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    I've started typing a few times to consolidate some of my Reapercon thoughts. Nothing I've written yet really conveys exactly what happened to us. "We had a great/wonderful/excellent/terrific time" is kind of cliche. We signed up not really knowing what to expect. What we found is that Reapercon is first and foremost about the painting aspect of the hobby. Secondarily, it's about D&D and a smattering of other tabletop systems. I saw just a handful of board games in play, but there were acres of tabletop RPGs. But painting, lots of painting. The people at attend Reapercon are a tight knit crew and quite fantastic. It's not a "small" con, but it's far smaller than PAX-U, and it goes on for 4+ full days (with most people arriving Wednesday evening for the pre-party and many staying through to Monday morning before setting off for home, so it's almost 6 days for many). Here's the part that I have trouble describing: we got adopted by two groups and then met friends-of-friends and friends-of-friends-of-friends. After 5 Gencons, 3 Blizzcons, a PAX-U, and random visits to the game stores near us, I feel like I can find common ground and have a pleasant conversation with most nerds. But in the small confines of a mult-day event, those incidental encounters were compounded with repeat conversations. We started Wednesday night awkward and anonymous, but went up to our room on Sunday with handshakes and hugs. It all happened in a blur, but looking back at how the weekend evolved, it couldn't have happened any other way - and could have never been planned or premeditated. So, we had a great time; already talking about next year.
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    I see you went all out. I got to play Star Realms Frontier over the weekend. My sister and I enjoyed it. Played 4 games. The first two were vs. and I loved building up my deck while trying to destroy my sister. Won a game and lost a game. Then we decided to play cooperative to take out a boss. We choose what we thought was the weakest one because he started with only 25 health per player. Turns out, he was extremely powerful and clobbered us mercilessly until we were both destroyed. So we next tried the first boss mentioned in the directions, guessing that the easiest came first. This time we fared much better. Like us, the boss slowly gains in better attacks, giving us a chance to get stronger. In the end the boss and us were hitting each other with 15 plus attacks. We won, but it was close. Lots of fun.
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    My sister and I have played six out of the eight episodes for Scythe The Rise of Ferris. I must say, I’ve loved it as much as Pandemic Season 1. So many WOW moments. Great story. And you can reset everything and play it again, if you wish. Love it.
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    Currently driving across Missouri. First four hours were like driving in a washing machine! Omg the rain. We'll stop in Joplin for lunch and are currently on track to make it to TX in time for the pizza party welcome dinner. We left work early last night and after a quick run home, got on the road. Actually set the Miniature Market physical store as our destination to make full use of our geeky road trip. Told the shop staff what we were doing and they appeared pleased and honored to be part of our tour.
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