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    My awesome custom box that houses the spot lights for my jewelry and craft business. At the Art Festival. The window washes out how pretty the stain is.
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    Ok - so haven't put any sealer on these yet.. but my first attempts at painting minis in probably over 30 years -- From the Reaper "skills" kit: I like how these turned out for the most part.. a few mistakes.. and definitely need to develop a steadier hand/better process to have a steady touch. Then tried using some of the techniques from that on some minis I had started prior to getting the kit. Definitely improved them, but I had gone a little too far for the stuff to be entirely effective. Still I think it definitely helped/taught me a few things.
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    Some pictures I just took of one of the dice towers I got (others were for friends) and Lumberjack tears dice. I love it! I use it when I need to roll for my online Changeling game.
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    Here is my mimic and our characters (Battle Chef and a Drow Rave Rogue) Just bought a screen for my husband for his birthday gift. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1otVGSFXsThdEd7BzeU_CRwYGotvsoooV/view?usp=sharing
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    Well today was the earliest something happened to me. I went on a pontoon ride, in Minnesota, on Easter Sunday. It was a little cold going into the wind, but quite pleasant when we were going with the wind. At about the halfway point of the ride, a bald eagle took several passes around us before heading back to the top of a big tree. He was close enough to us that I said "Don't poop on me".
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    Playing the Royal Game of Ur at Les Schwab. We got a flat and had to get the tire replaced. Good thing we have something to do with us :).
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    @GhostChopper, A lot has changed in a couple of weeks. Note: pay no attention to frost protection sheets in the first shot. It got down to 36 over night.
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    Friday, I got an email from John and Linda asking me if I wanted to sneak in a pontoon ride on their new pontoon before the weather turned. Uh, YEAH! It looks like a floating cocktail lounge. 73 degrees and sunny. Music playing through the speakers. Wine/cheese/crackers/grapes while floating in the middle of the lake with a gentle breeze. Several pairs of Canadian Geese with their new really ugly baby honkers paddling beside them nearby. Then a quick spin around half the lake, and then steaks and baked potatoes on the grill. A nice and relaxing afternoon/evening before the weather turns ugly for a week. Note: everyone should have a good friend with a pontoon.
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    Last dropfleet, at least for a little while. This is the "princess liner." Apparently you protect her as an npc in some of the scenarios. A very quick paint job, almost all airbrush work, tackled here and there while I was waiting for other things to cure, and a good excuse to use colors I otherwise wouldn't. The metallics are Scale75 and airbrushed well (tho I find them too thin to hand brush).
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    Cameron has been working on some new ancient game reworks. Any thoughts? On the left, 12 Men's Morris. On the right, the wonderfully named El Coyote.
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    I have to say, if I do get into miniature painting I would definitely want to paint that Bloodborne set though. LOVE that game. It would be a dream if I develop competence in mini painting to paint it. In case you're wondering, I am waiting to move before taking my hands into mini painting. I bought that learn to paint Bones set but don't have a good area to do it. My wife even got me a cool lighted magnifying glass stand so I can take up the hobby.
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    See I got kids so I just make my 8 year old play miniature games with me. He has a primaris army we are working on for 40k and we have been playing TANKS as well. I have lots of others to get in into later on as well.
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    Indeed. Hopefully it gets those kids into a better situation for them, give them a chance. My daughter will be 2 1/2 in about 3 weeks, and I CANNOT imagine how anyone can do to a child that age what these people are alleged to have done. I mean, it wrecks me inside when I tell my daughter she can't have ice cream at 7:00 at night and she starts to cry.
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    #simplepleasures Yesterday morning, we were leaving for work just as the horizon was lighting up. All the trees and buildings were black silouettes against a peachy and blue skyline. Our front yard isn't hilly but rolls just a bit, and a bank of mist was hugging the depression. We have cut out a lot of trees in the past few years, not by choice. Acres of dead and dying ash, pine and Bradford pear that were up in our power lines. I miss our cavelike driveway and "cabin in the woods" feel. But that was damn pretty.
