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    With the arrival of our sentinels, I put out all my dice on the game mat to see how many I had. My husband decided to do the same. Turns out he has one more set of dice than I do, as well as more miscellaneous dice. (Mine is on the right).
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    From my yard, Ann Arbor a little bit in the south of this, some wild cherries. Nice wine will done this fall
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    I saw it before it sold, it was quite nice :).
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    So Mint delivery delivered in mint condition.
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    Got a delivery notice rather than card notice, so probably the parcel fit in my post office box, like mint delivery, I will know it at ten.
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    I actually don't care for TM. Everyone just sits in silence, and plots, so it feels more like work than what I'm hoping to get out of game night.
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    Ok so this is my personal opinion, but having received so many wonderful wooden gaming products from Dog Might Games, I have fallen in love with chechen, a very beautiful wood. It has become my favorite wood so far that they have put up for sell and that is saying something because they have a lot of beauties in their shop. ? The beauty in this wood lies in that is it chatoyant which means when the light hits it, it exhibits beautiful changing luster throughout the wood. It also has a strong golden blonde and reddish brown tone, highlighted with other dark streaks. Simply put, its pretty stunning. Below are some youtube links I put up that show off chatoyancy in the wood. As well as some pictures. However chechen, will always look way better in person than in pictures due the chatoyancy it exhibits in lighting! Don't forget that when you think about which wood to pick! Pick chechen! Please feel free to add any wonderful DMG pictures of chechen that you might have! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSJV8LVkleQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-0v46fRQgo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0HgIwch1XQ
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    @Serge Darveauyour shirts are always way better then the lame ones Dog Might gives us haha
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    @WxCougar the dice sets of you and your husband is very impressive. Much larger than my still growing collection. @Serge Darveau each of my family has a Polyhero wizard set. And we each ordered a rogue set in their latest Kickstarter. Still waiting on the latest ones to arrive. Polyhero dice are so coooool. ? Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/polyherodice/polyhero-dice-rogue-set
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    @RomyCat and others....played some Rise of Tribes this weekend and it’s avery good game. Nice midweight game that has some good meat to it and plays at a good clip. Glad I got a second chance on it at gencon
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    I finally finished my blogger write up for the event. There are a few more pictures (and a lot more words). http://zoxes.blogspot.com/2018/08/gencon-2018.html
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    Making some cards and always supervised... ?
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    Polyhero dices, wizard set.
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    I just realized I have not posted in this thread... Name: Akilah Swiftfoot Race: Savannah Class: Skald Best Known Skill: Singing at one end of the house and the next second being on the other end without notice. Famous for: The war cry she gives before going into battle Most Ashamed of: Unable to walk slippery ledges With her constant chatter, one would think she would go into oratory as a bard, but when she senses danger, she flies into a fury of long legs and screams. This tough cat will prove to be a great travel companion, and a good fighter when need be.
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    Nice choice, Zoe! Looks like it will serve you and your dice well. Will look forward to showing mine off when they arrive.
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    @Serge Darveau, can you send a crate of those to Minnie?
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    Hahaha I just wanted to torture you and make you tell everyone you decided to sell it.
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    Oh, I totally should have. Thor is re-finishing it and it'll, uh.. be up.. on the website soon, though......... because I really want an inlaid Sentinel
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    I'm down to 3 heroes only needing some essence of pearl to be put on the bases (and gluing the magnets on), 1 monster almost done, 2 monsters not started or barely started, and 3 more heroes then I'm "done" with painting Massive Darkness. Unfortunately Jaemus has been in Indiana since GenCon. He bought a bunch of Massive Darkness while at GenCon. After a few emails back and forth, I saw he got 2 expansions I passed on (rats and reptiles - another one I didn't get because I got half of it as an exclusive). KS wanted $32 a piece, but Amazon had both on sale and I ended up getting them both for under $60 including taxes. So instead of almost being done painting the game, I'm back to almost 50 miniatures to go. Why do I do these things?
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    I would like everyone's pets but my like button has deemed me done already. Name: Cyrus Race: Savannah Class: Bard Best known skill: Lover Famous For: Wanting belly rubs Most ashamed of: Nothing, he has no shame. Cyrus sings much higher than his partner in crime. He has a great falsetto voice to a high tenor usual range. He makes a great party face as he loves everyone, and can disarm tense situations with his charms.
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    Name: Clair Race: Mystery Mutt Class: Wizard Best known skill: Circle. She has learned that trick, and will now do it no matter what trick you actually ask her to do. Most ashamed of: Eating Fenrir's food when he moves too slow. She is a doggo with many years of experience frightening off evil creatures like bunnies and squirrels. Would be an asset to any adventuring party that needs someone to run in circles.
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    This thread is so cute! Name: Fenrir Race: Fluff-muffin of Ragnarok Class: Warrior Best known skill: Having bed head at all hours of the day. Most ashamed of: His crippling fear of stairs. Would be a heckin good addition to an adventure party so long as it doesn't go too far from home, has lots of food, and is ok with drool.
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