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    We are kicking off a new program this week that we are calling The Sawdust Selection! The Sawdust Selection will feature the most mind blowing and unique items coming out of our shop every day. Rare woods, experimental stains, and jaw dropping wood grains will be blessed with this honorable title. This doesn't mean that the price of the item will go up, it only means that we want you to know that this thing is amazing! Look for the new Sawdust Selections page on our website and keep an eye out for the golden paw print of pure awesomeness! And check your inbox every Saturday for our Sawdust Selections of the Week Newsletter! If you haven't signed up for our newsletter yet you're missing out on being first to hear Dog Might News and special items! You can sign up here to make sure you're always the first to know about cool stuff.
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    Next Arena Rex figure done! My matt spray seems like it comes out a bit shinier near the end of the bottle though.
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    I'm working on designing a cookie cutter currently. current version has some details to small but this is what i got so far:
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    I've started in on "Village Attacks". Some of the monsters (aka heroes) are going to be a bear to paint. Some of the places, all you can do is jam a brush loaded with paint and smear it around and have to be OK with close enough. The first few are (pictures snagged from google images):
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    Where's John Wayne and Red Buttons? Note: Your pineapple reminds me of the show "Psyche". Each episode had a pineapple in there somewhere.
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    Golden Paw. Love it.
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    I love lizard people! Also congrats! I've never finished all the minis in any game I've ever gotten haha
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    I'm officially done with Massive Darkness. Again. If I buy another expansion, please feel free to come to Minnesota and smack me. Lizards! This one times 12.
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    Didn't manage to finish the metal armed dude but did a bit of painting this morning.
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    He kind of looks like Mr. Peanut!
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