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    Guess what today is?!?!??! Well, actually it was yesterday. It is the 5 year anniversary of Dog Might! Amazing!
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    IT IS TIME!!! I have been waiting a while to share all of my gorgeous Dog Might wood bits, and today my Valhalla Screen and Component Collectors arrived so here they are in all my poorly framed glory. We have 4 Benge Component Collectors, a Benge Valhalla Screen, 2 Canarywood and 2 Padauk Hero Sleeves and a Dark Walnut adventure case. I can't wait to actually use them but I had to bust out some components from my favourite game to show them off. I am starting running a DnD adventure properly for the first time in a few weeks time so Ill add a picture of the screen in action then! Much love and respect to all here and the DMG team!
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    Here is Amelia dressed up as my favorite co-pilot, Chewbacca!
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    Got my items. Got to show them off! My three items: Valhalla in Demon Blood, Sentinel in Demon Blood, and Batty. Batty joins our family. Pumpkin I gave to my sister for her birthday last year. She keeps stealing Batty from me, saying she ought to be with her cousin. My new sentinel with a D20 design. I bought my sentinel specifically to hold dice, with it does very well. Currently it is holding 14 sets of dice for a total of 106 dice. That includes a bunch of mini D6's. My lovely spellbook Valhalla. Being an English/Tech teacher, I have taught The Raven and other Gothic literature to teenagers. Here is one of my cats preparing to DM a new adventure.
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    Baron von Baron the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Angel Louise The Staffordshire Terrier tell their Marvel loving mommy that daddy says this is a DC household
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    I wouldn't be so sure....Just coming through finishing and should go into final assembly today or Monday.
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    Congrats. And as I promised, here is a picture of Bria in her witch costume. : )
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    This one's not minis related but I printed my wife a cookie cutter.
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    Didn't manage to finish the metal armed dude but did a bit of painting this morning.
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    @RomyCat, at first I thought Batty was a fish. Then I thought Battty was a cat curled up. Geesh. Your screen is gorgeous, as is your kitty. p.s. @Konas, I think the picture from @RomyCat makes the 3D details really pop (compared to the pictures I've seen on the stock page.
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    He's a pic of him that @Rosie drew for me.
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    Or XMas! Nothing says Happy Holidays like red and green hell hounds!
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    I looked up the recipe. Pumpkin Cookie Sandwiches
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    Some of the goodies coming through~~
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    Does @tgpumpkin know about what the Pumpkin Regatta? https://www.opb.org/news/article/west-coast-pumpkin-regatta-2018/ Looks like a Viking is already partaking in this celebration..
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    Words cannot describe how excited I am for this. It's looking incredible!!! You all are amazing, thank you so much!!!
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    Hey all! I'm still here, life has just been super busy lately. However, not too busy for me to stop receiving Kickstarter pledges.
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    Aw shucks, ty for the kind words . Otter has been so much fun to paint! I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with his armor yet.... armor is hard ;___;
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    Can you say Dark Rainbow? I knew you could.
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    Check out the new sculpt...Hell Hound!
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    Congratulations to @Konas, Cameron.. and the entire DMG crew. It's amazing to think it was 4 years ago that I ordered my first DMG piece (the dice chest KS). I know it's been quite a ride.. may it go on for many more anniversaries.
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    On BGG I created a Geeklist listing all my Kickstarter games. If you want to check it out, here's the link. Two game designers actually left comments under their games!!! Link: My Kickstarter Addiction List