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    Got my hubby a redheart sentinel for his bday! I managed to get some pics of it as it went through the shop too :D. I even got to do the sanding myself (my ears turn into elf ears when I wear the sanding masks : P) He spent 30+ minutes arranging and rearranging his dice so that they looked juuuuust right IMG_1867.mov IMG_1868.mov
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    The finish really makes the wood pop when it gets sprayed on.
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    Wow that is a gorgeous piece of redheart! Love the grain!
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    ;__; the videos didn't post and I can't get them to. If anyone is super interested, I have the video of it being engraved and finished on my instagram
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    I don't see the redheart seat marker though!
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    @Konas Truly well done, I love it.
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    I like the wood panels on the wall with the lights. That's pretty cool. (All the better when light bulbs work ; )). Table top is pretty cool also.
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    Yeah, I didn't want to be presumptuous on where I would sit. Plus, all the red heart we have is spoken for by you
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    Maybe you should do a bowling alley next. ?
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