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    So. I’m finally all caught up with Dog Might. I pledged to the CoCo Kickstarter back in 2017. Since then I have had one order or another in production until earlier this summer. Here is the entire collection. Left to right, front to back. Hero plinths. (Various Woods) Wooden dice (Black Walnut and Chacate Preto). Dragon Sheaths (Paduak, black walnut, Bubinga, Wenge). Bone box with hero sleeves (Bolivian Rosewood, Chechen, wenge, leopardwood, and bocote) Galaxy Sentinel. Monterillo Rosewood XL Dragon sheath. Mixed wood XL Dragon sheath. Bubinga GM system. Black Walnut dice tower. Rainbow dice tower. Bolivian Rosewood rolling tray. Selectively stained Valhalla Screen. (Not pictures, many dice, some presents and my cutting board because it’s in the china cabinet and I forgot about it.)
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    Our game room is our dining room... and also happens to be our shrine to geekdom in general (I'm a big reader). We've added more since, but this was when we first got everything finished.
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    I've previously posted these but couldn't resist since they're finally getting some time on the table. DMG kingdom death gear grid prototypes working in tandem with CoCos. Magnets are holding these together for a 1 player, 2 character dashboard.
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    Reapercon contest entry. Started assembly about 10d ago, airbrushed basecoats last Friday and hand detailing on Sunday. I should have kept track of my time, there's a reason I've been a lot quieter on the forums. First pic is the nekkid model. Still a WIP and under crappy desk lights. Need to fix some highlights, do another pass on the blades, adjust lighting with the airbrush and wash and detail the base.
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    I.m waiting for this mat for my fantasy game.
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    I'm proud to say that the color shift scorpion won first place for Best Monster in the Shadows of Brimstone painting competition at Gencon. I was greatly humbled by the response to the figure. Picture below is in the case at the show floor, followed by a couple of glamour shots in my light box. I painted a pair of them, but the category is for best single figure, so I picked the one I liked better for the entry (the one with the ram horn skull). Middle of the weekend, I was at the booth buying stuff, and noticed a guy with the scorpion kit box in his hand. He brought his wife to the case, pointed at the box, then my figure, and back again and gestured excitedly. She smiled and nodded, he pulled out a phone and took several pictures of my figure. That one exchange was better than winning anything. My other entry was greatly enjoyed by the people I talked with, but rightfully didn't place. There were some wonderful entries in the diorama category. I painted up two sets of bad guys in the Ghostbusters vs. Slimer theme. The backdrop was out of a hot wheels set that I repainted. The little Ghostbusters shoulder patches were free hand, my first real attempt at something like that. Had a ton of fun, will put the Ghostbusters on the gaming table proudly.
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    I did the group buy for Snowdonia on BGG and the guy running the group just notified us today that he's supposed to get his shipment this coming Monday. We had 108 copies ordered in the group, the shipment weighs 1,180 lbs!
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    Jeremy and Paris did not seem fond of me taking this picture it would've been candid but I forgot my flash was on..there is a flash before the picture is taken so it interrupted them and caught them off guard I think
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    Fun night at the rodeo. A little rain, a little double rainbow and some pretty sunset scenes.
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    That's a very nice game room/dining room. I have a similar setup. I have box throne shelves (waiting for my top caps in wave 4), and an old lady crystal chandelier. It looks a little cluttered, what with all my DMG gear. 😍
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    Oooo.... now I need another one for snacks!
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    On Sunday, my Chechen token shield contained 3 kids of M&Ms.
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    Not a great shot... but I got a beautiful set of blue sandstone dice at Origins. 😍
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    I'm bringing this topic back! I'm tempted (when I have the funds) to commission a scifi piece--something with a spaceship zooming across the screen, with nebulas and black holes and such in the background. With a custom stain, of course. I'd also be tempted by a haunted house sculpt--something similar to the castle, but with a mansion in the center, and something spooky in place of the dragon head! For now I'll be content with my Ocean Depths stained screen, heh.
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    Aaaaaaannnnnd all done. Tightened up some shading and finished the base. Made the display base yesterday out of walnut. We're fussing around the house today, will pack tomorrow and set out for TX after work on Tuesday.
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    They released a picture of the first new mini
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    With the arrival of our sentinels, I put out all my dice on the game mat to see how many I had. My husband decided to do the same. Turns out he has one more set of dice than I do, as well as more miscellaneous dice. (Mine is on the right).
