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    The board game goddess is a fickle bit*.
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    Here's a shot of the game about midway through.
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    I taught my nephew and his wife Scythe on Friday night. My wife won, as per usual.
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    You should check out the tread on Viking advice. You'd fit right in.
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    I have a fair shot at winning if she doesn't draw Polania! But every time she gets that faction my wife just steam rolls me! The only hope you have against Polania is to attack the hell out of Anna whenver she is within striking distance. No mercy. Mercy is for the weak!
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    Every time I have played Scythe I have been Polania and I totally agree with you. Action economy is huge in that game and getting extras is HUGE, as it would be in most games.
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    I was the Nordic Kingdom (blue). My wife was the (in my opinion) kind of game breaking Polania Republic (white). I really feel that most of the game is pretty well balanced except for Anna's special ability. Being able to take two options on the encounter cards is pretty OP and can quickly upset the balance of the game's economy. I wasn't in a great position to stop her and the other two players were brand new so they had no idea what Anna/Polania is capable of. The sad part is, we selected our boards randomly and the whole time I was just praying that my wife wouldn't get Polania. But, she did. 🙄
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    Lindsey is making some rule edits right now. She will post an update later this afternoon or tomorrow morning with the new stuff. Hold until then! PS. Welcome to our forums!!!! Good to have ya!
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    Have you heard about the Dog Might Playtesting Forums? On these forums playtesters get to play and impact the designs of future Kick Ass Games. Before you decide to volunteer and jump into all the action please take time to go over all the rules for playtesting with Dog Might. Failure to follow these rules while participating in a playtest will result in removal from the playtest forums and banning from future playtests (don't worry we give warnings first). 1. Be Excellent To One Another- This is the simplest rule but the biggest reason people get removed from the forums. Sometimes people disagree on design choices and actions that should be taken. That's fine and we want to encourage those types of discussions, but there's never a need to make someone feel bad about themselves or their ideas. We will not tolerate harassment or bullying of any kind on these forums. Like the Hammer of Thor our moderators shall find you and deliver sweet justice in the form of warnings or removal. 2. Don't share pics of the games anywhere outside these forums- When we get new art or minis for a game I'll always post them right away for everyone to enjoy. But when those images or pics of the prototypes get out into the wild it really steals our thunder. Plus you signed an NDA so...don't make me work any harder than I have to. 3. All ideas and opinions are heard...but not always acted on- Our lead testers and designers see and hear all, but that doesn't mean we always take immediate action. Hell, sometimes we decided to stick with a decision that some play testers disagree with. We have a very good reason for doing so, and you have to trust us. Posting the same points over and over after we have made a call on something slows down development and makes the playtest less fun for all involved. 4. Have fun!- This is all about playing games. If you are not having fun, something is wrong. Please let us know so we can figure out what. If you want to join the Dog Might Playtest Team please email Lindsey at lindsey@dogmight.com. All Playtesters are required to sign an NDA. You can see what playtests are currently available in the Welcome Playtesters section. Thanks so much for thinking about joining our team! Dog Might
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