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    Barge turned out to not be too scary to put together. Though painting is an intimidating task. I think I will focus on the dragons first :).
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    Ha ha, no, that's a symbol that I developed with another player for our 13th Age game after our characters became Icons. My character was a bard, and her character was tattooed with a blind wyvern with a blue star for an eye from near birth when her mother prayed to the gods (and foolishly wasn't specific WHICH god answered) that her daughter be powerful. So we mixed their symbols with that of the Icon (Prince of Shadows) mine was replacing to make that. Yeah, and there was another you made for the other player too! Hers was blue, I think.
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    Yeah, since a lot of the games I play are d10 specifically... actually, that reminds me... one second. My older and bigger dice tower with African Blackwood and Yellowheart d10s all produced by Dog Might!
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    BTW, trying out some inlays on your bleached Wenge today. Will know more tomorrow. And yes, I am just mentioning 'bleached Wenge' to get the others fired up! Let the demand for pics commence in... 3...2....!
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    I finally got the back story for the wooden sculpture in Gayle and Jimmy's house. It's solid wood BoRo, carved by prisoners of war in WWII in Germany. Once it was obvious that the Americans were coming, the German soldiers ran. The prisoners loaded up the horse sculptures (38 in all) into stolen trucks, and moved them to Spain until after the war. Then after the war, they were smuggled to America. One of those prisoners kept a bunch of them. He later owned a string of stores (Lancers - men's clothing; Stables - women's clothing) here in Minnesota. Each store had one of the horses in it. When he was retiring and selling the businesses about 30 years ago, he was going to have the horses auctioned off. Gayle saw one of the horses and struck up a conversation with the retiring owner when she went to a Lancers store to buy a suit for Jim's dad that had just died of cancer. (He need a new suit for the funeral because of all the weight Jim's dad had lost while he was sick.) He told her the auction was going to be in a couple of days and she could bid on one of them then. She told him about the funeral and that she couldn't attend the auction because she'd be at the funeral. She begged him to bid on one of the horses for her, that she trusted him. You'd have to have met Gayle to appreciate her marvelous personality. Any who, he decided to sell one to her at a good price right then and there. (note: Jimmy still to this day doesn't know how much she paid for it, but is sure it was in the thousands.) Upon their deaths, the horse is to be donated to the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA). They "made" Jim and Gayle install a humidifier system, and come in twice a year to inspect/maintain the horse. Jim is a lawyer/judge and was working with MIA to figure out the legalese of the transfer. Hitler stole the wood, and made POW carve the horses. Then the prisoners stole the horses, and smuggled them to America. Then Jim and Gayle bought them from one of the thieves. Did the horse legally belong to the German people? Did it belong to the owner of the wood? Did it belong to the prisoners that were forced to carve them? In the end, MIA decided they were happy that the horse would live at the MIA semi soon. Fun fact: The architect made them put in an additional beam under the floor to support the weight. Jim guesses it weighs around 700 pounds excluding the base. He made a solid oak base for the horse, and said the horse was so well balanced he only needed 2 screws to attach the horse to the base.
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    All done! Hooray for Rainy Saturdays! More in-process pictures and more words here: https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/04/hot-off-desk-dropfleet-commander.html These guys will hit the table weekend-after-next as part of a tourney. Oh gawd, looking at the pictures just now I realized I didn't paint the launchers. Will take me 5 minutes. Sooo... not done but 99%
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    Some new game boards we are working on. Do you like the look of them? They are relatively small, about 5 x 5". I am really digging the antique design feel to them.
