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    For Table Top Game day, I entered this mini painting contest at a local gaming store. Had several weeks to work on it. Not bad for an amateur... & out of a group of 25 entries... Thanks to the blessings of Odin... he placed 4th!
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    Finished my first two Arena Rex figures! Just need to finish two or three more figures and I can head out to the game store and start challenging people!
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    So, not exactly a "Dog Might Product", but this design and me ordering it from a custom Tees site was all done with Dog Might's blessing. I hope you all dig my new apparel! 😁😊
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    I kept telling myself for months I will post pictures of one of my gaming shelves. Finally getting around to it. I have several gaming shelves, but they look boring. Then I have this one. Yes, that is a Tardis sitting on top of a Ikea shelf. I actually bought the bottom shelf very cheap at Dirt Cheap. It has a hole in the wood near the bottom, which gave it a heavy discount (which I was very okay with). The Tardis I picked up at a cool store called Home....uh....something. Zenith will remember. The Tardis has three shelves inside which I use to keep my many gaming accessories.
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    Picture of my new treasure chest
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    Name: Manon Dis Aster the Matador of Death Race: Tabaxi Class: Bard (College of Glamour) Best Known Skill: Convincing others to do her bidding Famous For: Death defying stunts/luck in every situation particularly those she puts herself in that could be very harmful Most Ashamed of: Her inability to blend in with her foster siblings
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    So not only did my replacement dividers for my rolling tray come in but one of my players/best friend surprised me with an early D&Diversary present at Game this weekend. It’s a black walnut d20. She said she had to give it to me early so I didn’t buy it for myself. Which, to be honest, is pretty fair.
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    I just did a thing. I’ve never put together minis, painted them, and then I kind of just wandered in. Hopefully this goes well.
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    Here I am...”VROCK” you like a Hurricane!
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    Holy Shit I need one of these soooo bad! This is so much cooler then those dumb shirts the company gives me 😍
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    So, right off the bat, I have a confession to make. I am a liar. A terrible, terrible liar. Bolivian Rosewood is not a ‘True’ Rosewood at all. In my defense, I didn’t name it. But more on that later…. GENERAL INFO Native to tropical South America, Bolivian Rosewood is common to Brazil and, surprise, Bolivia where it prefers the drier areas of the forest. It is a medium size tree typically around 60 - 65 feet tall, though exceptional specimens can reach 100 feet with diameters approaching 5 feet. The bark of the tree is quite striking, showing high contrasting areas of white and a darker grey. Bolivian Rosewood is most often used in the music industry because of its breathtaking appearance and superb tonal qualities. Test this on any Dog Might product made of it by singing directly to the item then holding it to your ear, like a seashell. A ROSE (WOOD) BY ANY OTHER NAME… Like the Orange Roughy fish, which used to be called Slimehead, industries often change the name of a species to increase sales. Bolivian Rosewood is actually from a tree named Pau Ferro. True Rosewoods come from the Genus Dalbergia and Pau Ferro is in the genus Libidibia, which means it is not a true Rosewood. Libidibia is an amazing word to say over and over. Try it. Now. You will thank me. So why the name change, you ask. Was Bolivian Rosewood once called Slimewood? No, the name change is due to it almost identical properties to true Rosewoods. It’s working properties, graining, and luster mirror those other Rosewoods. Even professional musicians can’t tell the difference in tonal qulaities of Pau Ferro and Rosewoods. Another reason for the change is that many Rosewoods have worked their way onto the CITES endangered list and are no longer available. But fear not, Pau Ferro is not in danger. I would also like to point out that I used the word 'Rosewood' in this paragraph 5 times. Well, now its 6. THE ROSEWOOD DEFENSE Spiritualists believe that Bolivian Rosewood symbolizes love, healing, change, creativity and, most importantly, blocking unwanted forces. When the zombie apocalypse inevitably arrives, be sure to have some of this fine wood around. THOUGHTS FROM A WOODWORKER We when first started this little venture, using Bolivian Rosewood was a far-off dream. It is roughly 6 times costlier than the domestic woods we had been using. Now, we use a butt ton of it and it is truly glorious. Looking back, I am glad that we could afford it only after we became more experienced because, much like or Foreman Puzz Longbeard, it is a challenge to work with. It is oily. Very oily. It doesn’t like glue or finishes. The first time we used it, in our Adventure Case Kickstarter, I finished it with our old Poly based Dog Might Varnish. It was a little tacky but we went ahead and took pics for the campaign anyway. Fast forward to a week later, that damn box was still tacky. I am guessing that it is still tacky today, years later. The natural oils in the wood reacted with our old finish and stopped it from drying, ever. So, we would use a ‘dry coat’ on all Bolivian Rosewood from that point on. That meant soaking it in our varnish, then wiping it off, effectively using it as a sealant but resulting in a low gloss finish that didn’t match the rest of our products. I tried Shellac. It worked but, like our Head of Ops, Zoe, it is a pain in the butt to work with. Yeah, this is the one. Still wet 3 years later. Once we moved to our new location, we installed the new spray booth and switched to an industrial strength Catalyzed Lacquer finish. Our first Dragon Sheath made in Rosewood went into finishing, we all held our collective breath. An hour later…voila…gorgeous finish and completely dry to the touch. Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!!!!! Bolivian Rosewood is also very hard, coming in at 1960 on the Janka scale. The wood has a high amount of silica which makes it very tough on tools, requiring new blades often after cutting. It is heavy, making it hard on the body. Want to have a good, hard day’s work, try resawing 8/4 Bolivian Rosewood on the bandsaw for a few hours. Your body will not be pleased. Lumberjack juice helps. So, why the hell do we use this godforsaken wood, you ask. Because it is simply one of the most luxurious woods in the world. The color is warm and rich, ranging from reddish orange to dark violet brown. The grain is organic, curving softly through each piece in strong black lines. It feels amazing in the hand when finished. It is solid and strong but the surface is buttery soft, like the bum of a newborn. The luster, even before finishing, is incredible. It is consistent, beautiful, and, like a fine Scotch, only gets better with age.
