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    @Thomas Browne @Barb Bliss @RomyCat That is absolutely amazing. Clearly it was popular as it’s glory swept someone off their feet and immediately bought it. ‘Twas not me. I’ve been grading finals non stop. Just got done! i told you @Konas ... this is the next sensation waiting to happen... DUSTY DOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM
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    Hey @tgpumpkin -- It's Dusty Doom (tm)!! http://dogmight.com/stock?id=8950
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    Pair those sheathes with a feather duster with the options to customize the handle with a flavorful variety of woods and engravings. You know @Barb Bliss needs a dusty doom in rosewood with Cthulhu engraving. The worlds ready @Konas ... it’s time to awaken the sleeping giant and channel those who have secret ambitions of dusting as a hobby. Dog Might can usher this era in and build an entire industry. The other mike needs to film the commercials too.....
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    Hah. I hadn't even occurred to me that it was DD! Its funny but one of our vendors asked for that sculpt for his wife. We made an extra and put it up. That and the Nodachi one in Maple. Both sold quick. Maybe DD isn't such a bad idea....
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