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    Hey! Still here and still well. The holiday lead-up and subsequent holiday season just bogged me down. I don't even know where to begin posting, haha, so I'll just fire one off here. I'm going to try to get back into the conversation a bit more, but January-March is busy for me because I'm prepping for my company's new catalog that comes out in March. In related DMG news, I just got the notification form the dice KS on Wednesday that my Redheart D6s are on the way!
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    Gourdeous castle tray on my way. Cross that off the list.
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    Cheetos has made that name cool again.
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    The cats would not be pleased for that either ;).
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    Aww, thanks, everybody!! I should grab some photos of the ring. The band is rose gold with a raw diamond, but the band is sculpted to look like a branch.
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    Is that anyway to speak to @Zoe, @Konas??
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    Paging @tgpumpkin! http://dogmight.com/stock?id=9040
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    BTW, @Zoe got engaged on New Years. Hence, the Mrs. comment.
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    Yeah I’m pretty gah gah over Stonemaier games tbh. It’s my Achilles heel. I haven’t played Viticulture yet though. My collection has an abundance of worker placement so I can’t justify that purchase. What drew me into Wingspan is it’s weight, unique theme, and perceived ability to play it with other non gamers. I have so many adventure/dungeon/monster games but not all peeps want to play that kind of theme. I’m thinking the presentation may draw in a different crowd. honestly for me right now there aren’t any known 2019 games I’m excited about so I’m optimistic I’ll keep my future purchases in check gamewise.
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    The name Lucretia has a different tone when you have played Rise of the Runelords.
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    My middle name is Chester. Named after my grandpops. My initials are MCK. My rap name is MC Konas. No, I don't rap. Yes, Chester is a funny name.
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    Boom! I successfully spent @tgpumpkin's money!
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    Oh gracious!! That's up there with some of the Italian names I've heard.
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    I forgot to mention that the lights option on the back of the Keeper screen is really cool.
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    Ouch... the puns snuck in. Not having a vowel middle name, I don't get the fun word initials. But I did trade a hard to spell/pronounce last name for an easy one (but then, you could always weed out the junk phone calls when they don't see your name right).
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    Yeah I can't get both though. I would want to get lights on it too (yes @Zoe I know you'd be willing to add that on )
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    It's called diversionary tactics @tgpumpkin. Get you to look at the shiny over HERE.. so you don't see the shiny over THERE that we are considering
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    That would be fun even if we drove since we only have a short bed truck.
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    Lol, That would be tempting but its being put to such good shenanigans (I have only been able to watch episode 1 - waiting for 2 because my brain doesn't like skipping ahead).
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    I am willing to let it go to another underdog...
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    I am ONLY about 24 hours behind on most of them now!!! The email I sent you last week I need @Konas for now that they're all done with meetings this week.
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    Congrats @Zoe! And that Chechen is amazing! I didn't get to see the other one.
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    Sounds cool and unconventional.
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    Ahh - when you said they were going away, I thought you meant you were picking them up
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    Two of them are one too many already, but I'd trade the black rainbow for that.
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    I figured it had to be you. I probably would have missed out even if I hadn't hesitated to post here
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    Yeah - but the second one is seriously tempting me. Edit: And it's gone. Thank you @Barb Bliss
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    Thank God. More honeycomb on that Chechen.
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    We'll see how long before that Chaosism theme box lasts.
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    Cool. And my family got me a small DMG gift card for Christmas.. so now to decide what I want. Figuring it will be a sentinel or deck jacket. Also hoping to maybe see some Peruvian Walnut again
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    They must sap @WxCougar's strength, not that she'd bark about it.
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    Hmm.. I don't know if I just didn't notice it before - or if new stuff has started going up - but I like the different Cthulhu sculpt on the Skirmish box.
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    Glad to hear it. And yeah.. I keep hoping/waiting for word on my KS dice (pssst... that was a hint @Zoe )
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    Hum, there's a dog running out with a wallet, looks familiar... (facebook video)
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    Spruce it up? I'm feeling all willowy right now.
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    I've been going through the pictures of DMG at home, and I say @Adam's Pau Rosa die again. Still gives me pangs of envy.
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    Nice delivery today, Hanamikoji and Shadows in Kyoto, Gorus Maximus and a one year late one, Out of the Wood.
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    Nice! I think I can do one game a month. I’d like to keep it to no more than 5 in a year. Already burned one in Wingspan. Don’t know of any must have games that I’m wanting as of yet, dont worry @Konas DMG gear doesn’t count.
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    Great thread idea (sorry late to the party). My resolutions are far less kickstarters cut down on games...right there with you @RomyCat I’ve been irresponsible on this for sure. sell some of my unplayed games...I need to declutter and redeem some poor purchase decisions.
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    My sister Romycat gave me the Pumpkin Theme Box for by Birthday last month. I am very happy with it.
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