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    So, got more of the set done today. Almost finished. Thought I would share some pics. Plus, some of the custom product we are making for the palyers is ready as well. Mine is the Pink Heart sentinel. The DM Screen is not the one we will be using. That one will have a Beholder on it!
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    ...A fox! That's beautiful, Rosie! I really love the wood grain on that piece. And the color scheme, to the surprise of no one. Also, I'm really late on this, but your collections are amazing @RomyCat and @Jabubuck. I really like the benge theme you have going, Jabubuck, and Romy, your valhalla screen photo is fantastic (bonus points for the cute cat)!
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    Awwww. Look what DMG just backed...
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    ;__; the videos didn't post and I can't get them to. If anyone is super interested, I have the video of it being engraved and finished on my instagram
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    Finished the table today and put it in place in our in stock office. Mostly holds shipping supplies and a spot for photos. Big transformation. Tomorrow, we will put up some fabric to finish off the edges. We also only had one light bulb.
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    If you don't read and just look at pictures it really isn't too bad :).
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    It's worth it going back to the beginning of this thread and seeing what other people bought, though your wallet may not appreciate it.
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    Wow that is a gorgeous piece of redheart! Love the grain!
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    Got my hubby a redheart sentinel for his bday! I managed to get some pics of it as it went through the shop too :D. I even got to do the sanding myself (my ears turn into elf ears when I wear the sanding masks : P) He spent 30+ minutes arranging and rearranging his dice so that they looked juuuuust right IMG_1867.mov IMG_1868.mov
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    Here is the first half after one coat of lacquer. I used all scrap from the shop. This is the right side of the table. You can see the angled edge for the DM. It is made out of our most popular woods, Flame Birch, African Mahogany, Ash, Walnut, and Bubinga.
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    I personally have a Samsung and really like it. I know people who really like the iphone, and others that really like the Google Pixel. I know that Samsung has "dumber smart phones" that are the bare minimums which is what I started with before jumping into a full smartphone. I'm not entirely sure if I would recommend that route due primarily to not knowing how well they work with "now a days requirements". But I can't judge either way as I am certainly no expert. But they tend to be the cheapest of the phones. I actually still have my Samsung S6 (I think they are on 9 now) and its still going strong. I highly recommend going to the physical store and trying out each of the different kinds of cell phones to see which fit your hands better. I tend to ignore the sales person trying to tell me one thing or another as they may or may not have your best interest in mind (some are really good, but others more are looking for commission). I've seen some really good Black Friday Deals go by so that is definitely worth a look. We got my husband's Samsung S7 for $10 a month (full pay off in 2 years) much better than the $30 a month for 2 years that I see (with Verizon - which is not the cheapest of plans but has the best coverage in our area). Granted I have yet to see that deal come up again...
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    You certainly don't. You have to keep cracking on my skirmish box, dice tower, and antler dice!
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    Last time I saw it there were dice everywhere on the floor. It looked like a unicorn barfed.
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