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    My husband's purpleheart and wenge sentinel. It is gorgeous! I particularly like the wavy wenge on the insides. I plan to take pictures of mine during the day when the light is better.
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    Minneapolis got snow last night ? Not sure on my ability to send it anywhere else. I would have done so a long time ago.
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    I never expected to like the purpleheart. But its a very awesome piece DMG did.
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    While it has been publicized that Dog Might has worked with Geek & Sundry and White Wolf for G&S's LA By Night. I want to also give kudos to the Dog Might team for supporting another White Wolf supported Vampire game by my friends at Devil's Luck Gaming -- Overture en Nocturne. Overture will be running every Saturday at 8pm eastern through October. They will be doing giveaways during at the end of each episode - highlighted by the generous offerings from Dog Might of a number of custom dragon sheaths, as well as the finale featuring a bone box with a complete set of hero sleeves! They premiered this weekend, and thanks in part to the support of WW and Dog Might - they reached a record audience of over 90 viewers and were #1 in the "D&D" category on Twitch for most of the evening. The night came to a conclusion with the give away of the stunning Wolf sculpt sheath shown below, which found an appropriate home. So again, I want to really just give all the credit and thanks to Dog Might for their generosity and support.
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    Here's a hint: Viking Pumpkin Carving
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    Wow for that Yagg* screen. Too bad the trees in the background aren't highlighted a little. The boco is really nice, but I'll be happy with my birds eye boco. Speaking of which, any eta on my box getting sent back with the repair job?
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    Some new stuff coming out later today. We are quite pleased. The Bocote Sentinel is brutally gorgeous.
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    Aaaaahhhhh A safe haven from ridicule. I just finished my last pumpkin muffin yesterday. Between the muffins and two breakfasts of pumpkin pancake platter, I may actually be over the craving already. Kind of like candy corn. Tastes good once, and then I'm good for a year or two. I love fall too. Especially after the first hard freeze, and all the bugs are dead. Not much of an Indian Summer this year though. I guess I'll be planting bulbs, cleaning out the garage, pulling annuals, and cutting back some of the other foliage in around 40 degrees after work today. ? I'd like to wait and hope for a little bit of a warm snap, but it's trash day tomorrow. On the plus side, I don't have to worry about storm surges. Another plus is I don't rake leaves in the fall. I just blow them off the hardscapes, and not worry about it until spring.
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    Got home from work today and the first thing my sister told me was, "There is pumpkin pie in the fridge." Yummy. Sorry Tgpumpkin. Oh yeah, he's not suppose to see my horrible confession of my crime. What can I say? I'm weak with hungry when I come home after a long day of teaching teenagers.
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    No problem, and no hurry. I figured as much, which is why I didn't ping you earlier on it. Looking forward to seeing what you've got.. you all never disappoint. My complaining is only because I want all the things!!
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    To be clear, I am not purposefully setting out to rid you, specifically, of your hard earned funds. I am just coming up with ideas.
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    Lizard Agent. Not my best work on the teeth, but they are teeny tiny, and I stopped caring after the third touch up.
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    Lizards! I like to make the T-Rex sound in my head when I look at this guy.
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    Rats! This guy time 12.
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    They are really enthusiastic and thrilled to work with you all as well. And her photography is how I got to know Kassandra, and why I try my best to help and support them how I can. I went to school for theatre at one point, and while I didn't end up going that career path, I know how difficult the life of an artist/artisan can be.
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    @Lindsey and I did a TON of painting this weekend...it rained both days. Lindsey did more than me but I am pretty pleased with my Fenrir from Blood Rage!
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    Wanted to show off my Galaxy coco! It's a little bit darker than I thought it would be, but i'm still pretty happy!!
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    I just cooked a pumpkin pie and it is now cooling on the stove. Fall is my favorite time of year and part of that is because of pumpkins. I love eating almost anything pumpkin.
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    Wait until he sees the marketing video we have later for Halloween! He may not be a fan of ours afterwards!
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    There was either no connection for the lower half of the leg or it is a fraction of a millimeter connection. It's hard to tell as the leg fell right off.
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    Yeah, but you have such a lead @Serge Darveau, I don't know that anyone can ever catch you
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    Just in northern Ontario not so far away for me.
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    Sand Kraken was done last weekend. Here he's attacking my patio table.