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    Playing the Royal Game of Ur at Les Schwab. We got a flat and had to get the tire replaced. Good thing we have something to do with us :).
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    I went to a friend's house to play Mahjong on Saturday. In my regular groups of game players, I'm one of the oldest or the oldest. On Saturday, I was definitely the youngest. But that wasn't the only culture shock. Socialization was priority 1, eating was 2nd priority, and game playing was a distant third. At least at the table I was at. The other table played almost 4 games before my table completed 1, though they were teaching me the game. 7 games were completed on the other table, by the time we completed our 2nd one. 😬 But once I gave up caring about playing and had learned the rules, I had a lot of fun.
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    Absolutely! It was a blast. Survived the flight back :).
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    Note, the cow people were hard, but we survived! Epic boss fight with "not cleric" and "dancing guy". A ton of fun was had by all. Thank Konas! And thanks Zoe and Cameron for the party antics
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    All done! Hooray for Rainy Saturdays! More in-process pictures and more words here: https://zoxes.blogspot.com/2019/04/hot-off-desk-dropfleet-commander.html These guys will hit the table weekend-after-next as part of a tourney. Oh gawd, looking at the pictures just now I realized I didn't paint the launchers. Will take me 5 minutes. Sooo... not done but 99%
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    Ok - so haven't put any sealer on these yet.. but my first attempts at painting minis in probably over 30 years -- From the Reaper "skills" kit: I like how these turned out for the most part.. a few mistakes.. and definitely need to develop a steadier hand/better process to have a steady touch. Then tried using some of the techniques from that on some minis I had started prior to getting the kit. Definitely improved them, but I had gone a little too far for the stuff to be entirely effective. Still I think it definitely helped/taught me a few things.
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    Here is my mimic and our characters (Battle Chef and a Drow Rave Rogue) Just bought a screen for my husband for his birthday gift. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1otVGSFXsThdEd7BzeU_CRwYGotvsoooV/view?usp=sharing
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    Someone is having a lot of fun with his many meeples. 😤
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    Reporting in again. I have 3 Kickstarters backed at the moment. Only one is a board game, so technically I'm on target for my New Year's Resolution. Besides the game Roam, I'm backing Animal Adventures which is minis and The Dungeon which is modular boards for rpg. They are game accessories.....so surely I'm okay. 😓
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    Thanks for the link. I'm checking it out now. Wow, has different shades from different angles. Great for painting fairies. Sounds intriguing. Also found on Amazon the DecroArt color that @Serge Darveau posted.
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    I love the woman's dress. So shiny. I need to get that blue shiny effect on a water element mini from Quodd Heroes. I have been pondering how to pull that off.
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    My mom's grandfather did the same thing. The surviving piece was a roughly 1/3 scale Server/Hutch (cabinet lower, shelves upper) that my mom played with as a little girl. It's crude for what it is, but the doors opened and closed, there was a toggle/latch held in place with a screw and a flat washer. Imagination ignores those things - it's about the right size/scale for tea party cups and saucers. We had it at the house, but being all boys we gravitated to other things though I'm sure I used it as a fort for Han, Luke, and R2 at some point. Mom now has 3 granddaughters and the oldest is playing with her great-great-grandfather's handiwork (cleaned up and lightly repaired).
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    My grandfather (my Mom's dad), took some wooden fruit crates, and created kitchen "appliances". His daughter played with them, and after a new coat of paint, three granddaughters played with them, and later a great grandson. Not sure where they ended up. Maybe my cousin's grandkids??? I hope they are still going strong. I don't think he ever thought so much fun would be had by so many kids when he was creating them.
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    Yeah, they have successfully foiled ALL of my schemes thus far so I will have to scale things up a bit. The first encounter this morn shall be a tough one. Two words....Cow People!
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    We start the fun today :). Zoe picked us up at the airport and brought us to the hotel yesterday. Really nice sunset drive.
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    I will likely end up with some :). Gluckshaus would be awesome. And Hnefatafl of course.
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    @RomyCat, I grabbed this from an update to that cat mini project (Animal Adventures: Tales of Cats and Catacombs). And her backstory. The room was full of books, spilling out of the bookshelves onto the simple wooden tables and chairs, even in one or two cases onto the tiled floor. It lent the room an air of chaos, but looking more closely, it was clear that each of these books related to the others in the stacks or shelves, and each and every one of them was spotlessly clean, free of dust, and, aside from a little wear and tear on the older tomes, pristine. Hesta could have put her claw onto any book she wished to in an instant. She knew the location of each and every one of her treasured volumes, every spell component, the levels of ink in each well, and exactly how many quills she had, and in what state of sharpness each of them was. It was irritating therefore, that Maven kept stealing things. The raven stood before her now, in a huff, the offending item lying accusingly between them. The bird shifted slightly in what passed for the Corvid version of guilt. “Look at me, Maven.” Hesta tried again. The bird met her gaze for just an instant, then looked away again. It’s clawed foot moved ever so slightly towards the coin, then curled and moved away again. “I know you like it, Dearest, but it’s an important part of the spell, and I need it.” Hesta reached out with an ethereal hand, picked up the coin, and inspected it once again, ensuring that it was not scratched or dented after its adventure in the raven’s secret stash. The ritual spell, which was to be enacted that evening, would use the coin to ascertain the whereabouts of the evil Goblin King’s Castle. The adventuring party of which she was an occasional member had tracked his minions to a cave and had liberated this coin, one of the Goblin King’s prize possessions, from their corpses. “Once we’ve done the spell and the Goblin King is dead and burned, you can have it forever.” Hesta offered, her soft heart breaking for the raven’s obvious distress. She reached out her paw, and with one claw extended, scritched the raven exactly where he liked it the most, just at the back of his head. His claws uncurled, and his shoulders unhunched. He began purring in pleasure, the coin temporarily forgotten. That evening, after hours of battle, an elven cleric, a dwarven fighter, a genasi rogue with fires dampened, two human rangers, and Hesta, stood over the vanquished form of the Goblin king, his minions either dead or fleeing. Hesta leaned on her staff, breathing heavily. She was out of spells, the last of her slots being spent on the decisive blast of a lightning bolt. But the Goblin King was dead, and although his goblin hordes would take some clearing out of their hideaways in the hills and caves of the surrounding valley, the core of the threat was gone. “Hesta!” the Genasi rogue called, “Look what I’ve found for Maven!” He poked his head out of the side room they’d missed in the heat of the battle with a grin. Hesta limped over - she hadn’t quite managed to skip out of the way of a barbed goblin arrow - and looked. The Pile of treasure was enough to astound even her. She marvelled at the amount of gold coins - no-one would miss one or two, and they would look splendid in Maven’s secret stash.
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    Oh - I've been on the dark side for a VERY VERY long time I love cookies!
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    Well done! Welcome to the dark side. (It's okay, we have cookies).
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    Village Attacks mob #4 or 5. A lot of putzy details. Times 8.
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    I did a quick paint job on John Carter of mars
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    I've painted some minis today.
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    A beholder that was prepainted. I primed over it and repainted.
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    Another trap. I'm calling it Indie. Varnish is still marginally wet...
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    This is true. Luckily I noticed and didn't cover the mini in juice.
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    At least you didn't ruin a perfectly good glass of gin.
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    I cleaned my brush in my lemonade
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    Great to hear! It was truly a pleasure to have you here and you are welcome back anytime! We are all moving a little slowly here today, btw.
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