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    You get better the more you do. @Konas gave me a piece of advice when I started. Any painted mini is better than a not painted mini. 😃 There is a forum for mini painting you might like.
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    I occasionally go through bursts of solo gaming, either just to spend some time away from a screen or to try out new games. Some of my favorites to solo are: Zombicide - This is a "pick your flavor" kind of game, but I enjoy Black Plague/Green Horde. It takes up a ton of table space, and many of the missions are designed with higher survivor counts, so you have to be okay with controlling up to 6 characters with their own abilities, inventory, and tracker boards. If I'm down for a long solo game with minis and randomness of dice, I'll pull this one out. The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction - While the standard rules have players aiming for a certain number of points to end the game, the solo option is more of a high score race against yourself. The objective is to build as many atomic bombs in only one play through of the deck. Several of the cards have different rules for solo mode, but these are printed on the cards themselves, so there's not a ton of referencing the rules over and over to make sure you're doing the right thing in solo. I've enjoyed tracking my score each play and seeing if I can beat it (or at least match a particularly high one). This is an inexpensive game and plays pretty quickly solo, so its easy to get in more than one game if you enjoy it. Black Orchestra - This is one I picked up just a couple of months ago, but I've played it several times solo already. The ultimate goal is to carry out a plot to remove Hitler from power within Nazi Germany either before or during World War 2. This involves forming a plot, gathering the items or intelligence needed, and then meeting the requirements to carry out the plot. It's a tense game with a heavy theme, but there's quite a sense of accomplishment when you finally win. Duel in the Dark - I'm not sure how available this one is, but it's a fun game of a British bomber heading to a target within German-occupied Europe. In solo, many of the advanced rules are stripped out, so it's pretty light. I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, but these are always fun!
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    Maybe I need a 'spend MY money thread..." Damn it @Konas
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    Solid video game. A modern classic. Again I have hang ups with licensed board games. Games rethemed I am okay with....but playing a board game version of another product usually freezes me out.
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    Today's selfie. At the center marking table
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    I will not divulge what I did to get such favor, but I was gifted something from @Konas' private collection. Holy Hannah!!! It's made out of Pink Heart!!! (He knows that I'm addicted to pink ivory.) There is skant few things sexier than a man that can handcraft his own RPG character storage for a specific campaign! If he had otter dice, I'd be in big trouble.
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    Anyone doing Dragoncon this year? It's coming up fast!
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    @RomyCat, From the thank you email for Etherfields.
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    I have a squeal number. If the price of the game is over that squeal number, I don't pledge. That squeal number is different for different types of games. For example, a card game will have a smaller squeal number than a board that has a fun theme, which is lower than a full on rpg like experience that AI driven. For me, to pledge a game, it must have: replayable unless it's a legacy type game thematic number of players. 2 player games don't hold much interest. Good solo play is a plus. tickles me Some of the card games I have are: gorus maximus, side effects, coup, bears vs babies. bvb was the most expensive. I don't remember the price, but the furry box is a hoot. It must be easy to setup, and encourage verbal interactions like (I hate you so much right now). Squeal number is around $30 Some of the cheaper games I have are Bridges to nowhere, Deja Vu, Fire in the Library, Lucidity. They tend to be filler games we use when waiting for someone to show up or the other table to finish up. It's got to be fun, easy to set up, allows for conversation. Squeal number is around $45. Some of the mid level games like Grimm Forest, Photosynthesis, Fallen Angel, Stone Age, Gugong, Roll Player, Lords of Water Deep, and Euphoria (2 thumbs up!!!) Squeal number under $100. Some of my higher quality/scale games: Dino Genics, Lisboa, Escape Plan. High quality components and has massive possibilities strategy wise. Squeal number $150. Then there are the big kahunas with minis to paint and an emersive experience. Some of the ones I have: Nemesis, Massive Darkness, Gloomhaven, Village Attacks, and 7th Continent. Squeal number is under $350.
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    I have Clans of Caledonia and during my first play considered it an instant classic Euro. Great game. Most likely I will put it on the 10x10 Challenge next year. Its many components are awesome. My one complaint is there is no option to sweep the market and get new orders. Neither my sister or I like to take orders where you kill an animal for meat, so we kept avoiding those. But when almost all of them are meat orders, we become very stuck. So we finally homeruled that if you pay money, then you can sweep the market. Some other games have that rule such as Monarch. I thing we settled on the price of 3 gold per sweep.
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    You all are making me want a haunted house screen now. So many cool options and ideas...
