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    After seeing this, I have no desire to complain that the temp/dewpoints are up today. PLEASE STAY SAFE for all of you being/about to be affected. 20 on my D20 bless for you all.
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    I've never GM'ed before so this is my starting point. Gotta use that AC somehow other than display it.
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    So, not (strictly speaking) a new "game" but here's a potentially awesome addon to an existing skirmish game. We met DGS Games at Reapercon and walked away so impressed that we bought 2 starter boxes (and I have sworn off skirmish games!). Julie Guthrie is sculpting this dragon - she's done most of the ones for Reaper and is a living legend within the sculpting community. The dragon will plug into their existing game (Freeblades) in a future update.
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    I saw that! And it does have a lot of 2 player options. There's also a co-op option if you have the expansion. I haven't tried it yet at all but I'll let you know! We'll probably be doing a 4 player game this weekend, but that might give us a rough idea on how it would be for 2 players. I imagine it's pretty different, though.
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    Looks nice, funny, could be cool in viking too.
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