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    I have a love for the video game series Darksiders and I just found out that they are coming out with another game this year (a prequel game). One of the collector packs comes with a board game with a lot of miniatures. https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/08/01/limited-edition-of-darksiders-genesis-includes-exclusive-board-game-darksiders-the Sooooo tempting.
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    Not a game but my strange science minis arrived today. 3 different love craft minis 4 star spawn puppy minis 1 Einstein Mini 1 Edgar Allan Poe mini
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    Nice meeples. I guess I have Dr Pol on the brain.
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    Why are their weiner dogs on your brass board?
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    Drooling & jealous of those nocturnal dice!
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    I actually remember a few of us talking about what a beautiful piece of wood that was. I'm glad it went to a good home
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    I know - I'm just really disappointed this went up when I was out of town without internet access. I think this is the first piece I'm really TRULY jealous over -- There's been things like Adam's Pau Rosa die, or that BoRo dragon that I've thought were beautiful. But I think this is the first piece that I would have snap-bought if I'd been around - but that I didn't even get a chance at. I think I may be starting to understand how @tgpumpkin feels.
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    Etherfields was originally going to be a mini collection for painters. @RomyCat and @WxCougar, you're going to like some of the details...
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    @RomyCat, These look good. You've got wood down! Consider more liberal usage of washes. I put washes on just about everything. They really bring out the details.
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    Here are some of my latest creations. The two warriors and the pirate with the chest are from beginner Reaper minatures that I've had sitting around for over a year and finally decided to paint them.
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    Oohohoh! I don't know if this counts as a new game, BUT. Yesterday was my fiance's 30th birthday and one of his gifts was Clans of Caledonia! So we immediately broke that out and did a game just the two of us. After just one play, this might be my new favorite euro. For each round, you go back and forth for every player until EVERYONE eventually passes. So you have endless actions/turns within a round, even if everyone else has passed. You can keep going until you pass, then things will continue. Usually you get to a point where you can't take any more actions because you're out of money, but I like being able to exhaust all of my options and build things up to the max before moving on. I get real sad with a lot of other euros because I don't get to quite do everything I wanted to do! Then at the end of the game scoring, my real jam here is that you aren't forced/rewarded for diversifying. You can specialize and do just as well. None of the extra bonus points are about having variety (cough cough Agricola). I really like being The Sheep Guy or whatever. In this game, I got the clan that specializes in aging whiskey, so that was awesome. And on that, you aren't just collecting sheep or cows... They produce wool or milk, and then you can make the milk into cheese, etc. You aren't just collecting grain, you're turning it into bread or whiskey, etc. I love that way more than just "haha I had 4 sheep and 4 cows and you only had 7 cows and 0 sheep so I get more points". Yanno??? Highly recommend if you guys don't already have it, lol. I don't know how old it is - I know it's in BGG's top 100 at the moment and has been.
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    Village Attacks! 2nd to last mob time 8. A LOT of putzy details, and hard to reach places. Note: Mrs. Fisher's sister photobombing...
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