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    I know I’m biased but I think you can play around more with your steampunk look. You always sell through it when you have that kind of stuff and you do it so rarely.
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    Hint, hint @Zoe, @Zoxe and @Adam.
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    Consider donating games to your local library.
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    I was just about to post about that one. Damn that's nice! If I wasn't already getting a Rainbow version....!
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    This would go great with my watermelon shield, but how may sentinels does a gal need...
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    Another Kickstarter arrived only a couple left to arrive. I only have tiny epic tactics and Humblewood left unfulfilled. I don't back nearly as much as alot of you lol.
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    This is my first post of it...It needed a background worthy of it. 😜
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    I got Snowdonia in today, and I must say I was blown away by it. First off, the box is huge....like in Gloomhaven huge. The box is about the same height, but a bit shorter in length. The components inside....wow. Plastic trays, elegant boxes to hold cards, extra baggies I didn't need because almost everything fit in the trays. Three booklets. The wooden tokens are amazing. Both their shapes and silk screen really shine. One green meeple was broken. I might can glue it back, but I might ask for a replacement. While I wish it was not broken, I'm not upset by it. Accidents happen during production. Again, I'm blown away by the overall quality of the game.
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    Given up on: Darkness Sabotage Whelps to Wyrms Waiting on: Tradewars - a year late from estimated delivery Galaxy of Trian - a year late from estimated delivery Legends of Sleepy Hollow - 9 months past estimated delivery Nemesis - 2nd wave Socerer City - 8 months past estimated delivery Snowdonia Planetarium: Primordial - 5 months past estimated delivery Tidal Blades Assassin's Creed Tainted Grail Vindication - have tracking number Maximum Apocalypse expansion/big box/minis On Mars Fuji Koro DoubleSix dice Dice Charger by Q Workshop Animal Adventures: tales of cats and catacombs (minis) Raid on the Temple of Serpents (minis) Roll Player: friends and familiars Dinogenics expansion Etherfields Live: Trudvang
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    I would too. Unfortunately, I have to close the house up before dusk because some millenial will start a fire and fill my house up with smoke.
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    I just got my shipping notice from Vindication!
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    @Konas I know “expensive” is in the eye of the beholder. The idea of value and what comes in a game I think plays a significant role in determining if a game is expensive for what it offers. the other thing to keep in mind is that I think a NON gamer has a lower price point threshold than a gamer largely due to mass produced games. Fortunately because gaming is becoming more popular that’s changing but it still exists. those points in mind...if looking exclusively at price point I think this range applies to me. 10-20 budget friendly value game 20-35 in expensive 35-60 sweet spot 60-80 pricier...but if the value can be justified by component quality or quantity of gameplay I’m in 80+ expensive...again can be justified ive backed games across the spectrum and have several in that 80 plus category. Just feels like everyone wants to be operating in that space these days. I hope it doesn’t become a trend and the gaming hobby doesn’t create a stigma that any game less than 50 or 60 isn’t a good game. I don’t feel that way right now but it’s pointing there.
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    Looks like I have something to do tonight once kids are in bed!!
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    Ha, I cannot stand the smell of weed, and would never subject my case to anything that stinky. I /do/ have an older copy of Illumuniati that would fit in a case--it's just cards, tokens, and the instructions! Plus I have a ton of Disney pins that are just kind of laying loose right now...Yeah, I think I have some ideas now. Thanks all!
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    Please get it!!!! It's so good and it's SO CUTE. I'm obsessed with the components. Lots of little cuties!!! It seems like it would be more complex, too, but it ended up being more straight forward than I expected. Maybe because each clan can specialize on its own thing, so you aren't too overwhelmed. There's also a bit of a stock market angle in a couple ways, which is super cool. Don't see that often and I loved it. Playing it just the two of us, though, I think we could see how playing it with 3-4 could make it almost a different game. I'm excited to play it with some others at some point and see what it's like.
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    Very sorry about your lost. I have enjoyed seeing pictures of Pacha supervising your games. As a slave to cats myself, I know how it feels to be constantly watched and commanded by felines. And I"ve lost some beloved ones over the years. Its very painful. Thanks for sharing memories and pictures of Pacha on this thread.
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    Yes, routers are scary beasts. Most power tools should scare the crap outta you. That's a good mindset to have in any shop. For me, its the bandsaw. We have had 4 injuries in the total life of DMG, 3 were on the bandsaw. Luckily, nothing too serious so far. Nice forstner bit work on the mini trays. Those can be hard to line up well.
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