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    He's a pic of him that @Rosie drew for me.
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    I thought they'd look pretty good with the new rusted gold. Kind of like this - but with the hounds highlighted in the red over the gold background. (Had to grab the preview image from the forum, because it looks like this one just sold today).
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    I looked up the recipe. Pumpkin Cookie Sandwiches
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    Pumpkin pie cooked, cooled, and partly eaten ??
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    Here is Otter's family list: Father. Thalig Goatfist Thrud Mother. Vula Thrud (her honorific was stripped when she went to prison) Brother #1. Bear Brother #2. Possum. Brother #3. Snake. Brother #4. Leopard Brother #5. Puma Brother #6. Rhino Brother #7. Wallaby Brother #8. James Brother #9. Mongoose
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    Or XMas! Nothing says Happy Holidays like red and green hell hounds!
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