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    @RomyCat, I grabbed this from an update to that cat mini project (Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs). And her backstory. The room was full of books, spilling out of the bookshelves onto the simple wooden tables and chairs, even in one or two cases onto the tiled floor. It lent the room an air of chaos, but looking more closely, it was clear that each of these books related to the others in the stacks or shelves, and each and every one of them was spotlessly clean, free of dust, and, aside from a little wear and tear on the older tomes, pristine. Hesta could have put her claw onto any book she wished to in an instant. She knew the location of each and every one of her treasured volumes, every spell component, the levels of ink in each well, and exactly how many quills she had, and in what state of sharpness each of them was. It was irritating therefore, that Maven kept stealing things. The raven stood before her now, in a huff, the offending item lying accusingly between them. The bird shifted slightly in what passed for the Corvid version of guilt. “Look at me, Maven.” Hesta tried again. The bird met her gaze for just an instant, then looked away again. It’s clawed foot moved ever so slightly towards the coin, then curled and moved away again. “I know you like it, Dearest, but it’s an important part of the spell, and I need it.” Hesta reached out with an ethereal hand, picked up the coin, and inspected it once again, ensuring that it was not scratched or dented after its adventure in the raven’s secret stash. The ritual spell, which was to be enacted that evening, would use the coin to ascertain the whereabouts of the evil Goblin King’s Castle. The adventuring party of which she was an occasional member had tracked his minions to a cave and had liberated this coin, one of the Goblin King’s prize possessions, from their corpses. “Once we’ve done the spell and the Goblin King is dead and burned, you can have it forever.” Hesta offered, her soft heart breaking for the raven’s obvious distress. She reached out her paw, and with one claw extended, scritched the raven exactly where he liked it the most, just at the back of his head. His claws uncurled, and his shoulders unhunched. He began purring in pleasure, the coin temporarily forgotten. That evening, after hours of battle, an elven cleric, a dwarven fighter, a genasi rogue with fires dampened, two human rangers, and Hesta, stood over the vanquished form of the Goblin king, his minions either dead or fleeing. Hesta leaned on her staff, breathing heavily. She was out of spells, the last of her slots being spent on the decisive blast of a lightning bolt. But the Goblin King was dead, and although his goblin hordes would take some clearing out of their hideaways in the hills and caves of the surrounding valley, the core of the threat was gone. “Hesta!” the Genasi rogue called, “Look what I’ve found for Maven!” He poked his head out of the side room they’d missed in the heat of the battle with a grin. Hesta limped over - she hadn’t quite managed to skip out of the way of a barbed goblin arrow - and looked. The Pile of treasure was enough to astound even her. She marvelled at the amount of gold coins - no-one would miss one or two, and they would look splendid in Maven’s secret stash.
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    So this might be a bad idea but I was thinking of how I wanted to set up my DM Screen and I love how Innovative the magnetic accessories available for them are. It occurred to me that a lot of DMs used the magic cards and monster cards by sword coast. While using the the magnets I realized I use much more cards then what I can put on the screen. My idea is that I’d love to see a deck box that is sized compact to hold a small deck of cards, that is easy to access and pull out, that will also magnetize to the screen to maximize the space for the DM. I don’t know about other DMs out there but I like to minimize my space I take up so There is more space for my players and for my map and it’s accessories so I’m DM ready no matter where I’m playing. So let me know what you think, whether you like it or you think I’m crazy for thinking of it. Thank you for your time.
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    I have wanted to try it since I saw that video a few months ago. Man I wish I could afford your guys stuff. Someday I will own some. But these boards look amazing.
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    It was a last year Kickstater that I just received from a retailer of Québec. Only a few games in Canada, could be less than 30.
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    I'll be happy all we are seeing is rain. For a place that gets only about 5" a year, we received almost a half inch overnight. Not so good with the rivers as swollen as they are - but so far, no major flooding again. In a few months we will be wishing for rain.
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    We usually don't split up, so I'm guessing either 6 person co-op Nemesis or Massive Darkness.
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    I have to say that this is getting really depressing.
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    The sad truth is that it will hurt the consumer most of all. Even a 25% tariff doesn't get US companies close to beating China on production prices. In my experience, US manufacturing for board games is about double what it is in China. That tariff would need to be about 100%. But, I am not an expert at all.
