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    Hard to see with the background clutter, but here's a shot showing the relative scales of these ships. Frigate far left was done months ago, a little smaller than a matchbox car. Cruiser center was finished last night. Battleship (right) is bigger than my cell phone. She was basecoated and given a quick fade months ago, and a thinned coat of reaper black wash was put on tonight to help with panel lines (in this shot the wash was still wet, it'll dull a bit as it dries). Tomorrow the fun will start. General plan for the capships: I'll need to adjust the colors on the engine nacelles a bit with the airbrush (blue ink); I want the stripes to have a darker background to pop against. Figure out what accent panels should be orange or white, paint accordingly; this will probably be minimal. Add stripes Paint and wash the engines. Basecoat the gun barrels and other doodads Dry brush silver all over Pick out silver bits (launchers, engines) Final weathering and shadowing pass Engine glows Sounds like a lot, but for a set of 3 ships it's really not that scary. Two of the hulls are almost identical, and the third is actually a Battlecruiser, sized in between the Cruiser and Battleship and a lot simpler in geometry.
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    Glad, @Serge Darveau, you got your coins. I would have been upset not getting mine.
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    Another trap. I'm calling it Indie. Varnish is still marginally wet...
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    Those look cool. The little ones would drive me crazy trying to tape things. Just like Goldilocks, the middle one looks just right.
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    That looks hilarious. Does the giant killer ball roll down the hallway? Or does it just drop in from the ceiling? PS: Love the how the clouds/smoke looks. It looks like candy; I'd eat it.
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