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    Lol while I have missed out on the occasional item....I like to think of it more as conscientious shopping rather than waffling 😛 @Thomas Browne And @Barb Bliss . i saw the striped sentinel and had an easy shot to get it. Peeps who know me know I love contrast. What held me back? The honeycomb. If it had a different configuration you’d be talking to an owner of his second sentinel. oh and welcome to the forums @LaBelleFleur ! As you are now witnessing first hand....this group is a real life version of Hungry Hungry Hippos and I’m the player with the hippo who has a broken lever on his hippo 😛
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    Thanks! I post infrequently and lurk a bit more often. Oh, and bug @Zoe via email a lot! I’ve got multiple addictions: minis, RPG books, terrain tiles, maps, dice, Dog Might. I mean my umbrella addiction it probably RPGs (currently in 4 games), all the rest just feed into it!
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    Pay no attention to the work computer crap on the table. My dining room has turned into the game room there we can also occasionally eat. About 80% of my DMG gear is on this shelf or hanging on the wall (dragon tray).
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    I don’t either. I mean I have 4 slimlines and another XL. I also have two dice towers, and have ordered a sentinel. I’m not lacking in places to put dice. I just have a small addiction.
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    That awkward moment when you find out someone’s talking about you. 😉
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    Rolly Pollies are awesome!!! I'm a bit jelly, I loved playing with those fellas when I was a kid. ...you can always send them my way!
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    I was thinking Bubinga may make great coasters, especially if the grain is wavy =D
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    It's one of my favorite woods, especially for things that I get with sculpts. BoRo, Redheart and Bubinga are definitely my 'go to' woods.
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    Only 3? @Serge Darveau wouldn't even notice just 3!! Besides - you even built one already for yourselves, why leave us out of it?? There's always that KD:M chest I showed you that you could do your own version of <sigh> Fine... how about ramping up the miniature display shelves you did at one point (a larger version of it)? Maybe a card tray? (draw and discard piles) Something large enough to hold say the Terraforming Mars deck, or Arkham Asylum mythos decks? Or something smaller but could hold multiple 'decks' to draw from - i.e. something you could use to layout a Dominion game for instance.
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    Some slightly better picture of my adic... uh DMG collection. Note: pink elephant coco tray and pink ivory die are hard to see on the upper left due to glare and my photography skills. p.s. The adventure case in lower right is bubinga.
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    They were not cheap, by any means, but I really like the quality and function, and am glad I backed it.
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    I still have to get the mat holders figured out.
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    If you looked out side you would think we are collecting Rolly Pollies. Well, not this time of year anyway, but they do swarm in the spring and through summer.... I used to like them until they started eating my strawberries.
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    No addictions...but I do have the following collections: Boardgames, dice, tools, random crafting materials...
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    Nope, always Bubinga here. It sells a lot and is hard to work with which could be the reason that we don't see much in stock coming through made with it. It is a standard wood available through our product line. It is also highly variable from board to board.
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    That would be the rare BreyerS horse ;).
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    The original plan was to get down to watch the quarter finals at Maturi Arena (home of the Lady Gophers - #2 seed over all), and watch some fantastic women's volleyball. But unless I wanted to pay well over $200 for a ticket to a scalper, I was out of luck. So, plan B, I got my license plate tabs renewed, and then out to a relaxing lunch. I even got my favorite waitress, Laura. I used my stupid new smart phone to get 20% off lunch (with some help), and I came home to a Dog Might box waiting on my stoop. I guess I have to get some pictures done. p.s. @Zoe, the skirmish box for my Village Attacks minis came just in time. I'll be varnishing my first 6 mini from that game today. p.p.s @RomyCat, I put my shelves together and loaded them up before I found out the plexi shelves had protective coating on them. I suppose I ought to do some unloading and remove the protective coating. Hmmm. Maybe I'll wait until the next snow storm.
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    It’s soo pretty! I don’t know how I’ve missed it before! Does it ever go by another name?
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    Yeah, I think we can add that one to our list too : ).
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    I assure you I do not have a SMALL addiction.
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    I have 4 words for you... Kicked off the bench
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    I hadn't put your forum name together with the name you order under...Welcome! That was a good buy!
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    re: Waffling - I have just three words for you @tgpumpkin -- "Wenge Castle Tray"
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    Not new! We've been using more of it for retail and Kickstarter orders, though, so it hasn't seen the stock page as much lately. It's one of my favs.
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    Hah! Will do! Might have to come after the New Year though! We are pretty swamped with Holiday Orders at the moment. What would you all like to see? Any suggestion of 'tables' will immediately get you 3 demerits...
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    Uh oh @Konas looks like you’re going to have to create a new product so @Barb Bliss can buy it. It’s time to bring out project code name.... DUSTY DDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!
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    I recognize many of those games, including some Kickstarters we both backed. I'll have some nice pictures of my BoxThrone shelves when the rest of the missing parts come in.
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    One of them does come on the forums sometimes!!
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    Yeah.. you can't hesitate with some of the sharks around here. (Yes I'm looking at you @Barb Bliss) Nah.. that's just too cruel. @LaBelleFleur is still a newbie -- you have to be around a while and STILL be waffling to become a @tgpumpkin
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    Be careful or @Thomas Browne will start calling you @tgpumpkin.
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    About two years ago, I've begun to renew my games with Carcassonne, and with KickStarter, a lot of game have arrived with more to come. I will need some gameshelves for it. Since one year, I've received those games.
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    I'd react to this, but I'm out of reactions!!!!
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    It's lovely! I may be able to dig up some photos somewhere if you want, but it does great. Bubinga isn't too dark so it always pops. My favorite pieces of Bubinga are very wavy and have a tonnnn of chatoyancy. We've had a few batches come through recently that were more straight-grained, though, and those are not as exciting.
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    My addictions are first and foremost dog sports/stuff, then probably dice. I, like @Konas, like to get new dice for each character... the problem is that I assign them a small color palette and then EVERY time I see dice that fit those colors, I want those dice for that character as well. And then it just never ends. I also have an earring addiction. It's gotten so bad that people don't know what earrings to get me as gifts anymore. Oh, and jackets... I have a really bad jacket problem. I may have more jackets than I do shirts. Definitely more jackets than pants or dresses.
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    I DO NOT HAVE AN ADDICTION!!!! I choose to collect things is all, and enjoy the occasional cocktail frequently.
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    Excellent! If Zoe doesn't respond to you within 7.5 minutes on any occasion, even Sunday night at 2am EDT, be sure to let me know. If she doesn't....
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    Of course not @Konas. We understand how that is a hot button topic for you. I am heartened to see that my point system has inspired you to create a demerit system of your own i actually do have an idea though...just off the top of my inspired mind....consider this... a piece of furniture with a flat top and one or more legs, providing a level surface on which objects may be placed, and that can be used for such purposes as eating, writing, working, or playing games. 😁
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