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    Guys....I have to say....Dog Might Games are truly the best. I mean, their products are one thing, but the PEOPLE that work there are what really set them apart to me. I think these are some of the best guys and gals in the world that I've never met. Here's the story....Awhile back I contacted another friend that I have never met, Richard Breese (designer of many incredible euro games) . Richard's games ooze charm and whimsicalness (not sure that was a word but it didn't tell me it was wrong so I think I'm good). Underneath the charm, are some of the most clever, tightly woven mechanics in game design. For those who don't know Richard is credited with creating the first worker placement game. Not only that, he is an active member in the BGG community and just is one of the coolest all around guys I've ever had the pleasure to converse with. Awhile back, he even contacted me to tell me that he was mentioning MY name on his newest game box with a link to my review of Keyflower. Keyflower is my favorite game of all time, by far. I literally think its an almost perfect design. I have played the game now 1500 times. Crazy right.... Well, back to the story...I contacted Richard to ask if I could have DMG make me a box for Keyflower. It should be stated up front that I specifically told Richard this was a one time box unless he ever wanted to contact DMG about pursuing other ideas in the future. He was more than glad to oblige, probably because I am such a big fan and I've been active in the forums, especially with my review. Dog Might worked hard on the box, especially Shane. I want to say THANK YOU SHANE. You are a master my friend and I don't say that lightly. You may think when I look at the box that I don't notice all of the work you put into that box, but I DO!!! Believe me, I do! I understand that the measurements involved in making such a treasured piece work so perfectly were probably a pain sometimes and you really did a perfect job on this. I want you to know that I notice all of the little details in your work. The cuts, the icons, the sanding, the finishing...its all perfect. I couldn't have imagined a better looking box. I was blown away Shane. You will probably not see this, but hopefully someone at DMG will let you read this. You have made something for me that I hope to pass down for generations. It's a timeless game, and I think my family will love breaking out the Keyflower box many times. The memories that will be at the table...and your box will be there. I'm gushing...people reading think I'm overdoing it but I don't care because I mean every word. Some people play a game a few times...move on to the next thing. I have 250 games on my shelf. I could get rid of 249 and never bat an eye. I love this game and I love this box you made to hold it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Shane (and anyone else that had a hand in making this). By the way, I appreciated your note, and if its not apparent, yes I do think the box is beautiful. Now back to why I said DMG has some of the best people in the world. DMG contacted me recently to tell me my box had been finished. I was super pumped. I had known they would get to it when they could...that was the understanding from the beginning as I made clear I was in no rush to get this box. Michael contacted me saying it was ready. I contacted him back saying GREAT! So EXCITED! CAN'T WAIT!!!! but...............my daughter had to have heart surgery the exact week he contacted me. Bills, bills, bills...yada, yada, yada. All of that jazz. I told them to wait on shipping it and I would pay them as soon as I could......They shipped the box to me anyway and told me that I could take care of payment later...to take care of my daughter and not sweat it. Now, I have bought a good amount of product from them and they know that I am good for the $ but STILL....what company does that sort of thing this day in age? It's so rare and uncommon. They have such an old school business style ...treat people like you want to be treated They even back products with their Kickass guarantee. And a guarantee is only as good as the word of person making the guarantee. I have surfed through hundreds of comments about DMG. Any time a customer is not satisfied, they work it out and make the customer happy. I have never read a customer say, "DMG didn't stand by their guarantee". They ALWAYS do. They have for me in the past when I wanted things finished a little better on a piece. I could seriously go on and but thank you Dog Might. You guys are the best. And just so everyone knows...the heart surgery went beautifully. Best doctor in the world and many prayers were answered. We are still working out bills and stuff but it was nice that someone was willing to do something so kind during such a stressful time in our lives.
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    It's been a while.. so here are some of the latest pieces of my DMG collection. The Macassar XL Some of my artifact dice order -- a cocobolo d10 And a redheart boulder d20 My demon's blood token shield And lastly - the burnt orange with brown dragonhide deck jacket - Really happy with how this finish came out
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    Ding Dong! DMG box at the door!!! They weren't kidding when they called my cedar Sentinel aromatic. I moved the first fold of bubblewrap and I was enveloped with the sweet smell of cedar. Leopardwood dragon wallet. Still debating whether this will be a gift or I keep it for myself.
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    Finally got a chance to get some pics of my Coco. The Chechen is beautiful, and the Redheart sammich top looks amazing too. This was definitely worth the wait!
