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    This video randomly came up after I watched something else. I watched the whole thing spellbound. p.s. Is it safe to use a chainsaw in sandals?
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    Hi Everyone, I'm a Magic player who's looking for a new deck box that can not only transport the deck (i.e., 80-90 double sleeved Magic cards consisting of a 60 card main deck + 15 card sideboard + 5-10 card tokens), but also the other gaming paraphernalia that go along with playing a game of Magic (i.e., dice, tokens, etc.). I stumbled upon the Sentinel and it looks like it COULD be that solution, but I have a few questions: Will my deck fit into the Sentinel? I double sleeve my deck for additional protection, however, this slightly increases the thickness of the cards. The 'Card Triple' Interior Bottom states that each well will hold 50+ sleeved cards. With a total capacity fo 150+ sleeved cards across the three wells I assume 80-90 double sleeved cards will be fine. Can anyone speak to the size fo the Sentinel as it pertains to double sleeved Magic cards? Will the Sentinel protect my deck? Looking at the image of the 'Card Triple' Interior Bottom on the website, the corners of each well appear to be slightly curved / angled. Do these corners have the potential to impact the shape or condition of my sleeved cards? I plan on carrying the deck box to and from my local game store in a shoulder bag. Are the magnets strong enough to hold the two sides of the Sentinel together in transit? Finally, if anyone could share any pictures of their Sentinel being used to store Magic cards it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!
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    My first d&d group had a cleric named Rowena. That's what I think of first.
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    Hey @prepare4robots ! I'm the MTG player at DMG headquarters and I've been using the sentinel with no issues for my EDH deck. I don't believe you could do double sleeve with EDH but if you are looking to transport a double sleeved standard deck, some tokens, and your side cards you should be fine. I testing the sentinels out with my sleeve of choice (dragon shield) and had no issues or damage to the sleeves. The magnets will also never come apart on you, they are crazy strong! During the design of the sentinel I actually tested it for MTG extensively at my Magic and Whiskey club. If it holds up to me throwing the box around after tasting 5 whiskeys it will hold up to anything.
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    I should show this to my graphic design students. We use Photoshop everyday.
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    Okay, finally posting my Scythe update!!! A few weekends ago, we had a six player game with two newbies who don't play much. This went terribly for me because I focused wayyyy too much on my objective, was really stubborn about my plans, and.. well, I probably had too much hard cider, honestly. Me (Olga & Changa, making this even more embarrassing, because yes, I ended on the factory): 20 points... Newbie 1 (Gunter & Nacht): 30 points R (Connor & Max, from the expansion): 30 points Newbie 2 (Anna & Woitek): 45 points A (Akiko & Jiro, from the expansion): 47 points Isaac (Zehra & Kar): 65 points because of course Then we played the weekend after, back to our original four, and all of the stars aligned, finally... I think this was the best game we've had so far and it's clear we all figured out wtf to do now. Isaac (Connor & Max): 58 points A (I forget who she was playing??): 81 points Me (Gunter & Nacht): 96 points R (Akiko & Jiro): 110 points I would have won if R hadn't been ballsy and gone into combat with Isaac at the end, I think. Isaac also made a mistake getting into combat with me at the very end there. He thought I wouldn't put all my power into it (I was almost at max), but I'm an all or nothing kinda gal, especially because I wanted another star on the board. So, even though I only had one piece and he had three, I crushed him. He had nearly zero power, because he was focusing a bit too much on the objective he had, which required him to be at zero. It was an awesome game, though. It felt like all four of us were playing, instead of Isaac & A and R & me playing our own games within one, hahaha. I also didn't partake in any alcohol for that one, so... this lightweight may keep that habit up for Scythe.
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    I have a suggestion for a wood species to add to your lineup. Rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia)! The modern name is Mountain Ash. The Asian\European variety not the North American variety. This species is very significant in Celtic, and Norse mythology and lore. NOBODY else sells any Rowan dice that I can find. I'd buy some tomorrow if I could. Here is one link talking about it's significance: https://thepresenttree.com/blogs/news/rowan-tree-meaning Here is a link to a celtic legend about a particular island that contained a Rowan Tree. The ruin's of my clan's ancestral castle is on that island! I recently went to Scotland boated out to the island and climbed up to the castle ruins. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraoch_Eilean,_Loch_Awe
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    OMG - I found pictures of @tgpumpkin's house on line! Or maybe it's @Serge Darveau's. I'm not sure.
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    This is pretty much what it looks like at lunch when all of DMG heads to the corner store. Or Friday afternoons at the beer store ?
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    Every time I hear about Rowan wood I think of Harry Potter haha
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    Wow, I shall never think of broccoli the same again.
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    Name: Chopper the Courageous Coward Race: Rhodesian Ridgeback Class: Paladin Best Known Skill: Keeping the party warm on cold nights Famous for: Finding a place to hide until the danger has passed Most Ashamed of: His unlawful rogue sister Chopper is the most courageous paladin you have ever met! You can count on him to rush to the party’s rescue! …after the danger has passed. He has a heart of gold and will forever be loyal to those who pet him. You can often find him taking a nap on his companions’ laps or in their beds.
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    @tgpumpkin no pumpkin here, any fan of broccoli here lol
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    More like this, I'm supposed to be savage... -40 000 x ∞
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