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    My latest Dog Might order came in today! I'm super happy with everything, and DMG did a great job straightening out the top cut on the black walnut sentinel. Even in person I can't tell it was ever uneven. They don't seem super popular, but I for one really like the beveling and framing effects DMG has been doing lately. They add a touch of class without obscuring the grain. So here's my new KDM loadout. The card stand was made by my friend/KDM partner who dabbles in woodworking (he's going to stain and finish it later to match my dining table), and the gear grids and token holder are from Giant Turtle Creations on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/shop/GiantTurtleCreations) who has great quality 3D printed stuff, though they're certainly not Zoxe's jaw-dropping BoRo grids. Plus everything fits inside the box when closed, provided that the gear grids and showdown board are left out on the lid.
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    Flail, rosewood shortsword, chechen shortsword and wenge dagger. That flail has some heft to it and is gorgeous!
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    Here's some work in progress. Engines are all painted and as of a few minutes ago have been shaded/washed. Next step is to dry brush all the hulls and start picking out some details like the missile launchers.
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    Check this out! I got a sentinel made from this so I will always have Cthulhu's eye on me.
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    Box #2: Daggerlicious!!! Check out the blue eyes on the frost dagger. Elvish Dagger Frost Dagger Poison Dagger To give you some scale as to how big these bad boys are:
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    @RomyCat, Looky here! Future KS for the same guys that came up with the dog minis... p.s. The ball of yarn CRACKS ME UP.
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    Very sorry about your lost. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of Pacha supervising your games. As a slave to cats myself, I know how it feels to be constantly watched and commanded by felines. And I"ve lost some beloved ones over the years. Its very painful. Thanks for sharing memories and pictures of Pacha on this thread.
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    One of the breweries in Central Oregon came up with a clever way to measure their snowfall. They do admit that this was one of the drifts and not the main snowfall, but funny none-the-less.
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    Just reporting on my progress to keep me on track. So far I have backed no games this year. There were several I wanted a LOT, but I said no. I bought no new games and only 1 used game from a friend for $12. There are two games which interest me on Kickstarter right now: Chocolate factory and Tiny Epic Tactics. I will keep pondering about them. Have not passed on a Tiny Epic game yet since I started buying the series with Tiny Epic Space.
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    Paging @RomyCat! The cat models for the 2nd wave of Nemesis.
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    Someone bought the steampunk cogs *sighs* its for the best....it’s for the best... ...... Shit. *puts dollar in swear jar*
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    Macassar Ebony Sheath 😍 Note: check out the Spartan basketball signed by HOF coach Tom Izzo underneath.
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    Product pictures will have to wait until after the Gopher game and before the Michigan State game... Teaser: the daggers are frickin' awesome in person.
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    Village Attacks: mob #2 - woman X 8
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    Hard to see with the background clutter, but here's a shot showing the relative scales of these ships. Frigate far left was done months ago, a little smaller than a matchbox car. Cruiser center was finished last night. Battleship (right) is bigger than my cell phone. She was basecoated and given a quick fade months ago, and a thinned coat of reaper black wash was put on tonight to help with panel lines (in this shot the wash was still wet, it'll dull a bit as it dries). Tomorrow the fun will start. General plan for the capships: I'll need to adjust the colors on the engine nacelles a bit with the airbrush (blue ink); I want the stripes to have a darker background to pop against. Figure out what accent panels should be orange or white, paint accordingly; this will probably be minimal. Add stripes Paint and wash the engines. Basecoat the gun barrels and other doodads Dry brush silver all over Pick out silver bits (launchers, engines) Final weathering and shadowing pass Engine glows Sounds like a lot, but for a set of 3 ships it's really not that scary. Two of the hulls are almost identical, and the third is actually a Battlecruiser, sized in between the Cruiser and Battleship and a lot simpler in geometry.
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    The Dragon mini's conceptor give me more minis 'cause he loves the way I use it. Only paid the shipping. May be use 10 dragons on the board and 3 for the final quest to the Evil King.
