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    Hah, I know how you feel. I think I glued the Samurai helmet to my hand about 5 times. Plastic. On a brighter note, I recently got this for myself on my birthday. I have wanted it for a while. It is prepped and primed, just waiting for me to dive in. Maybe this weekend. This is not my paint job obviously. He's about 4" tall.
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    I have a carport. Deliveries are just placed by my door so I’ve had no issues so far
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    Not sure whether to use the sad reaction or the laughing reaction. I guess I'll just pocket it.
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    Wanted to show off my Galaxy coco! It's a little bit darker than I thought it would be, but i'm still pretty happy!!
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    I had that problem too until I realized that the doorbell wasn't working anymore ; ).
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    I came home to a soggy box. The top had sagged in and a puddle was sitting there. smh. The outer box was so saggy, it was hard to pickup and bring into the house, but the boxes inside were ok as they were plastic wrapped, The art book is a little damp. Why they didn't plastic wrap that, I'll never know. I put a heavy stock pot on it in hopes the pages don't curl as it dries out.
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    Plastic or metal? At reapercon, I bought into Freeblades. The minis looked really oldskool, classic metal sculpts and I've been doing only wild and crazy plastic minis forever. The simplicity really called to me. Sat down 2 nights ago and assembled a wild and crazy plastic mini from Brimstone and thought "wow, I really love Tamiya cement. Wait, I need to use superglue on Freeblades. I [frikkin] HATE mother [trucking] superglue..... Awww [shucks]." I'll get thru it, but it's lost some of its luster. ?
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