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    Got this Friday, but I was at con. Just got back an hour or so ago, and here's some pictures I took
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    I saw this screen today..not sure who did it but I dig it.
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    A stain i did Friday. Ended up looking similar to (but not as cool as) Jeremy's orc screen.
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    I was fortunate enough to do some gaming after work with Carmel, Donnie, Travis and Paris. I had a blast. I was apprehensive about playing a rpg but Carmel was a great DM so I had an experience I won't soon forget. I hope everybody here in the forum is having a good week so far. What kinds of games do you enjoy?
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    So this weekend we drove out into the foothills looking for cool pictures I can sell. I saw this really cool shot of the riverbend (picture #1), so we stopped the car and walked back to the spot. I was getting the camera ready as I walked and accidentally hit the button, taking a picture of who knew what. I figured I would delete it later. I got home and uploaded the pictures, forgetting about the oopsie. Turns out that "oopsie" was a cool shot of the hills with a few fair weather cumulus in a blue sky. Also turned out to be straight by some sheer luck. Picture #2 is my accidental picture.
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    So many great pics here! I love the contrasts on that kingwood token shield. I just came back from Origins with a lovely little pile of 4 card stands from DMG's $5 shelf! I'm looking forward to using them when I get my Betrayal at House on the Hill Legacy game going. The bolivian rosewood on the bottom is one I ordered a few months back, and the new bubinga one matches it perfectly, but the others are all slightly different shapes and sizes. It's pretty cool - I guess card stands are a good teaching tool for apprentices and/or good for experiments. Also - what wood is the big one on top? It's super dark red, with a couple thick black stripes running through it. Could it be an unusually dark and stripe-y piece of padauk?
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    I've been enjoying my summer. And spending a lot of time working on painting minis. Here is some of my work. This is my most challenging piece to date. It came in five pieces. Its the first miniature I had to glue together. Then I had to buy a special putty to fix the cracks. Then I bought 3 metallic paints to use on it. It's become my "Flame and Joy" piece. My sister gave me the elf for Christmas. I bought the other two pieces. They look like they belong together. I love my portal. Can't wait to use it in a RPG secion. I worked a long time on this one, putting more and more shades of green on it. The final results is a monster I don't (and do) want to meet inside a game.
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    I was a trombone player from Jr high through HS. 😁
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    Today I worked on some beautiful walnut Adventure cases. During lunch Trenton Donnie Shane and I had a disc golf putting contest. It was a good day
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    The Arkham Horror storage. Kingwood token shield and Canarywood card holder.
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    Mrs. Zoxe just snagged this one. Her 2nd DMG weapon - she can now dual wield!
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    So, I have been messing around with making some terrain out of polystyrene. Love to hear your thoughts. I really dig it. It feels so much less risky than painting a mini. Its great filler painting.
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    I will be posting pictures of things I find interesting in my day to day activities at Dog Might. I will answer any questions to the best of my ability. I hope you enjoy seeing the fun things that go on from my perspective
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    I hope everyone is having a good week so far...over the hump..here comes the weekend. I have band rehearsal tonight (three piece rock type). Not sure if any of you are aware that I play in a band with @Bardacious Jeremy and have for a few years now. That is how I found my way to Dog Might. Do something fun tonight if the opportunity presents itself.
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    Clearcoat on amp housing today
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    Today someone got a special gift from @WxCougar and we recorded the reaction! IMG_1077.MOV
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    And Sawdust deserves all the gifts for all his hard work. Picking the best pieces in stock is a difficult job, but someone has to do it
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    How about a wand walking stick. Like Mr. Malfoy. Ha!
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    Actually, I do have a thought... could DMG make custom walking sticks if people asked? Or better yet "sword sticks" (where the blade is also wooden)? I had a character with one, but honestly, I sometimes feel like a good walking stick could benefit me out and about at cons with all the walking (I'm missing joints in my feet, and it means shock that'd be absorbed instead just travels all through the leg).
