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    Congrats. And as I promised, here is a picture of Bria in her witch costume. : )
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    Here is Amelia dressed up as my favorite co-pilot, Chewbacca!
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    Some of the goodies coming through~~
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    Annnnd you're our forum winner!!! I am making the Facebook post now as well to announce the other winners!! Shoot me an email at info@dogmight.com so I can get your shipping info and send you your prize!
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    Does @tgpumpkin know about what the Pumpkin Regatta? https://www.opb.org/news/article/west-coast-pumpkin-regatta-2018/ Looks like a Viking is already partaking in this celebration..
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    Baron von Baron the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Angel Louise The Staffordshire Terrier tell their Marvel loving mommy that daddy says this is a DC household
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    Words cannot describe how excited I am for this. It's looking incredible!!! You all are amazing, thank you so much!!!
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    Yah, I'm also curious on the logistics. From the article: "'An 1,800-pound canoe doesn’t move very fast,' he said." Launching something that big probably deserves a name, a speech, and a bottle of champagne smacked against it.
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    The new "Rusted Gold" finish is killer. Definitely one of my favorites that you've done.
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    She didn't mind the dress too much but she did not like that hat. It took another minute or two after pictures for her to start shaking her head and I took it off. Lasted longer than I expected. Until Cyrus, Bria was the only cat to tolerate me putting anything on them.
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    I'm hoping to continue the semi-custom campaign for Shadows of Brimstone that I wrote for Mrs. Zoxe and I. The game is awesome but really offers no way to build a campaign (it's generally just a string of random missions). I've written a short campaign that will end with us fighting a big bad.
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    Yes, but Zoe is gone today so we are putting them up ourselves right now. Stay tuned for typos and wrong prices!!!!!
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    I wouldn't be so sure....Just coming through finishing and should go into final assembly today or Monday.
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    My transformer arrives Friday!!! If you don’t hear from me by Monday, it was too dangerous ?
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    Charlie, the saddest alligator, can emphasize with Sawdust & would love to see his owners dress up in a costume he’d pick out... which most likely will be cookie shaped.
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    Another KS delivery today, just poker card: starry sky
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    Hah, nope. Just your name. You should feel honored. You and Meat Chickens are the only 2 non employees that have gotten votes. Although I believe 'Beer' has gotten a vote or two along the way.
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    I dropped my airbrush on the concrete floor tonight luckily it seems to be working fine still and the only currently noticeable issue is the quick connect is a little looser now. No noticable airleak though. I think I got lucky.
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    We were in Michigan for a family event this weekend. It was fantastically sunny and relatively warm (mid 50s), then the rain settled in, then we got snow. None of it stuck, but was fun to watch from the kitchen window. My phone (Weatherbug app) was blowing up with wind advisories back home. We got back around lunch today and everyone on the block has wind damage - several bradford pears bit the dust, other tree limbs down. We cringed as we pulled into the driveway but mostly lucked out. I lost one fairly tall Ash. He was maybe 14" at chest height, a big one given the ash bore we have, but was mostly dead from infestation. Snapped off at about eye level and the rest of him hung up in high neighbors. If he'd twitched a little more south, we'd be without power and internet after he crashed through the lines to the house.
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    And of course because of my last statement....
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