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    My new Looking Glass which fits with the necromancer character I play in Pathfinder. Hidden among the dice is my pride and joy Leopardwood D20 (far left, middle row) from DMG. The Looking Glass is smaller than I had thought, which makes it light and easy portable. I'm eagerly looking forward to showing off this case at my next Pathfinder meeting. For Christmas my sister game me these two card holders made of my favorite two woods: leopardwood and rosewood. These card holders are FAR larger than I had guessed. Impressive and beautiful. My cat Rose playing Cat Lady. Can you guess her favorite wood? Another close up, this time with cards.
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    It was hard to give up, but I knew it was going to a good home.
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    Signs of life confirmed: just got my March in-stock order, placed right as things were shutting down. Can't wait to hook that dice tower up to my VS!
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    Thanks, @Serge Darveau that was fun :).
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    The Frosthaven campaign is wrapping up! As I type it's a little north of $9.3M and the 2nd most funded tabletop game on KS (behind the sprawling Kingdom Death).
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    Hey all! I'm still around, albeit hunkered down at home during these crazy times. Last night my CoCo helped in a solo game of Chocolate Factory.
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    I am very grateful for your sacrifice! ❤️
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    Mike was really happy when I've won the game on the Meeple University's live. My daugther will received a part because I only need the expansion LOL
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    I'm in 4 giveaway for this kickstarter, 2 for the all-in (BGR, Meeple University) and 2 for saber tray (Breaking Games).
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    I put 15 names 😛 you missed Linkin park
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    Snoop dog Korn Linkin park Kings of Leon Arcade fire 50¢ Eminem Pink Five Green Day Backstreet boys Artic monkeys Avril Lavigne Could be the police could be snow patrol Franz Ferdinand
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    Pretty much the only Irish song I know off hand is Whiskey in the Jar lol
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    If it includes covers I would say the dude with the injured leg could be for: Hurt
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    Trying to think of another gold related song. Gold digger?
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    I see seven flags with the soldiers is it seven Nation Army by the white strips? If so I can't niece I didn't think of it earlier.
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    The gold +hand is annoying me. It makes me think gold finger but I don't know a song named that from the period and then there is the band Goldfinger but they have like 5 albums in the decade. Then there are songs like golden touch I'm sure it something simple and I'm going to feel dumb for not getting it lol.
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    Ben Hur? Though if so, that should be 4 horses lol.
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    The Godfather? (Guy looking over the baby).
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    I realized it was Around the World in 80 days after I posted Oz lol.
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    Poker Face Cry Me A River And that looks like Daft Punk on the river but no idea on song.
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    American in Paris? I know it is a song but not sure if there is a movie :). Dances with Wolves Chariot of Fire
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    The 89s I was only alive for 1 year and 3 months 90s I atleast seen most of lol
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    That one was driving me crazy! I kept thinking edge or sword but not Blade :).
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    Blade runner. Dude is literally running on a blade in the picture
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    Breakfast club is the bowl of cereal with a club in it. Also footloose there is a loose foot there on the grass
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    On the left sticking out from the tower it kind of looks like the guy from the basement it's the only thing I could come up with lol
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    Never Ending Story Princess Bride I have no idea if they are 80s but I figured I'd make the guess
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    Around the World Buddy Holly (by Weezer)
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    Say Anything Trading Spaces Star Wars empire strikes back? Airplane Friday the 13th ET Predator The Shining Caddy Shack Raging Bull Foot Loose Die Hard Karate Kid
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    She got a couple of the ones I knew. Two Princes Waterfalls November Rain Gangsta’s Paradise Barbie Girl Weather With You? Only Happy When it Rains? Under the bridge Brick Runaway Train? Black hole sun Iris One week All the small things
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    It was the same with me
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    Stonehenge by Spinal Tap?
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    Heavens a Place on Earth Video Killed the Radio Star Sweet Dreams (It helps to look at this on a bigger screen than my phone :)).
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    More than half. I'll take it. Though how can you have a 80s song thing without Funky Cold Medina?
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    The 80's wasn't my jam, but I got some of these I think. No clue what the stormtrooper and hazzardous water 1- Walk like an Egyptian 2- Another one Bites the Dust 3- Eye of the Tiger 4- Livin' on a Prayer 5- When Doves Cry 6- Total Eclipse of the Heart 7- Jump 8- Wake me up before you go OR Died in your Arms OR Another one Bites the Dust OR Dead Man's Party? 9- Hammer Time 10- Beat it OR She Bangs the Drum? 11- Purple Reign 12- Road to Nowhere 13- The Whole of the Moon OR The Killing Moon 14- Just Like Heaven or Monkey Goes to Heaven? 15- Push it? https://youtu.be/vCadcBR95oU 16- Fools Gold 17- Ghost Town 18- Love will Tear us Apart 19- Africa 20- You Spin me Around 21- Every Little Thing she does is Magic? 22- Red Balloon 23- It Takes Two? 24- Blue Monday (was this really in the 80s?) 25- Hit me with your best shot?
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    My sister and I logged 27 plays of Gloomhaven. We really enjoyed it. We need to get back to playing it again. Got plenty of time before Frosthaven arrives.
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    My updated list: Darkness Sabotage (Will never see, and really disappointed about it. It looked really cool.) Whelps to Wyrms (May never see) Tradewars- Homeworld Galaxy of Trian: New Order Legends of Sleepy Hollow Tidal Blades - Heroes of the Reef Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood of Venice Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon Maximum Apocalypse: Legendary Edition with Minis minis - Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs Fuji Koro Deluxe minis - Raid on the Temple of Serpents Dinogenics = Controlled Chaos expansion Etherfields Trudvang Legends Gugong: Panjun expansion Labyrinthos Village Attacks expansion minis - Spartan Great Wall minis- Gingerbread Gang minis - Monster Bash Unsettled minis and rpg book - Animal Adventures: Secrets of Gullet Cove Final Girl Frosthaven
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    Cool @Serge Darveau. I'd forgotten about those. I still like the idea of reaching over my head and having a pool slide like thing glide them into the tray. That design would work with a ton of the dragon tray designs that have differing widths of edges.
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    My first cat is done. Varnish is still a little tacky. I had a issue where I missed some gloss varnish "froth". Drives me nuts... But I really like how the fur turned out.
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    In my continuing quest to find alternative uses for DMG products so I can keep buying them: turns out an XL Looking Glass makes a more than adequate fancy pen holder!
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