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    Please - we all know that @Barb Bliss wouldn't waste good gin by speaking while she had it in her mouth.
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    It's all about pricing it so that you don't have 5000 ordered @Konas! Just make them all out of Ziricote with a Waterfall Bubinga inlaid top! It might still be a $1M KS - but that would be like a half dozen tables max
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    And it comes with a free Dusty Doom (tm)!!!
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    Now, do it with a mouthful of Gin!
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    And why would we want to do that, exactly?
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    Thank you for the vote of confidence. But, sadly, I will have to say no to this. We have talked a lot about tables over the years, especially when Geek Chic went under, but it is something we are going to stay away from. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, our machinery is perfect for small projects. Tables wouldn't fit nicely on any of them. Our paint booth, for instance is too small. We couldn't CNC them like we would like to because our CNCs have a smaller footprint. This building we are in, while huge for our needs, would fill up immediately. Lumber moves. It is a fact. Exotic lumbers move more. Because they are very dense, significantly more than most domestic lumber, it is a huge concern. Especially on bigger boards. Lots of companies are in that market, including our biggest competitor, in a variety of ranges. We have been, and will continue to keep a very close eye on this segment of our market. I am especially curious to see if it bankrupts another company, as it did to Geek Chic. I know there where other factors there, but they went under with over a one year wait period on their tables. Going bankrupt while being very successful is not a great sign for the industry. Time to fulfill. Building one table would take a while, building 1,000 of them would take years. The longer it takes to fulfill, the more it costs you. A lot more. A little lesson from CoCos. And finally, the single biggest reason why we won't ever build them is delivery and our guarantee. So, we are in MI. Someone orders a table in CA. Something happens to it upon delivery, the wood warped, a scratch occurred, whatever it is. How do we fix it? Freight for a table would be insane. Shipping it there and back would be worse. Especially for a scratch on one surface. We could consider flying out and fixing it, but how would we sand it on site, or refinish it, our cut a rail that warped out of place. These are all things we could fix in house, but off site would be nearly impossible. So then what, full refund? Partial refund and an unhappy customer? Makes me nervous just thinking about it. There are so many things that concern me about building high end tables that I just can't get behind it. Funny that you bring up the $1M KS, that would scare me the most. Being on the hook for 5000 tables would kill me. Now, I know...never say never. But seriously, unless our company changed dramatically, we won't be building game tables in my lifetime.
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    Okay, hold up!!! She totally referred to some big blue buffalo mascot as meat chicken once!!! But I'm guessing from this meat chicken is Michigan and Whiskey is Wisconsin...? Barb Bliss speak indeed!
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    @Zoe Here I know @Barb Bliss speak I can help you... say Meat chicken really fast 4-5 times. Make sure you do it in front of @Konas. .... ..... ..... Do you hear it yet? .... .... .... Sound like any particular state in the US? Can you now deduce if that sounds like 1 state what "Whiskey" might be referring to?
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    OMG! My game is melting! Wait.. if that's the candy eggs.. then where are the game piec... <from the next room> *crunch* "Hey.. how long have you had these eggs? A decade?"
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    Followed by 3+ years of people complaining "Where is my table?" "What backer number are you on?" "Why is this taking so long?"
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    Lol they remind me of the robins eggs we would get at Easter time. Well at least you know how to replace them in the event you would lose one.
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    This is a sports thing, right? Meat chicken is some buffalo team, I think, but who's whisky?
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    With the snowstorm I finally got a chance to play Wingspan this weekend and I have to say it’s worth the hype. It plays clean, doesn’t take too much time, has a lot of strategy involved, awesome components, and a unique theme. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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    It's because he has such acorn-y sense of humor and he's trying to appear poplar to the mosses.
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    .......ok you’ve earned back your bench privileges *slaps seat next to him* welcome back big guy....
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    Yeah, I wouldn't be nervous about shipping THAT at all!
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    No offense - but you can keep that kind of weather for yourself @Serge Darveau
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    I love the little eggs!! Although I'd be tempted to eat them, since they look pretty similar to Cadbury chocolate mini eggs..
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    And here I would have thought that @tgpumpkin would have been root-ing for the puns
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