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    Invading Canada did seem to be a bit of an American hobby in the 18-19th centuries. I accidentally invaded Canada by myself in 2008 when I got lost kayaking in the Boundary Waters. 1 1/2 inches to the mile is a confusing map scale! Four hours and one thunderstorm later, moseyed my way back no worse for the wear.
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    Came back to put in when I saw my shipping notice in my email I went completely bonkers(especially since we hadn’t really gotten a heads up that they’d got the wood in so it was a completely amazing surprise) then I waited til today when I saw the date had been moved back till tomorrow and then lo and behold my package still arrived today! It was nail biting! Super exciting! And I’m glad my beauty is here with me! For the final coco I present Ancient Universe in Ziricote These photos up the contrast some, but you lose some of the warmth of the wood. So in person the pattern is a little less exaggerated, but the beauty is still there just in a richer tone. I will say this set came out with a few more rough edges then the others. But the wood is gorgeous.
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    Got some good painting in this weekend. Working on some orcs from Reaper's Bones line. They don't recommend priming them but I do. It works much better. I am most proud of the freehand tattoo on the first guy's shoulder
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    It took a while to complete. My elbow has been giving me the finger for about a month. I debated on eye color for a little while. As this "monster" only goes postal on you if attacked, it didn't seem right to give her demon eyes.
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    As a beginner, I bought one of Reaper’s starter kits which includes a lot of paints, several minis and a very useful booklet which walks you through painting the miniatures, explaining various techniques. It even recommends which colors to use, though you can use any color you wish. I purchased the first and second starter kits and found them very useful. Also picked up some cheap paints at Walmart which work well too. One of my tips is to practice on your less “important” minis first. Learn, make mistakes, then paint some more. Soon you will start developing the more advance techniques like washing and dry brushing. After you get the hang of the basics, then begin working on more important minis in your collection.
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    And yep - they are already VERY excited. Thank you @Konas, @Zoe and all of DMG. I'm expecting they'll show it off on their Warhammer-themed D&D Stream on Friday (https://www.twitch.tv/devilsluckgaming). If they do, I'll try to capture a clip and link it here.
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    Rise of tribes is ready to cross the ocean. Nice note about DMG
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    Rise of Tribes is on the boat on its way here! I’m very excited for this one. Plus in the update they included the work in progress shot of the gorgeous sabertooth trays! Nice job catching the DMG logo on the apron in the shot
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    I heard there were some changes to gameplay. I have Black Plague and Green Horde so I stayed away from this one, and didn't study up on it too much for fear I might get sucked in.
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    Gaboon Ebony and Chechen boulder:
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    You can do it Tgpumkin. Just force yourself to set a certain time, then sat down and begin. The Gloomhaven BT was my first one and I had all the trays down in less than 4 hours. For me, the experience was fun. So much so, I took up miniature painting afterwards. I though, if I can put this BT together, I can do other things I had been intimated to start. Turns out miniature painting is fun too.
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    alice in chains radio head smashing pumpkins (sorry @tgpumpkin) 9 inch nails matchbox 20 sound garden pearl jam hole screaming trees How did I do?
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    I can't wait to get my Gibbon Ebony in my hot little hand. Now that is SEXY. Only thing sexier is the Gibbon Ebony that @Thomas Browne got. The Mora isn't too shabby either!