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    This is what happened to me. My husband got me addicted to minis (and dice). I hope to do more painting this year. I did none last year.
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    Which is why the first figures I've been painting have been from Myth rather than my KD:M minis.
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    That's fantastic work. I can't believe I missed this. If I get gud at mini painting this is the first board game I'm going to get done.
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    Dang, I totally want to paint my Zombicide minis, but my wife already thinks I'm a nerd, she might totally disown me if I start painting minis. Though maybe I can trick her into doing a couple of them and get her hooked first..... Hmm... She loves dragons and we got the Zombie Dragons with Green Horde... could make a good entry into the dark side for her...
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    Definitely took a mother fuckin picture of that post. *clink* worth it
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    I am surprised. The figure is much more bold on this one. Usually our tastes align. Oh well. Let me just finish by saying....you are totally wrong.😃
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    I really dig how the mix of the routed edge and the live edge make the base feel like something ancient.
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