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    You guys need to find a better pizza place. Those are some sad looking pizza.
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    There's that beauty again. A little too rich for my blood.
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    Ding Dong! DMG box at the door!!! They weren't kidding when they called my cedar Sentinel aromatic. I moved the first fold of bubblewrap and I was enveloped with the sweet smell of cedar. Leopardwood dragon wallet. Still debating whether this will be a gift or I keep it for myself.
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    I twice got concussions and didn't realize it until many days later. Both times I had no memory of when the injury happened, but after looking at the clues, I am very certain one happened at night when I was sleepy got up and the 2nd time I may have hit my head on the back of my keyboard tray at my desk. I now keep bottles of water by my bed at night to cut down on sleep walking. The first time it happened, I noticed I was strangely feeling dizzy at work for several days. I developed a terrible headache /neckache. I searched online for possible causes. Saw concussion come up in the Google search and I promptly dismissed it. If I had been physical injured surely I would know it. Neck and head pain become worst. Should I go to the doctor? Back to the internet I went while at work. I finally read about concussions. Saw that it is actually normal to not have a memory of the impact. I finally put the clues together. I had lately noticed I had a chipped tooth. Didn't know why. It just suddenly showed up. And my cheek had been cut from the inside. When I put all the dates together, and read that the head pain may not start until several days after the impact, I finally understood what happened. I searched my goggle memories of being half asleep and heading to the bathroom. My best guest of what happened based on the clues was that I was walking towards the bathroom. Maybe tripped over a cat or was just clumsy and lost my balance. My head hit a table, chipping a tooth and the tooth cutting into my cheek. I don't remember hitting a table, but I have the faintest of memories of my hand roughly grabbing a table and my finger hurting (at least I think its a real memory. I'm not 100% sure). It's totally weird to be injured and not remember how it happened. I felt like a detective trying to investigate clues to put the whole picture together. Once I finally figured out I was dealing with an concussion, I was able to relax, at least mentally. I didn't go to the doctor, but spent a lot of time in bed the next few days relaxing (and watching TV). And I keep a water bottle by my bed.
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    Today at Dog might maker day I worked on my guitar amp housing and practiced wood staining
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    I came of age in the early 90s, so music of the day is firmly in the grunge/alternative era. Foo Fighters, Nirvana, TOOL, and Stone Temple Pilots. I always wanted to learn some Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, but a lot of their stuff is in weird tunings and I'm too lazy to change. 😉 I still have the guitars on display, but haven't played seriously in 10 years. Jackson strat clone, ESP Viper, Gibson SG, Epiphone Les Paul, and a Chinese knockoff SG. In my closet is my grandfather's early 50s Gibson acoustic. He played in a bluegrass band when my mom was little. Played guitar and fiddle until he passed. The last time I saw him alive he had that guitar in hand with a crowd around him. It passed to mom and she gave it to me.
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    I always tell them to go to Jet's instead but they don't wanna..
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    I am so proud of our woodworkers. They do an amazing job day in and day out. Also glad to see they are continuing some of our traditions. (pic below from the first week we got our first laser).
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    You'd think the teacher would have had a clue that there might be a problem when a good student writes out nonsense. I give that teacher an F.
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    A lot has changed in the last 10 years or so. Long gone are the days of "rub some dirt in it and go back out".
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    I had a bad one in fifth grade while playing tackle football. Took a quiz directly after and my writing was chicken scratch ( I thought it was funny that, despite being a good student, my teacher actually graded a quiz where every word I wrote was literally nonsense). I knew I was in trouble when I couldn't figure out how to ride my bike home. Got home and went right to bed. Next thing I know, I awoke about 30 hours later in the hospital. Evidently, I was sped in an ambulance, threw punches at my dad and older brothers, then let out a 20 minute burst of profanity at the doctors and nurses. Felt fine a couple of days later. Got back to school and every kid was concerned that we would get in trouble for playing tackle. I didn't snitch. Also, got the 'F' I received for my quiz expunged.😁
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    I've had a couple of them. The second one has left me with chronic vertigo.
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    Oh man!!! This is wild and I totally relate, hahaha. But whoo boy, I don't think I've ever had a concussion. My mom told me there was one time where I was sleep walking down into the basement. This was back in NY when we lived in an old game warden's house. The stairs were solid concrete and so was the basement floor. She saw me wobbling down and was terrified I was going to tumble down. Just lucky my mom liked to use the basement as her smoking & wine drinking spot as she wound down for bed! Hope that doesn't happen to you again, not just because of the stress, but concussions are not something to mess with!
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    I want to see the amp when it's all done. I don't consider myself a guitar player, but have been known to bang on them over the years. 3 tone sunburst is also my favorite.
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    Thanks Wxcougar . The pizza cutting was fun but Jeremiah didn't seem to enjoy the effect on the flavor.
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    The Arkham Horror storage. Kingwood token shield and Canarywood card holder.
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    Just became aware of this local tournament/convention for those in the lower Michigan area. http://michigangt.com/ We're considering going up for the Dropfleet play on Sunday.
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    You see the new releases from ukge
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    Dog Might maker day is an opportunity for us Viking Lumberjacks and apprentice Viking Lumberjacks to spend time outside of work hours to further our skills and knowledge. We have so much fun at Dog Might that we come in to hang out in our off time. I will be updating with pictures from future maker days.
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    @RomyCat I enjoy it a lot. I will qualify that by saying that I enjoy the theme as I have a number of bird feeders outside my house. It's simple yet still has enough strategy to it that it's not mindless. I taught it to my mom who's not a big gamer and she enjoyed it. It's not the greatest game ever created as some posts would have you believe, but I'm not at all disappointed in my purchase. As a matter of fact, I'm headed to my dining room now to give it a solo play.
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    Your terrain looks great. Perfect for a game.
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    That sci-fi mat @Serge Darveau looks awesome. @Adam, I've been thinking about buying Wingspan when its price levels out (its ridiculous what is has been going for on Amazon). How do you like the game? It's been nominated for Spiel des Jahres Game of the Year. Does it deserve the hype?
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    I knew you had gotten one of their burnt orange pieces - couldn't remember which one it was. Normally I like the natural wood look - but I've always liked the demon's blood fiery finish - and I really liked the burnt orange when they debuted it. So I was very pleased that they were willing to 'bring it back' as a special order.
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    Crap pizza founded by a meat chicken dropout. Sounds perfect for experimentation.
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    Barb the pizza was from dominos.lol i didnt plan on eating it..strictly for scientific purposes ;).
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    We may or may not have also used a laser to cut a pizza today
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    So our volunteer pumpkin plant produced another pumpkin plant this year. Survived the burn pile somehow. Now that we know its there we will stop piling the weeds/limbs in that spot.
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