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    Of course you do. Maybe have a dragon head faucet.
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    On an food/craft note, we finally successfully made sourdough! And by we I mean mostly my husband with me as a backseat Baker 😜 Took like 3 weeks from flour to starter to levin to bread
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    Finally organized some of my crafts and brought them up from the dungeon. Latest creations.
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    It’s Oakland yeast 😜 Probably would have been easier to get yeast and go from there, but he literally made it from scratch. You start with a 50/50 mixture of bread/wheat flour and add water. Everything is mixed with the hands so you get yeast from the flour, air and hands. It takes ~20 feedings (1/day) till you start seeing decent progress. Followed the instructions in the Tartine Bread book.
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    @Barb Bliss @Konas Yeah, that was our test board, which has become my favorite backdrop. My husband and I are working on a table topper, something to allow the old dinning table to fit KDM. Figured what better way to add character to ply than to burn patterns in. 😊 FYI, It takes FOREVER to burn!!! But we’ll have a topper eventually πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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    The earnings on top would not be my every day earrings, as they are slightly heavier than I prefer and would likely stretch the earlobes of worn 24/7. I made them to match a necklace I’m making my sis. The rest of the earrings are super lightweight, so no stretched earlobes to worry about! I used Titanium, niobium, and aluminum to make them light and allergen free on the contact points.
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    That's what you get for all those quick impulse buys! Not that I know anything about that.. nope.. never done that myself. Not once. (probably more like four times)
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    Village Attacks mob #4 or 5. A lot of putzy details. Times 8.
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    I took several days away from the Scorpions this week. Worked on some other hobby stuff and also got outside a bit before the weather shifted. I'm now tentatively in a Dropfleet tournament (!!!!) in early May, and want to adjust my list a bit - so the Zoxe Shipyards are kicking out a few more frigates and 2 more cruisers. This is weird because it took me about a year to get the first batch of ships done, and I swore I would paint something else next, but Dropfleet was superfun and unassembled ships can't fight. Anyway, this weekend, we did a Boot Camp painting class (2 full days) with Sergio Calvo. This was through Miniature Monthly, which DMG sponsors. We're just home from day 2, but we learned a ton, met some really cool people, and had a great time overall. Sergio is a mini painter from Spain, award winner, living master, and kind of the cutting edge of mini painting right now. We've taken some great classes over the past year but Sergio was probably the best.
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    I thought about getting that bad ass orange shield but i won't be able to defend getting 2 and I REALLY want a spalty tamarind shield like was posted earlier. Probably will be able to order/request/buy one in a couple of months or at least once we figure out if/when/where we're moving.
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    I know those projects all too well. πŸ˜„ I love it! My husband on the other hand, is not fond of the 'stuff that'll one day be awesome!' pile.
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    We snatched up the spool from a free lot last summer and that was about all we have done :).
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    Might as well have some dragon claw feet made while I’m at it 😜
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    😍😍😍🀀🀀🀀 I waaaant it.
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    It’s on our to do list, I want a claw tub.
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    Speaking of lots of animals around... There is a flock of robins that stay in Minneapolis year round. And when I say flock, think a couple hundred robins. They showed up on Saturday afternoon and are still here this morning. Lots of tweeting going on. There should be plenty of bird poop to be washed away on Wednesday/Thursday.
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    Ditto on tub fitting, I think somewhere along the time line someone decided only midgets take baths...
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    I do farmers markets and small bazaars. I do the chainmail and miscellaneous other things and my mom makes crochet stuffed animals.
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    Did you run electricity through that board?
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    I work with just aluminum and do jewelry and some sculpture. This owl is popular on the board but not selling unfortunately.
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    I "wasted" the weekend watching Tiger win The Masters again. What he was able to overcome to just to be able to play golf again is amazing. To come back and play like he is is truly incredible. I'm very happy for him. Note: for those not paying attention, in the last decade he's had 4 knee surgeries and 4 back surgeries.
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    It was. I didn't want to mention the company outright. I just wanted to be sure that it was an intentional arrangement.
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    @Konas, Did "the tub" work for you?
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    😍!!! I don't know which earrings are my favorite - the first pair, or the last two pairs.. And did you two ( @GhostChopper & @WxCougar ) not know that the both of you do chainmail and jewelry stuff?! How did we let this happen?!
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    I’m sure you can find many uses for many of these! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Tokens, jewelry, nuts, contraband...
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    The funky walking Cthulu adventure case kind of is growing on me. I remember seeing it and thinking it was kind of a fresh and funny case. Has kind of a unique and funky vibe. Only thing missing would be blue lights. You should play with yellow a bit more @Konas
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    I bought some reclaimed wood to make shelves out of ~3 years ago...1 of 6 made it up πŸ˜… ...The other 5 are still on my to do list
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    Well to be fair, you still care about your job...
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    Beat me to the punch. It appears even I can fall prey to the quick trigger of Barb
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    Late response - but I was at con this weekend. Growing up - my family was all about pinochle (regular and double), and bridge. In college, we had a group of friends who would play pretty much any card game in existence -- bridge was still a favorite, but we also played hearts(regular and cancellation), spades, sergeant major, even occasionally canasta and euchre.. and I had one person who I could play cribbage with as well. @Konas - on a side note, I didn't say anything to the booth - but there was a booth at the con who was reselling a couple of your Valhalla screens. I didn't ask the prices on them. I just found it interesting that apparently people are buying them to resell them. Apparently this company does that a bunch as they also had stuff from Level Up Dice, Kraken Dice and Elderwood all for sale as well (some of the things like the dice trays even had the other company's name on them). I don't know if this bothers you or not (having people resell your stuff - when there was no obvious sign that DMG created them).
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    wow...you're really...picking...on him.
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    Leather Mike and now Digger Mike. I think Leather Mike got the better end of that deal.
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    I reserve the right to see the picture first.
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    Just a heads up..in our email today, there is a fantastic pic of me. I dare say that it is frame worthy. You all have my permission to print it out and hang on your game room wall.
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    Stock will be up after Zoe eats lunch. @tgpumpkin Seriously, I had nothing to do with this at all. Honestly. I just saw it for the first time this morning.
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