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    I love Gloomhaven. My sister and I have logged 27 games, I think. We have been wanting to get it out and play again soon. The issue with owning too many games. So many I want to play...but time is limited. Also another reason to buy less games. I've only back 3 Kickstarters this year, and only 1 was a game. So far, I've only bought 6 new games and one expansion this year. Two where cheap ones using a gift card. Another was half price at Dirt Cheap. And yet another was a cheap used one from a friend. I'm still tracking everything at: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/248934/item/6599422#item6599422 Overall, I'm doing very well, far better than the last few years.
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    Sooooo gooooouuuuurrrrrrrddddddd
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    Love frisbee golf. We need to pull our discs out and play. Bought some organization things for Arkham Horror, then realized they won't fit afterward. Luckily Dominion will so will try again today. Also have a dress rehearsal today for our concert tomorrow. The composer of the piece we are premiering is here so that is pretty cool. He gave a talk yesterday about his work in the movie business (Laurence Nash Groupe).
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    The components and production are definitely unlike any other game I have.
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    I have heard much about Too Many Bones. I would love to play the game, to see if I would like to buy it. It is on the expensive side, but it is suppose to have very high quality production.
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