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    You're an Underdog so you've already got access to the playtest forums. If you want to join just jump right in! Although I would wait until next Monday before printing out anything since I will be doing a fairly large design update throughout this week.
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    AHA. This makes sense, since the numbers don't line up like they do for any Chessex D4s. Also... did you see Kraken's Enchantment color? It looks like they may be trying to edge in on the borealis hype. My friend ordered a set and I'm eagerly waiting for her to receive it, so we can see how close it is to new or old glitter, if at all.
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    Can it be played with 2 people?
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    Yesterday @RomyCat and I had a gaming day. It was a lot of fun. Circle the Wagons (2 plays. First time playing) - A micro game that took more thought to win than I was expecting. I enjoyed it more than I thought.Sprawlopolis(3 Plays. First time playing) - This is another micro game made by the same company as Circle the Wagons. I was also surprised to like this one as much as I did. It is a cooperative city building game that turned out to be difficult to win. It took us three tries before we won a game. Monarch - A game where sisters try to become the next ruler of the kingdom. Who better to play it with than my sister.Yokohama - Running around the city of Yokohama, gathering supplies and filling orders. Always fun to play.Colt Express - Who doesn't want to be a bad guy now and then, running around a train and robbing everyone in site.7 Wonders Duel (Two plays) - I have too much fun conquering by military. Cottage Garden - Wanted to build some gardens.Terraforming Mars - Always up to play my favorite game.
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    That is one confused dragon. It does not know that fire is supposed to come out of it's mouth not the top of it's head.
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