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    And no rush from me at all! I will admit that I thought you forgot but it didn't bother me at all. I know you are busy and you just do what you gotta do. I'm really in no big hurry.
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    I finally got Deja Vu out on the table Sunday. It was a fun game, but 3 out of 4 times the honeycomb had to get refreshed, it was me giving all the goodies back to Greg and Drew. smh
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    I guess we shouldn’t bother with orders then in the meantime @Konas so you can catch up and all 😛 Exciting to hear so much demand going on. Good things indeed....
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    We are swamped after a HUGE holiday season. Getting caught up is slowing down our new releases a bit as well as the custom orders for @yatescory and @WxCougar. Sorry for the delays. We should be caught up in a week or two. We also hired/ are hiring 5 new apprentices. Maybe 6. 2 have started, 2 start next week, and the interviews are continuing. Wish everything moved faster. I have to constantly tell myself that patience is indeed a virtue.
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    @Thomas Browne this has to be by far the best idea you have ever pitched to @Konas. Ziricote w/ a Waterfall Bubinga inlaid top!?!!?!?! That screams TGPumpkin all over it so clearly the rest of the world would want it too.
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    @Zoe Here I know @Barb Bliss speak I can help you... say Meat chicken really fast 4-5 times. Make sure you do it in front of @Konas. .... ..... ..... Do you hear it yet? .... .... .... Sound like any particular state in the US? Can you now deduce if that sounds like 1 state what "Whiskey" might be referring to?
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    .......ok you’ve earned back your bench privileges *slaps seat next to him* welcome back big guy....
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    And it comes with a free Dusty Doom (tm)!!!
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    Yeah, I wouldn't be nervous about shipping THAT at all!
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    And why would we want to do that, exactly?
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    OMG! My game is melting! Wait.. if that's the candy eggs.. then where are the game piec... <from the next room> *crunch* "Hey.. how long have you had these eggs? A decade?"
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