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    I am exempt because it's cursing at a scumbag!!!
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    Great thread! A few months ago, I was sleeping and had a strange dream. I was at a cookout on some Sunday afternoon. The party was quite large, a few hundred people, large white tent, many tables. A friend from college was playing in the band that was entertaining the party goers. Out of nowhere, fierce winds started to blow and rain came down in a torrent. The hosts began handing out clear plastic tarps to everyone to cut a head hole in and wear for protection. As I put mine on, I noticed that there was something rolling on the grass in the high winds. I couldn't make out what it was as it rolled up onto my tarp covered leg. Once it stopped rolling, I could clearly see that it was a mouse about the size of a house cat. I kicked it off my leg...... And that is when I woke up. I was in massive pain as I had just kicked the wall next to my bed as hard as I could. My immediate thought was that I had broken my toe. Sawdust, who had been sleeping on the bed next to me was clearly freaked out. It hurt like a son of a bitch. My toenail fell off and, I think, it is growing back slowly now.
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    Hey, if the pros over at HBO can overlook it...so can we!
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    Totally agree. I enjoyed the comical aspect of it at first, but that dark turn was really off-putting.
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    Yeah pretty much backing this. My husband wants sci-fi glow in the dark metal dice so that went right up his alley. Hoping that Viking set gets unlocked : ).
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    I do have a little bit of experience with licensing, nothing ever as big as GoT though. In my experience, it is a long, slow process that involves a number of people and/or separate companies that all must approve each individual product to be released under that IP. For some larger companies, and I am guessing this would be true of this franchise, there is another company involved for their brand management and licensing opportunities. Typically, a company would deal only with the company hired to build branding of that IP. All approvals would go through the brand management company, without direct access to the owner of the IP directly. I find it odd, to say the least, that a VP at HBO would simply sign off on a product, especially for the monster IP that is GoT.
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    Yep! And as long as we're doing these... also I've been around for a while, I just kinda haven't been on forums much for a while, been busy.
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    I feel silly about asking this. But I have a friend I want to surprise with a cutting board and I know you used to offer them. Actually, two friends, but will it be possible to special order those still? I think something like that has a nice practicality that friends who like to cook would appreciate, especially if the board is made exactly for them.
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    I'll have to wait till the credit card switches month, but definitely! It's great to hear they look better as you use them!
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    I don't know - if you're rolling d20's that's not so great. And if you're rolling d4's or d6's or something - you're group might thing you're cheating if they come up tens
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    Absolutely. And there are no silly questions. Not here. Send us a note to custom@dogmight.com and we can start up the conversation. I have four of them at home and use them almost everyday and they work great. They look better the more you use them!
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    Looks great. Thanks for posting. May all your rolls through it be TENS!!!!
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    I went to a friend's house to play Mahjong on Saturday. In my regular groups of game players, I'm one of the oldest or the oldest. On Saturday, I was definitely the youngest. But that wasn't the only culture shock. Socialization was priority 1, eating was 2nd priority, and game playing was a distant third. At least at the table I was at. The other table played almost 4 games before my table completed 1, though they were teaching me the game. 7 games were completed on the other table, by the time we completed our 2nd one. 😬 But once I gave up caring about playing and had learned the rules, I had a lot of fun.
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    Note, the cow people were hard, but we survived! Epic boss fight with "not cleric" and "dancing guy". A ton of fun was had by all. Thank Konas! And thanks Zoe and Cameron for the party antics
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    Oh - I've been on the dark side for a VERY VERY long time I love cookies!
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    With great reluctance, I mowed today for the first time. I love living in the country but as time goes on, I detest mowing in the summer months. Had to bypass several large areas that were all but underwater this weekend but most of it wasn't too bad. I am actually still mulching leaves from last fall - we had a very late fall and then a heavy winter that arrived all at once. The last time I mulched I was in my heavy winter gear a few days before the snow flew. Leaves were still falling after I'd pulled the mower deck and installed the snow blade.
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