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    Hey, I know that skirmish box! Wow - I knew about the hardness of the wood, didn't know about the oil nature of it though. Very interesting @Konas. I'm glad you found a solution for it because I love the look and feel of BoRo. BoRo is definitely among my favorite woods you use (along with redheart, bubinga and bocote).
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    Yaaaaay you came over! Welcome to the dark side we have tri tip! (Arianna from KS comments here.) Lolol casting votes is very much reasonable and you’ll have a pumpkin/pickle in agreement most likely. 😂
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    This was amazing! Thanks for putting it together. I backed a Bolivian Rosewood hero sleeve in the KS a while back simply because I loved the look. I'm now even more pumped to one day hold it in my hands! Incidentally.. I love the whole series! Might I cast a vote to do Bocote next? Edit: First post! This will be the beginning of a glorious disas.., uh, future. Yes yes.