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    @Lindsey and I did a TON of painting this weekend...it rained both days. Lindsey did more than me but I am pretty pleased with my Fenrir from Blood Rage!
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    Thank you! We're off for Columbus Day, and before I go outside to finish staining the deck, I've been painting some Brimstone out of my pile of shame. It's arguably TOO bright to take decent pics outside, but hot off the bench is my Nun with a Gun. (She's an alt sculpt hero for Shadows of Brimstone, i.e. female Preacher). I'll say that the gray highlights look less obvious in room lighting. Painting black and white is HARD.
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    Tempting but I enjoy using it when I get to so I think I will keep it. @Zoxe I use the badger stynylrez primer and like it I have the grey and the white to do some pre-shading. I also have a set of their badger minitaire paints and their minitaire ghost tints. The paints are decent but there are a couple that are actually too thin. The ghost tints I like what you can do with them but my skill makes me usually make a mess with them.
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    Lol! Not just you. I hate seeing pictures of myself (oh gawd, when did I get so old!) and pictures of my minis (oh gawd, I see 37 things that needed fixed!). Your Fenrir just oozes attitude, and your work makes your minis look very lived in / dirty / been-there-done-that. I love it.
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    I have an airbrush but rarely get to use it. They are nice.
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    Next up, I'm attempting to salvage these probe droids. I assembled and basecoated well over a year ago and got really dismayed at how they looked. I spent an hour with the airbrush this morning to make them a little more exciting. Starting point... black primer and Armypainter Gun Metal. I mixed just a bit of blue paint into some SO blue ink and shot the globe all over. Then some Liquitex carbon black ink around the base. Then I grabbed 2 more shades of silver and shot a highlight from about 45 degrees... Next up, I'll airbrush shade the arms and tentacles. However, not looking forward to all those lenses.
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    The Long Night is a great Stand alone expansion that features the original game along with a few expansions. You'll miss out on the original characters and some crossroad cards but I think it's well worth it. If you love the game as much as me you can always go back and get the original version.
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    Sand Kraken was done last weekend. Here he's attacking my patio table.
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    Rats! Agent Boss for previous group of rats Roaming monster
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    We've got a new item coming from the Dog Might Labs and it's all about showcasing your miniatures! Exotic Plinth packages are now available to give your minis that lumberjack feel! 5 random exotic woods come with every bundle so you never know what crazy cool lumber you're going to get. Check it out here
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    Responsibility is overrated.
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    BTW - that blog was in fact one of the first places I saw the stone-effect.. so yeah. But handy to have the link again. As for the delay, first I was waiting for some kickstarter stuff (wet palette), then I keep telling myself it's because it will be easier to paint uninterrupted if I get the rest of this stuff out of the way. But at the current rate.. I'll probably be getting the Gambler's Chest before I get anything meaningful done (yes I know that's not due for like a year or more) I definitely want to try and take at least one of the basic painting classes at Unplugged. Also you keep talking about the convention deals, so I'm hoping that maybe Badger will be at PAX (since they're never at Dragon*Con which is my big con each year)
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    Haven't bought one yet. RL expenses and DMG expenses have prevented it. And as I said.. I think I need to get a little more practice hand painting before I start buying an airbrush. Since I haven't even finished the first minis that I started painting a while ago yet. (First putting together everything KD:M expansions, and then getting my Paladin sleeves so I've been sleeving a bunch of my games on my work table).
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    If you need more dice, we just opened up our Dice Frenzy! 38 sets of dice for $200. http://dogmight.com/dice
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    They make man girdles?? Man, something for my Amazon shopping cart.
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    I bought my first pair of reading glasses this summer.
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    Since you guys are in the convention scene so often, hit up the Badger booth. His convention show prices make me cry a little - at GenCon and Reapercon, he was running a 2 brush special (Patriot 105 and Sotar 2020) for about what I paid for my Sotar. I'm also starting to love his Stynlrez primer. My backlog is so big that I need to figure out how to get 'reasonable' quality for less time investment. The figures I'm working right now are heading me in that direction. Hopefully I can get the probe droids done (or nearly done) tonight.
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    Your work always makes me want to get an airbrush! Maybe for XMas!
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    Ooh, now you can play as kittens in D6. The purrfect game.
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    I really, really like Dead of Winter. I have the first version of the game. I have read reviews for the second. Its similar to the first but with some new buildings and challenges. I'm not a fan, in general, of zombie games so I was iffy if I would like Dead of Winter, but I finally bought it a few years ago. It was worth the price. We've had a blast with it. For two players the game is fine, but it shines with three or more. With two players you are working as a solid team to protect the colony and complete goals. With three plus players, there is a possibility that one of them is a betrayer who is secretly working to destroy you all. I love that element--and I very much enjoy it when I'm the betrayer ? The game is well-designed. Missions can be normal or hard. And believe me, even the "easy" missions can be challenging. We have lost more games than we won. Even in losing we had a great time. With one group that I have played this game with numerous times, we often get into role-playing, having a blast coming up with stories and eye-balling certain other players, accusing them of being untrustworthy (its usually Zenith vs me). I recommend it even if you are not into horror or zombies. It's that human element of not knowing who to trust that really makes this game shine.
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    This is what happens when D&D goes too long...
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    Sorry Barb...I thought about not saying anything but your Dragon is in my nightmares now and I need some help. ?
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    LinK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/certifiablegames/d6?ref=profile_starred This game comes with some wicked humor. And its selling like hot cakes.
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    Dead of winter a long night on sale for 30 bucks at Amazon. It’s a stand-alone expansion but I don’t have either game yet. Loved Dow the original but now deciding if I should get long night or just original. @Lindsey thoughts? Anyone else can chime in too.
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    A couple of new screens up. A couple more later today too. I like this one a lot.
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    Curious what you think of these, more painted screens.
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    Guy on right: "And now my Dragon sets all of your fields ablaze! BWahahaha!!" Guy on left: "WTF? Where did you get a dragon?!"
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    Just backed this one: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chadelkins/space-explorers/description
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    A new playtest is live today and we would love some more gamers to join the team! It's a game of mazes and sabotage for 2-4 players. You can earn discounts off Dog Might gear and get your name in the Rulebook! If you're interested please email me at lindsey@dogmight.com to sign up today! I'll leave this pic here as a teaser...
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    Not in my bed. I don't care how warm you keep me.
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    My dark bloodwood poly set. Super sinister.
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    What do you mean? My wallet loves DMG - They make it look so slim and slender.
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    I am not there yet but am already preparing myself mentally for the inevitable man girdle, toupee, and walker.
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    Your painting is sooooo clean! I am envious.
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    How to play: someone posts a picture then others create captions for it. After a bit, someone post a new picture which needs a caption. Here is an example using a picture I created. Guy on left: "Hey, why is your screen bigger than mine?" Guy on right: "Better to hide the....peppers I am growing."
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    This is like every dog my family has ever owned. (Ok.. so maybe they didn't jump this well.. but the end of the video - pretty much) https://www.facebook.com/haley.deecken/videos/601313446950444/
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    Halloween's coming, your dog will look great with this.
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