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    Took last night off for a serious veg out after a long day at work. Returned to the bench today, found all of the bases and stems, and then pulled all the finished cruisers off of their corks. Pic 1 - The finished Cruiser fleet. Pic 2 - The Carrier got blue stripes as an experiment. I actually really hated the blue until I dry brushed with silver and it looked a lot cleaner. It stands apart in gameplay and I need to be able to track it on the field. You can also see the weathering/smudging I did around the launchers and at the vents in the center back. I hit the Carrier pretty hard with the weathering ink in the back; getting a weird reflection from the camera here but it looks like there was some battle damage/fire. Pic 3 - Glued to stands. Hard to take decent pics with the bench light. Pic 4 - Those dreaded engines. Here in the bench light I'm getting a reflection that shows a lot of silver and minimizes the detail / dry brushing of the dark gray undercarriage. Slightly different angle, showing the engine detail, blue glows, and some different perspective on the underbits. These are far from perfect, but I'll field them proudly at the end of the month in Chicago. Next Up - the Capital Ships! Will pick those up and run maybe tomorrow.
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    Thanks everyone! Glad you all like the pics and the fox. (And glad you like the KDM, tgpumpkin - I got lucky and landed an early bird slot on the second KDM kickstarter and have been addicted ever since, but it would probably have been too expensive for me to take the plunge without the kickstarter price). On a side note, after using the black walnut sentinel tonight for our weekly KDM I learned that the center bevels make it much easier to open than the traditional format. The magnets are still pretty strong, but I don't have to wrestle with it at all like I sometimes do my bubinga one or the dragon sheath, it just... opens. If I do another custom order for a DMG product with corner magnet closure, I'll definitely strongly consider asking for bevels around the opening just for better usability.
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    And I get that.. but this piece will always be special for me - as this was the replacement for the first piece of DMG gear I ever got. From their Dice Chest kickstarter. The piece that started the addiction
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    @RomyCat, you're going to like this!!! Tainted Grail add on in "pledge manager": 4 familiars, but I'm sure you will think one stands above the rest. The crow is the only one that isn't grabbing me. I thought of you immediately.
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    I'm sorry you lost your companion. Take time to grieve, and when you are ready, get yourself another supervisor.
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    Thank you, still have my dogs
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    My sister and I played this one twice and enjoyed it. I have not yet decided if I like this one or Dinosaur Island better. Both are fun. I like the look of this one better.
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    Thanks! Taping the Frigates for stripes wasn't too bad and was honestly easier than the Cruisers because it was just the one central hull w/o the gap in between. They were small but not so tiny that they weren't manageable. There were 8 Frigates (I think) total, and 6 of the 8 just happened naturally. The only other tricky part was making sure the tape angles were the same from hull to hull, but I could key off of hull details. I worked in batches of 2 or 4 - the tape would start to lift off after a few minutes and I wanted to avoid runs, but in hindsight that also helped my sanity. There was one Frigate configuration (2 ships in my Fleet) with a lot of launchers (tiny bumps) that I tried to tape a couple of times and just threw my hands in the air when the tape wouldn't stick down reliable. I decided no stripes on them and opted to tape off the central hull and give the Bridge a highlight in the same color as the stripes. I liked it so well (and it was so easy) that I did it to the rest of the Frigates. I'm excited for the Capships because the engines will actually show while looking at the ship from above and I think the silver and weathering/soot will make some good contrast with the gray/blue hulls. All my tedious labor on the cruisers are basically hidden by the hull geometry - and the extra overhang made the engines less fun to paint (had to be a lot more careful).
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    Another trap. I'm calling it Indie. Varnish is still marginally wet...
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    Lolz, my husband saw the dracolich and asked the same thing. We don’t need 3 screens, but damn it’s a beauty.
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    It doesn't help that I'm running on 4 hours of sleep thanks to a production deployment last night...
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    @Konas! My wallet hates you!!! Insult to injury, you have them 20% off. But I DO NOT NEED A THIRD SCREEN!!!
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    I'm bored as @Konas and @Zoe are probably talking about secret projects or celebrating "Founders' Day", so I thought I get some pictures up. The villager mobs take a long time and get boring, so I started painting some of the traps and treasures.