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    Chechen never looks bad 😁
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    So we met this guy at Paizocon who loved your screen. He also adored the dice towers we have and the wood dice. You may well be hearing from him soon. (For those who don't know this is Wayne Reynolds aka WAR). We got him to sign the screen
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    I love Gloomhaven. My sister and I have logged 27 games, I think. We have been wanting to get it out and play again soon. The issue with owning too many games. So many I want to play...but time is limited. Also another reason to buy less games. I've only back 3 Kickstarters this year, and only 1 was a game. So far, I've only bought 6 new games and one expansion this year. Two where cheap ones using a gift card. Another was half price at Dirt Cheap. And yet another was a cheap used one from a friend. I'm still tracking everything at: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/248934/item/6599422#item6599422 Overall, I'm doing very well, far better than the last few years.
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    A dice chest from the original dice chest KS campaign. One which the Mike's graciously rebuilt for me maybe a year ago, when I asked if they could fix the fact that the pedestals didn't quite sit right, and that the metal emblem was discolored. Here's the re-built one - I don't think I have a pic of the original posted.
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    I don't think you'll be disappointed with Wingspan. I've been playing that one more than anything else lately. AND, I finally beat the Automa for the first time last night in a nail biter, it was 80-79. Took me a bit to start getting a feel for it, for the longest time I could not get more than like 65 points. For being as light as it is in complexity, it still has enough going for it that you don't get bored.
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    Wow, that is the lowest I have ever seen the game. Good thing I already own it or I would be tempted to grab it. A few days ago I say an link on BGG to "pre-order" Wingspan for $55 on Amazon. I ordered it. Within an hour the price was back up to $80 plus $16 shipping. I have been watching it price jump back and forth form month. Decided to get it while it was briefly an its base price.
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    And I agree with you both about the wood - and it doesn't even need to be 'chaotic' really. But I like the exceptional pieces - things like the more 'caramel' BoRo, or some really interesting lines in Bocote, etc. Bubinga was actually my first intro to DMG, so will always be a special wood too. For the stains - I definitely like the more 'multi-colored' stains. I think it's kind of the same reason for my reaction with the woods -- I like the greater variation/differences. If it's too homogeneous, it just feels less interesting.
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    Dani put a clearcoat on my amp housing today getting closer to completion. Its Mahogony and Bubinga with a red oak stained ash exterior
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    @Aurah Christian I really like Bubinga. I used a beautiful piece of it on the front of my guitar amp housing. My favorite stain I've done is the dragon fire dice chest. I really haven't had much time staining at Dog Might so I still don't have the processes down for the signature stains. I really do like Ebony on ash though. I was a big fan of the neon punk dice chest , but I don't know who did that one. Jeremy did an orc screen not long ago that I really enjoyed. @WxCougar I love the busier more chaotic pieces of wood as well.
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    @RomyCat I enjoy it a lot. I will qualify that by saying that I enjoy the theme as I have a number of bird feeders outside my house. It's simple yet still has enough strategy to it that it's not mindless. I taught it to my mom who's not a big gamer and she enjoyed it. It's not the greatest game ever created as some posts would have you believe, but I'm not at all disappointed in my purchase. As a matter of fact, I'm headed to my dining room now to give it a solo play.
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    p.s. The large hail missed Minneapolis! 💃
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    You are welcome Sawdust! @Lindsey sorry for my poor writing skills :).
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    More cat art @RomyCat. Gold fish of harmony. LOL
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    Yes it is - thank you to you and your team for all the hard work on it.
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    This is a week late, but I got my annuals planted FINALLY. Some SunPatiens, Begonias, Verbena and Astor.
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    I am fairly sure my husband will want a Khopesh if one happens.
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    All this talk of melting, modge podge, and final fixative is making me really want to try this. But alas, I won't get out of the yard for a while.
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    I think you guys should have a hall of fame wall in the shop with a matrix of pictures. Across the top, have the craftspeople. Down the columns have some pictures of their best work. I think they would like that.
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    Thanks for the kind words and so happy to hear the surgery went well. Its supporters like you that make it easy for us and makes it all worthwhile!
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    Looks awesome. There's no substitute for that new-DMG smell!
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    Apparently my pergola is a highly desirable destination. I just watched a squirrel trying to do his thing on the pergola, but was chased away by a pecking mama mallard duck. They went back and forth for about 5 minutes. Theater at 6 am. I can't tell if she's nesting or if she just spent the night there and is a cranky riser. She obviously blends in quite nicely for now, but once the vine wakes up, she'll stick out like a sore thumb. Apparently my going in and out of the house was too unsettling for the robin as she abandoned the nest she started. You can see what's left of it at the bottom of the picture. Note: shot through a screen and a window that hasn't been cleaned yet this spring.
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