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    I haven't done any solo play but am waiting on the unbroken Kickstarter to arrive. I have been looking into more and more solo as getting a change to play with others is becoming harder and harder. One deck dungeon is one I want to pick up everytime I see it at the store but waiting for funds before I can do that.
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    Wow, that wood was beautiful and unique. Great lighthouse it turned into.
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    No I want another couple weeks of this nice weather. this summer was to hot to do anything its finally a reasonable temp here in Atlantic Canada I want to enjoy it a bit more before it snows.
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    Nice! But you know I would like it better if it was more subtle like the dark rainbow.
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    Yeah, sure is brutal when you try to stop making purchases and one of your friends keeps encouraging you to buy buy buy
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    Never heard of that one. And I don't want to know at this point!
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    @RomyCat, I saw your tree game at my FLGS last night with a Managers Choice sign on it. I resisted...
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