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    I got my 3d printer last night and got it all put together and running. This is the first test print (which was instantly claimed by my 3 year old when he got up this morning)
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    30 degree temperature drop and rainy. I just finished my 2nd bowl of chili, and now thanks to this thread I really (really) want some pumpkin pie. Sugar Creme Pie is actually my favorite, but I'd take pumpkin at the moment. ?
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    To be clear, I am not purposefully setting out to rid you, specifically, of your hard earned funds. I am just coming up with ideas.
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    Oooh, exciting! Can't wait to get it. And now you added Screen accessories. ?Might have to pick up that shelf later. Would be very useful, I foresee. @Barb Bliss, I was sorely tempted to get leopardwood. Almost did. After literally debating for hours (and driving my sister nuts), I finally settled on Spellbook in Demon Blood. One reason because it was much cheaper, and another I was concerned that some wood grains would take away from the effect of the engravings. At one point I actually had rosewood written down. Took a lot of talking from Zenith to back me down from that option. I LOVE my rosewood mimic theme box, but rosewood is sooo expansive. I have a limited budget but also picked up a Sentinel and Bat theme box. The Sentinel will also be in demon's blood. I have been wanting an cool dice holder for many months and the Sentinel is perfect as it can hold 12 pairs of dice with the right combo of interiors.
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    Got home from work today and the first thing my sister told me was, "There is pumpkin pie in the fridge." Yummy. Sorry Tgpumpkin. Oh yeah, he's not suppose to see my horrible confession of my crime. What can I say? I'm weak with hungry when I come home after a long day of teaching teenagers.
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    No problem, and no hurry. I figured as much, which is why I didn't ping you earlier on it. Looking forward to seeing what you've got.. you all never disappoint. My complaining is only because I want all the things!!
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    Damn it @Konas! Why do you do this to me?!
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    Sigh - new drops apparently - including some sentinels that are finally in one of the configurations I'd be thinking of. Must have willpower!! Not to mention some pretty slimline sheaths
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    With this topic, you will get the second place in tg chart rating, starting at the bottom of course, deep in the minus zone lol
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    Because everyone else is on holiday too and has nothing better to do than hang around here. Then we all have to go back to work as well.
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    Me and my father went half on it as a b-day present to each other. It was on sale on gearbest (https://www.gearbest.com/3d-printers-3d-printer-kits/pp_1845899.html?wid=1433363) so we just bit the bullet and ordered one. We are going to use it to help build a CNC as well.
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    I got geek gold so I think you got the right one. Thanks!
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    On BGG, I'm making everyone from here who buys a badge one of my Geek Buddies. Cool to see my friends from here over at BGG.
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    Lizards! I like to make the T-Rex sound in my head when I look at this guy.
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    I don't remember where the Halloween decoration discussions were at, so I'm posting my witch picture here.
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    And apparently someone found it stunning - as it is gone. Did I miss any other pieces? I definitely see a bunch of new stuff out there.
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    I just cooked a pumpkin pie and it is now cooling on the stove. Fall is my favorite time of year and part of that is because of pumpkins. I love eating almost anything pumpkin.
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    BTW, hit me up tomorrow if I don't send you a message first. I will have a mock up for you tomorrow that we need to discuss. It's been crazy here this week but I want to hear your thoughts on what we have done so far.
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    LOL just for the topic title alone.
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    Scott was one of our awesome team leads. You met him when you visited. He was the one drunk on Bison Grass. Oh, wait. That doesn't really narrow it down, does it?
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    @Barb Bliss I love the different shades of green on your lizard creatures. Your lizard boss looks really scary.
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    Oh, this thread is funny. But I'm out of reactions too. ? Yeah, I feel like I live here. Maybe we old timers can get more reactions? (hint, hint yet again ?) Our reward for camping out on Dog Might property.
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