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    Great idea and great thoughts. Thanks for all the kind words as well. Yes, we will be growing. Slowly but, hopefully, substantially. We are studying this now. We grew a little too quickly after CoCos and learned some hard lessons. We will do so more intelligently this time around. Or at least I hope we do. We know a lot more now, hopefully. And, yes, we will finish CoCos this year, by hell or highwater. My personal resolutions for this year (business ones are separate): 1. Run more. 2. Paint more. Minis and canvas. 3. Run a game of the Legend of the 5 Rings RPG for a larger group. My business goals are too long to post here....
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    I meant to post this a long time ago. This is my Broken Token player board for Terraforming Mars. I stain it then painted the symbols in it to match the original player mats. They hold all your cubes and can stack on each other, keeping the cubes on each tray. Excellent for the game. I don't have to worry about the cat walking across and messing up our game now. For Christmas last year I did my sister her this Broken Token for TM. Then I had to put it together for her a few weeks later. I didn't mine. To me, the process was fun.
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    Mrs Ike went above and beyond this Christmas, and my haul was quite bountiful. I received Otys, Star Wars: Rebellion, Potion Explosion, Kanagawa, Final Act, and Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails. Ticket to Ride really puts the ‘ole card stands to work. The Mrs was the happy recipient of a beautiful leopardwood dice chest and a Redheart Dragon Sleeve, both of which she will use for her jewelry.
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