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    Yay I just hosted my first ever “Woodnt you like to know” post. I feel pretty special right about now.
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    Paging @RomyCat! The cat models for the 2nd wave of Nemesis.
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    Someone bought the steampunk cogs *sighs* its for the best....it’s for the best... ...... Shit. *puts dollar in swear jar*
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    Tainted Grail update. Check out the mini quality.
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    We will have some new stuff today. A few sentinels and a Chechen Dice Chest brother to Barb's.
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    My sister and I played this one twice and enjoyed it. I have not yet decided if I like this one or Dinosaur Island better. Both are fun. I like the look of this one better.
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    And that is all we can ask of anyone. Just get better.
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    If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that.
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    I think DI is more of a stern look offense. You get let off with a warning. hs is a ticket....misdemeanor we all know how bad MF is.
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    How big is your jar? Did it come from Costco?
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    The new screens are pretty cool looking. Paging @tgpumpkin
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    I used to love when Stonemaier would use the reference cat in their updates.
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    NOW!!!! Really cool looking! "The eye! I can feel his gaze upon me..."
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    Played Feast for Odin with the new Norwegians expansion. If you've played and liked the base game - I DEFINITELY suggest picking up this expansion! With out group, it made the game much more competitive (8 points between 1st and 4th) when usually there'd be a 20 or 30 point difference.
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    I have this same problem. I am terrible at coming up with stuff on the fly. Luckily my players are also GMs and good friends, so they are understanding when I have to take a moment and think of something before continuing on. It was really good practice. I'm still not great at it, but I am getting better.
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    If I hadn't already bought an AC (which was my 2nd piece of DMG gear) I would be all over either that Chechen or the Bolivian Rosewood box. But... don't need 2 ACs. I haven't traveled as a GM in a bit.
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    The grain looks like Padauk. Those little lines I’ve yet to see on another wood...tho there’s probably one out there
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    Sale = Kickstarter price. The "sale" is because of how many backers wanted to get more at the KS price. So make sure you get what you want as the retail will be worse.
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    They are HEAVY DUTY, so I was ok with it.
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    I think one of your future products should be called "thingy". Really adds a marketing luster to your products
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    With the snowstorm I finally got a chance to play Wingspan this weekend and I have to say it’s worth the hype. It plays clean, doesn’t take too much time, has a lot of strategy involved, awesome components, and a unique theme. I thoroughly enjoyed it.