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    Dog Might Games is excited to announce our newest game title Labyrinthos! Greetings Young Warriors of Athens, On this day, you have been given the honor of entering our city's labyrinth as part of an annual sacrifice which is meant to satisfy the monstrous Minotaur that lives inside. Now this may seem like a dark and twisted fate, but there could still be a glimmer of hope for one of you brave souls. According to legend, the great inventor Daedalus hid a set of powerful keys inside his ever-changing walls and that whoever can find them will unlock the secret to escaping … so long as the Minotaur does not find them first. Labyrinthos is a fast paced, dungeon tile game, where you and up to 3 friends must explore a dangerous and ever changing maze. To win you must be the first to find all four hidden keys, evade the Minotaur that hunts you, and escape to freedom. But be warned! Every time you find a key it will change you in unexpected ways... Look for Labyrinthos coming to KS soon!
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    Cool, 'cause they will have game's pictures with my CoCo on BGG, BGR and EBG soon.
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    Mike at Dog Might Games has sent you a package
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    Better pictures may help the guessing Didn't realize the one I posted was so blurry
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    More Trudvang minis! The expression on the pig is awesome. His name is Sheik, by the way.
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    Updating my list. VAST: TMM arrived today, meaning I'm done with another campaign. (Other things crossed off were reported last month). Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress - Awaiting final addons Kingdom Death: Need waves 3, 4, and (if applicable) 5 Zombicide Invader Vast: The Mysterious Manner Freeblades: Thrakansor, Dragon of Fire (Figure and addon for scenarios) - Ahead of schedule, will pickup at Gencon Freeblades: Snakes and Skulls: New starter armies for new factions - Ahead of schedule, will pickup at Gencon Shadows of Brimstone Adventures Root: the Underworld Expansion I also received my DMG Dice Tower today! Will take pictures tomorrow when the light is better.
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    I have recently returned from a nice family vacation to Boston and New Hampshire, but while I was on vacay, our BGG group purchase of Snowdonia arrived to the guy who spearheaded the whole thing. This is what he received...
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    I saw this screen today..not sure who did it but I dig it.
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    Dani put a clearcoat on my amp housing today getting closer to completion. Its Mahogony and Bubinga with a red oak stained ash exterior
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