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    Nice work. Strong attitude as well. Anytime I am facing something daunting, just focusing on the first step is key. I also discuss this with my Head of Production as well. It is an easy job to get overwhelmed by. I say this but I am also avoiding working on a Fire Giant mini and an Oni Giant because of nerves. Hah.
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    I have arrived on the other side of the weekend with my wits intact! Not only did I get through the cruisers, I also fixed the brakes on my car, did my taxes, split some firewood, and watched the Shadows of Brimstone campaign wind down in real time. Today I came home, did a quick pass on the engine exhaust flares, and declared them functionally done!!! Tomorrow I'll remove them from the corks and mount them on their permanent stands and try to get the camera to cooperate for some pictures for all y'all. I actually started assembly on these ships a year ago. I hit a point on Sunday and said "Soooo... what was the big deal with these guys?" The way that I did the panel lines was really (really) painful, the engines were fussy but tolerable in 2 sessions, and the rest just kind of fell into place. I think I kind of built them up as a personal boogeyman, but in hindsight it wasn't worth all the fuss. Just the 3 capital ships to go. I have a scheme in mind that will get them on the table quickly without sacrificing much quality. (And should I ever decide to do a show-quality model, I have the Dreadnought in the cabinet awaiting assembly).
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    I've made some changes with all these recently KS deliveries.
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    Really is a nice piece and the bevels are a nice touch. KDM is my white whale of games. I know I’ll never be able to buy it but I hear so much about it. Fortunately I have a backlog that distracts me from thinking about it too much 😛 . I’m glad you’re enjoying yours
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    Many local towns broke Feb snowfall records. We didn't but was close. Snowing again today but we are forecasted to get freezing rain too. At least my orchestra got in a practice last night (canceled 3 plus 1 make up was canceled).
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    Ding Dong! My dice box (from the Cthulhu Chechen boards) arrived. Even better in person.
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    I'm cranking again on DFC. Plan to play at Adepticon later this month, so it's time to wrap this project up. No new pictures yet, but I've got all the cruisers striped and accent panels done, and am working on making the engines silver. I find that I really, really despise high volume army painting. I thought I was in good shape to finish everything up before Adepticon, then emailed the GM for the event and found out that I needed to put 2000 points of models on the table, not 1250 like I planned. I already had a few extra ships in queue, but it means that I need to paint up all 3 capital ships instead of just 1. Thankfully I don't have to assemble and paint anything from scratch!
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    They are all their own unique persons. So even if the next kitty doesn't leave your meeples alone, they will bring some other joy to your life to make up for it.
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    I said this before - I think to @Serge Darveau. You can keep that weather! I want no part of it!
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    I've got too many sheaths already unfortunately. I'm hoping for cash so I can get this...
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    Good idea. I will try to make that happen.
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    Just enough to make them stand out from the fog a little, but not so much as the main tree.
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    Lol I admit I have a lot of enthusiasm for Vindication. When he first launched his game he only was pulling 25k and decided to pull and rework the project. It didn’t help that there were like 500 other big projects like Zombicide, Lords of Hellas, and others going on. Like DMG, I saw a man who had put a lot of heart into this game and had an awesome passion project that wasn’t getting the light of day. I read several of his posts as he talked very openly about failure and became very impressed with the heart he put into this project and how he was handling the canceled Kickstarter . I figured he could use someone who could go in ahowing a whole lotta faith in his dream....and be a little extra in the forums and make some ridiculous noise . In the end, I’m incredibly proud of Orange Nebulas success. Their heart, commitment, and dedication are the reasons for it combined with a very invested community....all I did was make some noise and helped draw peoples attention to see it. If you haven’t done so I encourage all of you to back vindication. I love backing people’s dreams. If I feel someone has put heart into something and if it feels genuine....I’m going to go all in on them and be playful in the process. People need the faith of others...and I’ll do my part to o-range it .
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    With the snowstorm I finally got a chance to play Wingspan this weekend and I have to say it’s worth the hype. It plays clean, doesn’t take too much time, has a lot of strategy involved, awesome components, and a unique theme. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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