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    Rise of Tribes Rise of Tribes came in a couple of days ago. @RomyCat and I enjoyed it so much that we played it five times in a row. Players get to pick a tribe, use one of its special abilities to gather resources, make villages, and fight with other tribes over land. @RomyCat wanted to make sure I included a picture of the Saber Tooth Tiger CoCo.
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    I meant to post this a long time ago. This is my Broken Token player board for Terraforming Mars. I stain it then painted the symbols in it to match the original player mats. They hold all your cubes and can stack on each other, keeping the cubes on each tray. Excellent for the game. I don't have to worry about the cat walking across and messing up our game now. For Christmas last year I did my sister her this Broken Token for TM. Then I had to put it together for her a few weeks later. I didn't mine. To me, the process was fun.
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    So... I work as a Nurse at The a Children’s Hospital. Just recently finished this Unicorn for a 6yr old I’ve had the privilege of looking after while she waits for a new heart. Just delivered it on my shift the other night & she promptly named it “Pinky.” Her Mom took the picture of us & has given me the 👍🏻 To share it.
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    I have the original handle and it will be part of the next one!
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    My friend John and his wife have a tradition that they've shared with me. John and Linda live on Lake Owasso in Minnesota, and are the proud owners of a pontoon. The residents on this lake have a "parade" every 4th of July. Starting at 9:45 am, boats congregate at the west end of the lake and then proceed around the lake in a semi single file column. Last year I lost count at over 100 boats. Many people decorate their boats (my favorite is the pelican dingy that is donning a top hat and a US flag as a cape. The grand kids in the dingy are waving flags and having a blast). Residents not on boats like to sit near the shore and wave at the people on the boats as they pass by. We've been fortunate for quite a while (over a decade) to have acceptable to outstanding weather. We bring bloody marys and screwdrivers as well as snacks to enjoy. The first boat in the column is always the same boat. Most likely the original ring leader. A woman on that pontoon dresses up as the statue of liberty (including green face paint) and stands at the front of their pontoon, and waves to everyone on shore with great gusto. When we get back to the starting point, that pontoon stops and Lady Liberty lights her torch (probably about 100 sparklers) and salutes all the boats as they pass her by. The phone generations probably think we're a bunch of hicks, but it's a great way to spend the morning out on the lake.
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    I’ll get my castle and dragon rolling tray someday. I’m still waiting for my white whale perfect tg drop to fall in my lap. Maybe it’s super spalty or super pumpkiny......someday I’ll really kick that football
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    Proof that my stein has gone out to the world. I may have brought it to a game night strictly to show it off. I have my camera out and I’m photographing everything for my dice and accessories insta. I don’t really have a great macro lense, but I can get it done. (I needed a photologue)the dice have nothing to do with clank they just look nice
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    My three-year-old daughter has this one: I will put the acorns in the wrong colored spots and she will giggle and say, “Daddy, you so crazy. That not right!” I don’t know how the actual game is played, but it’s great for initial level indoctrination into love of the hobby. I also have Echinda Shuffle for her, which she calls the Hedgehog Game.
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    Some more pics of the new prototypes. I am very pleased with how these are turning out. They feel really good in the hand. A good size. Massive capacity.
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    A game of Royals at my friendly local game store, featuring DMG card stands and my pass-them-out-to-players CoCo tiles
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    Put me in for one of the ideas you haven’t thought up yet, haha.
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    Roll Player In this awesome game you are preparing your adventurers for an show down with a boss (if playing with the expansion). The CoCo's were awesome for holding my money, experience, and badies I had beaten. The dice tray was perfect for rolling the dice. After playing with the Dragonkin race, I had to get a picture of my leopardwood CoCo right beside the playermat. I think DMG did an excellent job capturing the image of a cool dragon.
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    You should take all the broken pieces and give it a proper Viking Lumberjack funeral pyre
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    Black walnut stein heading out as a gift today. Was so tempting to keep it...
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    As my gaming group says: Some girls collect shoes, some collect dice.
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    Here are some pics of new things that are coming out this week. Included are some very cool mimic boxes in Legendary Woods, a resin accentuated Dragon Tray, a new prototype, and a Chechen GM System that was preordered before the KS went live. That is a gorgeous piece of Chechen!
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    But it just 'cause I'm backer #1, so the first of the 10 rainbow dice tower. Nice choice Tg.
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    Oh, @Serge Darveau, something will be on its way to you soon. This is a shot before its first coat of lacquer. It will be much prettier in a bit.
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    That is sooo cool. I must resist temptation. I will be getting a bigger rolling tray when my game master system finial comes in, but it won't be made of leopardwood (though I almost upgraded it to be). I did pick this up, as I have long wanted a mimic chests. And its made from Bolivian rosewood.
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    This one gives off a particularly @tgpumpkin vibe:
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    Oooh!! Having been a stagehand in the past, I.. really want this now.
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    Check out the interview of one of the owners of DMG, Michael Konas. I get into a little bit of our origin story. It is a gripping tale filled with action and adventure. 😁 https://simplecast.com/s/b3009f73
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    @Konas I do want to point out that you made 3 and sold those quickly. I know you say there a pain in the ass to make but they sell.
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    Minas tirith, always