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    I really don’t know. I just got random bits I believe. I love them. They really “elevated” the presentation of my minis. Wow. That was a baaaaaaad pun.
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    @tgpumpkin and @Konas, You'll both get a kick out of this. @Shamgar, not so much. Sorry. https://www.captiongenerator.com/1239562/Harbaugh-Reacts-to-the-News
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    Wrong again. I actually did think Cherry as a possibility but didn't write it down. Cool, @Konas that your company has wood guessing contest. I found it quite fun trying to figure out what my woods were. I'm impressed with the final answers.
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    Good to hear. Just like anything else, it gets easy with experience. Identification is a combo of grain, color, and hand feel (mostly weight). But, these are all variable from log to log, wehich makes it a bit harder. When we do the "Bin of Doom" in our Friday meetings, we put rare samples of our most common woods to through off our employees. I am proud of the fact that most of these contests go so long we just call it a tie that goes to a "Dart Off'.
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    One of the things I love about doing this is that you really never know what you are going to get until you plane a piece of lumber down. And then you get another nice surprise when it is lacquered. Rough cut lumber can hide a lot of beauty.
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    It is cherry! You can tell by the slight pinkish hue and the soft organic quality in the grain.
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    Your minis and plinths look awesome. I got plinths for Christmas too. Great present. I notice some of your woods are different than mine. I'm very curious about the orange one.
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    @Thomas Browne Typing on phone. Please excuse any unintended terseness. 😁 1) You can do quite a bit with the standard patriot. If I could only have 1 brush, it would be that one. If you think that you will be doing more details, then yes I would probably try to get the Sotar too. For example, I prime, basecoat, and zenithal highlight (a 3 color stack) with the 105. For weathering (inks and washes), touching up shadows, adding glow effects or fixing highlights, I reach for the sotar. All if these things can be done with a hand brush if you're determined to learn the techniques (I'm not, haha). 2. No extra needles. I run our patriot box stock. I have other needles for the sotar and have never used them. On a few occasions, I've used both brushes in the same session, i.e. popped the patriot off the air line, slapped some ink in the sotar, and then proceeded to fix the huge mistake I just made, hah. Then took off with the patriot again. This would be moderately less convenient with swapping needles. But again, think about your anticipated usage scenarios. 3. I haven't had trouble priming (clogging) with the std needle, but I clear my brush with full on blasts to a paper towel every few minutes. This blows all the crud out (paint boogers 😉). I shoot a lot of black, and yes they do shoot easier than white primer, but after some experience it all works. I have had trouble with some bright silver metallics flowing well, but never enough to thwart what I was trying to do. The metallics just "feel" different, and require some patience and a little heavier trigger. (I shoot silvers out if the sotar too). Side note.. clogs sounded really scary when i started. They are truly not a big deal. 4. No experience with the patriot extreme. I've got limited time on the Krome, which is very similar to the sotar, but from memory a little heavier.
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    That's hilarious!
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    You know something cuz you're right.
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