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    That is really awesome! Minus the returning to the cold part.
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    Online fiends? Sounds dangerous. And Mrs. Zoxe is maid if honor? Oh my. p.s. Mrs. Zoxe would be the matron if honor 😀
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    Back in Miami. Just spent 8d on the Carnival Horizon cruise ship. Online fiends got married onboard. Mrs. Zoxe was the maid if honor. Was truly a nerdfest where most of the wedding party were online gamer friends. One afternoon, we took over a corner of Lido Deck and played D&D5E. Huge party with 10 players and 1.5 GMs and a stack of lvl5 pregens to choose from. My BoRo DMG bone box got universal approval, and the DMG dice rolled hot for me all day. At the end, my ranger (Steve the Ranger) dropped the big bad with a nat20 and some high damage rolls. Most other cruisers had no idea what we were up to. But, we had some knowing glances, smiles, and headnods from those around us. I got a kick out of some college age guys that were stuck playing yahtzee with their grandparents that watched us set up with great interest. It's 27 deg back home as I sit here in shorts and sip coffee. Good thing I have jeans and a parka in my main bag.
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    Hi guys! I am up for a swap (I like dice trays, sentinels, conponent collectors, but I'm open to whatever you want to offer) or possible sale of a couple sheeths that I have. Any money acquired will be used to buy more DMG gear. They are both gorgeous custom order pieces. One is a gorgeous deep red orange (paging @tgpumpkin) Bubinga piece that retails for $124 and one is a stunning golden streaked Benge piece that retails for $104. I actually use the Benge for a mini component collector. The both were finished really well by Annie at DMG!
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    Today people are complaining that it’s supposed to be a high of 61 here in Jax. I’m like come on lol. The colleagues here with me were telling me 90s is their ideal temp with some 80s. I guess I’m a vampire because ideal would be 60s but love 50s weather too. I couldn’t survive in the south.
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