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    I plan to paint a dragon like the Time dragon at some point.
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    Thinking about taking the plunge on the Suburbia collector's edition but with my game restriction on myself this year I'm not sure if I should. I have castles of Mad King Ludwig already and I really really like that one more then regular Suburbia but the deluxe edition is so nice. I am also looking at Vindication which my buddy @tgpumpkin seems to have backed too. It has everything I could look for in a game for me. Seems to be dripping with theme and be more on the mechanical Euro game side of things but I've read some comments that there is a lot of Randomness and swing a cards which bother me for this sort of game. I really really like a lot of what it's doing though so I may stay with backing that pledge too. Tough choices!
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    You guys must be busy. No heart theme boxes this year for Valentines Day. Maybe you can come up with a zombie bunny box for Easter.
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    A man called into my favorite morning radio this morning. His niece and her 9 year old child drove off for the Mayo Clinic (about an hour away) to visit her sick mother last night, but they never arrived. The state police are out looking for them, but haven't found them at the side of the road. Please say a prayer for their safe return to their family if you are a praying person.
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    My dad apprenticed carpentry with the next door neighbor before I was born, then worked part time at a furniture restoration company when I was very little. After 40+ years, he still takes a commission here and there for the shop when they need a specific spindle recreated for a hundred year old kitchen chair. After the part time gig more or less dried up, Dad built toy trucks and shaving mirrors and sold them at farmer's markets in the surrounding towns. The set that he made for his boys (I'm the oldest) are now being played with by the grandkids, and one of his last shaving mirrors is hanging over my nightstand. When I was 4 or 5, he made me a solid cherry toy box, which is at the foot of my bed storing blankets. It's one of the few items in my will that's called out by name with a specific recipient. Anyway, we didn't have cable TV growing up, and I spent a lot of time in the basement (and later garage) shop. Mrs. Zoxe and I are on our 10 acre property and I have a small shop that I'm slowly reorganizing. I've not done anything like dad used to do, but I've built some Adirondack chairs, bird feeder parts, and other odds and ends. Lately, that means making custom trays for my sets of minis. PS: My router scares the crap out of me. I use a push stick.
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    We got to about -15 with a -35 wind chill. Our work building was technically open but everyone just worked from home. The window behind my home office is more drafty than I remember; I spent about half the day wearing my Carhartt thinsulate cap and the thickest pair of socks that I own. Outside, the squirrels were playing and fighting over nuts. Amazing that they were out in it. Miss Margaret is spending night #2 inside with us tonight.
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    You should look up pictures of the Outer Dragons (like Vortex, Lunar and Void specifically), they are really cool looking.
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    That looks like a dream shop. I’m currently trying to work out of my garage while trying to explain to my wife why garages weren’t really meant for cars anyway. Here’s some pics of my shop, it’s messy and cluttered but functional. One of my last projects was to put everything on mobile bases so I built three flip-top tool stands. Ones got my router table and room for a future orbital sander, one has my planer and belt sander and the other has my tool sharpening / buffing station for the lathe. I recently picked up a delta 14” bandsaw and grizzly 8” jointer form a neighbor who moved but I haven’t been able to use the jointer yet since I don’t have 220v outlet on the garage... My current project is building storage beneath my work bench. Built the frame about 6 months ago but had a router accident (use push sticks kids) and I’m just now getting back to building the drawers. Ive been building storage solutions for so long, I need to get back to real woodworking!
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    Woof! I bet that get's Sawdust's stamp of approval.
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    Hooray! I got this email on Friday!! (We were headed into the woods, no cell service until just now!) ----- Your Order is Shipping! Item Shipping: Component Collector SKU-CC-STANDARD-ROSEWOODBolivian Rosewood Component Collector Standard 8 tiles of your choiceDragonCounterCounterSquareSquareSquareLL
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    The support person asked me if I still had the 3 games. I said yes, but I guess I have to wait another 2 weeks for her to get back to me now.
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    I'm in on Vindication. It got thumbs up from my buddies Will and Jaemus. Several game makers got together to make their own company. Game components are very nice, and the said it was a good game. I ended up giving away Suburbia. Not sure deluxe components could save it.
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    I thought that was more like a gift/tithe to royalty, rather than "pay".
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