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    Not a game but my strange science minis arrived today. 3 different love craft minis 4 star spawn puppy minis 1 Einstein Mini 1 Edgar Allan Poe mini
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    I have a squeal number. If the price of the game is over that squeal number, I don't pledge. That squeal number is different for different types of games. For example, a card game will have a smaller squeal number than a board that has a fun theme, which is lower than a full on rpg like experience that AI driven. For me, to pledge a game, it must have: replayable unless it's a legacy type game thematic number of players. 2 player games don't hold much interest. Good solo play is a plus. tickles me Some of the card games I have are: gorus maximus, side effects, coup, bears vs babies. bvb was the most expensive. I don't remember the price, but the furry box is a hoot. It must be easy to setup, and encourage verbal interactions like (I hate you so much right now). Squeal number is around $30 Some of the cheaper games I have are Bridges to nowhere, Deja Vu, Fire in the Library, Lucidity. They tend to be filler games we use when waiting for someone to show up or the other table to finish up. It's got to be fun, easy to set up, allows for conversation. Squeal number is around $45. Some of the mid level games like Grimm Forest, Photosynthesis, Fallen Angel, Stone Age, Gugong, Roll Player, Lords of Water Deep, and Euphoria (2 thumbs up!!!) Squeal number under $100. Some of my higher quality/scale games: Dino Genics, Lisboa, Escape Plan. High quality components and has massive possibilities strategy wise. Squeal number $150. Then there are the big kahunas with minis to paint and an emersive experience. Some of the ones I have: Nemesis, Massive Darkness, Gloomhaven, Village Attacks, and 7th Continent. Squeal number is under $350.
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    For a big game, I'm waiting for the launch of Nouvelle-France this fall.
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    I have Sleeping Gods (for now anyway - note: about 1 in 3 pledges end up getting cancelled), Trudvang Legends (CMON), and Etherfields (AR). Etherfields with expansions, sleeves, and sundrop paint will probably require selling a kidney, but it checks ALL the boxes. Trudvang Legends has the push your luck mechanic that is right in my wheelhouse, a theme I don't have yet.
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    @Konas I know “expensive” is in the eye of the beholder. The idea of value and what comes in a game I think plays a significant role in determining if a game is expensive for what it offers. the other thing to keep in mind is that I think a NON gamer has a lower price point threshold than a gamer largely due to mass produced games. Fortunately because gaming is becoming more popular that’s changing but it still exists. those points in mind...if looking exclusively at price point I think this range applies to me. 10-20 budget friendly value game 20-35 in expensive 35-60 sweet spot 60-80 pricier...but if the value can be justified by component quality or quantity of gameplay I’m in 80+ expensive...again can be justified ive backed games across the spectrum and have several in that 80 plus category. Just feels like everyone wants to be operating in that space these days. I hope it doesn’t become a trend and the gaming hobby doesn’t create a stigma that any game less than 50 or 60 isn’t a good game. I don’t feel that way right now but it’s pointing there.
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    Here are some of my latest creations. The two warriors and the pirate with the chest are from beginner Reaper minatures that I've had sitting around for over a year and finally decided to paint them.
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