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    I own 3 of those on your Shelf of Shame: Founders of Gloomhaven, Rise of Tribes, and Dinogenics. I have played all of them. Founders of Gloomhaven is fun in the beginning, but both my sister and I get confused and frustrated when building 3 tier buildings. You have to backtrack through 2 other layers of buildings to figure out how to properly split the points for the Tier 3 buildings, which often leads to math debates. While I love the concept of the game, I just wished it was easier to figure out the math part. We could handle the Tier 2 math ok, just its too much for Tier 3. Dinogenics I played twice. Liked it. But my sister added Dinosaur Island to our 10x10 challenge this year, so when we play a dinosaur theme game, Dinogeics is overlooked for now. So much so, that I passed on buying its expansion. I do plan to get back to playing Dinogenics, but we have to complete the DI 10 plays first. Rise of Tribes I love. Another game on our 10x10 Challenge. Its been very successful when I take it to Gaming Meetups. I think I need to only play it 2 more times this year to finish its part in the challenge. I won't admit how many games on on my own shelf...but it has been growing lately with new Kickstarters coming in.
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    Here's a quick little video of our shop. New camera. We will get better with it. Try not to vomit from the movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkgj2iJtkxI&feature=youtu.be
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