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    Just got my Annie Original Black Phillip Sentinel in Purple Heart and it’s so rad. Well done DMG on an amazing product
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    OK the screens are here. Holy Hannah is the Black Limba screen super sexy. Even the shelf accessory is sexy. I'll get around to take pictures of that after I get my production release put to bed this weekend. Some people have raised the bar putting cats in the shot and what not. @RomyCat I'm looking at you. So I feel a need to stage. Until then, I'll put in some stand in emojis. The Black Rainbow is really interesting. Mostly the red pops through the flames at the bottom, but it looks relative black else where. Then you move your angle to it or change the light and the rainbow colors start peeking through. @Konas, I think you guys should use the dark rainbow on more things. Straight on in lower light: ? ? ? Turned the light up higher: ? ? ? From the side in the same light as the picture directly above: ? ? ?
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    @Barb Bliss Inside joke with my gamer friends. I was in the Army, so everyone gets me stuff made out of Purple Heart wood so I wouldn’t need to win a Purple Heart medal
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    Hopefully you never got a real purple heart.
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    So, got more of the set done today. Almost finished. Thought I would share some pics. Plus, some of the custom product we are making for the palyers is ready as well. Mine is the Pink Heart sentinel. The DM Screen is not the one we will be using. That one will have a Beholder on it!
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    I'm old school in more ways than one. I've never been in a selfie, let alone take one. Never sent a text. While I like the security of having a cell phone (if you can call my clam a cell phone), I've tended to roll my eyes at people I considered addicted to their phones. I kind of like my clam as it only runs me about $3 a month for pay as you go, and given I'm in front of a computer every work day, why spend a ton of money on something I haven't consider important. But it's getting harder and harder to get by without a smart phone. Tickets/deals/even medical reimbursement all require a stupid smart phone. The straw that has broken this camel's back is a kickstarter game project that requires a smart phone to play it (Chronicles of Crime - check it out). Ironically enough, it's the only kickstarter project I've backed that's been delivered on schedule (arrives today). So, I'm looking for advice on cell phone makes/models that don't break the bank (as we all know ALL my disposable cash goes to @Konas), and aren't too "new fangled" for me to figure out how to use. T-Mobile has an old lady plan (half off if you are "old in the tooth" - also have one for vets fyi) I'm leaning towards signing up for. But is that deal really a deal? I just don't know. My neighbor, Mark, suggested Samsung. What do I need to know about data plans, must haves/avoid like the plague Makes to consider/avoid like the plague Models to consider/avoid like the plague Attachments/accessories to consider or must have I'm planning on trying to get some sort of Black Friday / Holiday deal (if they exist). Help me Obi wan. p.s. Yes. I'm feeling more and more like my mother, God rest her soul, every day. She wanted her radio/appliances to have 2 settings: on and off.
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    I LOVE that you matched all the dice up!!! And the inside joke makes it pretty special, haha. @Rosie and I showed Annie your showin' off and just made her day!! Thank you so much for sharing. It makes our artists so happy to know people love their stuff so much. ❤️
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    What a special privilege to be able to actually help make it. Your husband looks very proud.
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    And three working light bulbs! And what a cute little otter.
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    If you don't read and just look at pictures it really isn't too bad :).
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    ...A fox! That's beautiful, Rosie! I really love the wood grain on that piece. And the color scheme, to the surprise of no one. Also, I'm really late on this, but your collections are amazing @RomyCat and @Jabubuck. I really like the benge theme you have going, Jabubuck, and Romy, your valhalla screen photo is fantastic (bonus points for the cute cat)!
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    Oh yeah, the motorolas we have also have incredible battery - another thing Isaac occasionally forgets to do is charge his phone, so I get ones that can stand up for a day or two without charging. I can use my phone all day and still be at 70%ish by the end of the day. I can probably go without charging it for 3 days if I only do light usage. I'm vehemently against iPhones but that's just me. Their battery probably won't be trustworthy after 2 years. ?
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    I definitely know too much. And admitting you have a problem is the first step.
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    As a millenial, I just wanna say I'm paranoid about the cloud, too, hahaha. ? (But, I also used to work in big data... so maybe I just know too much...) #oldmillenial
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    I agree with everything you've said. I assume that they charge you for the moving of the data you don't want moved. #grumpyoldwoman #frikkinmillenials
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    Sure. ? Phones have onboard storage space. Your pictures, web bookmarks, games/apps, whatever goes there. When its full, cant take pictures. When it comes time to offload pics, I insert a cord and open the phone on my laptop. The cloud storage option means that the phone company is transmitting your pictures and other data wirelessly thru their network behind the scenes and to a data server somewhere. The advantage is that the newest generation using this tech will never run out of space for pictures as long as it has a connection. The disadvantage is that I get queasy about where that data is going, how long it persists, or what it might be used for. And by default, be aware that a lot if this cloud capability is going to be turned on for new phones. I find that obnoxious and intrusive. I had to fight with this Samsung for 6mo to finally stop whatever was feeding the Verizon cloud. This is just a lot of my own opinions about the "big data" economy that we currently live in that's now spilling into your nice little forum thread. Don't let my own misgivings and rampant paranoia spread to you. But in particular, I see the new Pixel commercials advocating these features as a cornerstone of how their product now works and I think "oh hellllllllll no." #grumpyoldman #frikkinmillenials
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    Got my hubby a redheart sentinel for his bday! I managed to get some pics of it as it went through the shop too :D. I even got to do the sanding myself (my ears turn into elf ears when I wear the sanding masks : P) He spent 30+ minutes arranging and rearranging his dice so that they looked juuuuust right IMG_1867.mov IMG_1868.mov
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    This is what happens when D&D goes too long...
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