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    After weeks away from the bench, I'm starting to paint a bit again - bugs, heat, and humidity have helped entice me to stay indoors! This is a piece I'd intended to take Reapercon this year. He's 99% complete, pending any last minute adjustments after he sits for a few days. I'm really happy with him, tho he's almost overpowered by the base. PS - That's a the base off of my Dog Might mini holder serving as a makeshift plinth for pictures!
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    Once I learned Token Shields were being retired, I knew I had to get one more. Galaxy stain turned out to be a good choice!
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    They're pretty enough that I'll pay a very pretty penny for them... when my inner child/dice goblin can have instant gratification and not have to wait.
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    Those would be perfect for a cyber pink game
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    Almost used in every games, and my set up always looks awesome with DMG gears when I post it on popular gaming groups.
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    Totally forgot these other deliveries that came mid-move--including one of the last Deck Jackets, and my first Cake piece!
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    Probably, but it's no pulp fiction. ☺️
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    I have a set of these from one of their previous Kickstarters. Very nice quality. The color is very vibrant.
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    Those are pretty. I just coughed up $145 plus shipping for Massive Darkness 2.0, so not sure buying more dice makes sense.
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    Infinite Black has another dice Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infiniteblack/elder-dice-shards-of-illumination?ref=user_menu#
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    And now for something completely different. Monster Slaughter. 5 stupid teenagers go to party in an abandoned cabin in the creepy woods. The monsters (players), compete for killing them. "Special Guest Stars" come to the aid of the stupid teenagers. Stupid Teens 1 and 2: Britney and Tom Guest Stars! Zigmo: Agent MS: Red Ansol: Summer: Ghost Hunter:
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    I'm sure we can definitely get some more content up here in a few weeks
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    Coasters but look like a game
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    I think they are cool, but not for me, so didn't go in on it either.
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    Ugh, so pretty. I really wanted to back them, but I'm just going to wait patiently for late pledges and pre-orders.
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    I didn't notice how close they were until I had them side by side. Now I wish I had choses something different. Got them from Elderwood with my mini spellbook pledge. A person could get a lot of sets when looking at what they have.
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    I like a heavier die. Feels substantial or something. 1) Gem 2) Metal 3) Wood 4) Poly
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    This was the set I got from them.
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    People give me crap about how much I buy, but most of them are special like this box.
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    Thankfully it was on sale. Normal price was $249.
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    It's not like there is much else to do. And they were fun after all the tiny details on the dogs and cats I was working on before this. I decided to dip into Monster Slaughter next. The game has a bunch of NPCs like the professor from Back to the Future, Buffy, Machette, Crocodile Dundee, etc. Plus I wanted to see how a bunch of your mini painters worked at the same time. I definitely had more "accidents" as the number of mini painters increased. Like hitting wires with the paint brush that was headed to the bowl of water or dipping the mini I was working on and snagging the wire of another one. But to be fair I did all of Maximum Apocalypse at the same time.
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    I took another picture of my dice. Forgot the 3 Chakte Viga dice in the picture. They were over by my loom (I use them as counters for my weaving).
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    MORE Maximum Apocalypse! The last of those minis!!! The priest! The gunslinger! The Army Ranger! The Fireman! The Adventurer And the Huntress!
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    Here's something I haven't seen before: liquid core dice! Kickstarter run by the fine folks at Metal Dice Games--I have a few sets of their metal dice, but I have to admit some of these resin ones are also very pretty! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/579878362/elixir-dice-handcrafted-sharp-edged-liquid-core-rpg-dice
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    Maximum Apocalypse! Next 2! Surgeon and Ronin:
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    Not quite stars, but if you don't look too close, it works. I should put some pictures up of the cards.
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    I like to work on a group of them at the same time, but the wires have been a handful when they are all together.
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    Nice! I posted this in the mini painting thread, but if that isn't your cup of tea, you'll have missed it.
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    I find it hard to resist the rainbow stains. This is a "light Dark Rainbow": not as bright as regular Rainbow (Pride), but brighter than the "Darkest Rainbow" @Barb Bliss has.
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    There is something so lovely about a fine piece of burled walnut. We knew we had to do something with that piece that came in. A fine addition to your collection!
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    This is incredible. I wants it lol. Truly amazing work.
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    I'll work on it! I didn't end up going this week, but I'll see if I can get some photos from other people.
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    Of course she did!
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    probably why I don't even have a wife, let alone a baby
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    Those all look awesome good job. Those great Wall minis are amazing. I too am on a no buying minis period right now. Though if I see the new 40k starter set in stock after release I'm going to cave. It has both mine and my son's armies in it this time. I did some painting on my wrath of kings the other day and mixed up some custom colours. I put them in some little paint pots the kids had that were empty but they didn't seal well and it all dried out now I have to try to mix a matching or close enough colour or start over.
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