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    They are all their own unique persons. So even if the next kitty doesn't leave your meeples alone, they will bring some other joy to your life to make up for it.
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    I has similar issues with finding another kitty after I lost Kunta Kittie. She would sit on my lap while I stitched, and not muck with the fibers (except the metallic ones which were irresistible). Juniper would be a pest until I let her lie on my chest and Magnolia just couldn't leave the fibers alone, which pretty much shut down stitching.
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    I'm sorry you lost your companion. Take time to grieve, and when you are ready, get yourself another supervisor.
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    Thank you, still have my dogs
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    Everyone thought it was REALLY funny, including me once I realized how they took my statement. In the game Massive Darkness, you can get 2 times the number of players spawned or 1 times the number of players (but these guys are tougher to kill than the 2 times guys). I was attempting to say I'd rather have 5 tougher guys to kill than 10 less tough guys to kill.
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    I am sorry @Serge Darveau. Losing a pet is brutal.
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    Oh no. I'm so sorry for your loss, Serge. That's really sad to hear.
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    I've been know to say thing innocently, but people cracking up point out just funny what I said was. Today's beauty was "I'd rather do 5 tougher guys than 10 weaker guys." Roland came very close to spitting his food out over the table while trying to breathe and wipe the tears out of his eyes. I don't even want to let you know what Jaemus was doing.
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    We were playing a big 5E dnd game, and the time came to do some investigating for the next clue in the adventure. We had a few places we could go inquire, but the most promising seemed to be the house of ill repute that our main bad guy owned and operated. Mrs. Zoxe: "do you want to go with me to check out the brothel?" Me: "I've been waiting YEARS for that question. YES." Everyone in the room choked at once.
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    Illness comes and everything changes. My supervisor won't be on duty anymore.
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