games that are so timeless...Concordia, Terraforming Mars (sorry Barb), Trajan, Brass, Agricola...and yet I feel like I have just scratched the surface of these great games. I want to go deeper with what I have. To be honest, the only reason I am allowing myself 3 games and 2 expansions is because I know some cool collectors edition will come out for something I love and I won't be able to pass up on it, and I have to be reasonable. Madeira is coming out with a new edition and expansion and I know I won't be able to pass on it. TMG always "Deluxifies" great games and I am a sucker for those. I will have to be picky but I know I can do it. It will be hard for me though. Who doesn't love shiny, new toys? I am going to enforce a rule on myself of only 1 trade for the entire year and if I sell any games that I have, I can't use the money to buy more games. I honestly want to say no trades but I need to leave the door open if something really sweet pops up or if I play a few of these games I haven't touched and think they are horrible or something. This is going to be a really hard journey for me, but I hope it will give me more time with my family, more money to spend on Dog Might gear, help me better myself, and grow as a gamer in many ways. The things I'd like to see happen with Dog Might this year: 1. For the company to grow even more (I am so happy to see you guys growing...its really cool to see real people grow a business, experience good times and bad times, and still stay so positive/genuinely cool. 2. I really would like for you guys to come up with some sort of taller card draw stand that can hold a ton of cards. We've mentioned this before but I think it would sell! I would buy it in a heartbeat. 3. Get the cocos finished....everyone at DMG's goal, I'm sure. 4. Keep the prices low and the deals sweet still. You guys rock when it comes to this! I hope it will continue this year too. Thanks for listening.....and one more cool thing I thought I'd share. When things get less hectic at DMG, they are going to make me a box to hold all of my Keyflower stuff as a custom order. As you guys know, I am Keyflower super fan. I asked Richard Breese if he would mind if I let DMG use some of the icons and logo for my individual custom order and he kindly obliged. Also, in the messages I had sent to Richard, he mentioned that he put a link to my Keyflower review on every box of his new card game Key Flow. I thought I'd share the picture of this. My name is on a board game box. So cool! Happy New Year Everyone!
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    Will do! Some more of his work. On Dog Might plinths no less. Dracolich included because when it had issues standing up he customized and rebalanced it for me. With 16 pennies and some sawdust.
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    1) Actually play my copy of Gloomhaven. 2) Be a GM at least once
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    You must be a teacher like me. Today was my first day off. I cleaned house most of the morning, played games in the afternoon. Ah, so nice to relax, finally.
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    More Village Attacks minis. Baykok (warrior hunter). I really like how his eyes turned out. Vodyanoy (watery grandfather) The Alchemist: The Grave Digger:
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    My CoCos just shipped!!! I can’t wait to see them!!! 😻😻😻 ...well, will ship soon...the label has been created!
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    I have a couple of ebony rolling trays.
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    Did a little airbrushing still need to do some painting ting on the mask and the base
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    Great deal having the electric company cut the trees for you. Looks good. As a teenager I had to help my father haul firewood. It was our only heat for several winters. Eventually my dad built a new house himself (with help from the rest of the family) by the tiny old house. Then he tore down the old farm house. The new house uses gas for heating. As my parents are now in their 70's, they would not be able to handle the firewood anymore.
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    @yatescory that box is super awesome. I am generally terribad at keeping resolutions, but here are mine. 1. No mega kickstarters. By that, I mean I'm staying out of the sprawling stretch goal fueled campaigns. I am out of space, have a painting backlog measured in years, and still have 3 large games yet to fulfill. I may pick up some dice or a smaller footprint game, and of course DMG gear. 2. Finish painting my Droplfleet army. I haven't touched them since July and have organized play in March. 3. Learn Shadows of Brimstone well enough that I could run games at Gencon or Reapercon.
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    For 2019, I'm going to buy less games. I'm determined to do better this year....and I'm running out of room so I must cut back.
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    I may have had to snatch the pathfinder ziricote. ;). My husband said happy birthday to get me to fully commit to it.
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    One more work day (tomorrow) for the rest of the year! Yeah. Bonus: I get to take care of Ed and Moses (Emma and Joe's kitty cats) for a little over a week.
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    @Konas Great job making those for for the table. And delivering them yourself. Are you secret working for Santa? Maybe Santa is really a Viking. After all, he does have a beard.