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    @tgpumpkin Here are some pics! You asked if we were headed to Grandcon, but alas the answer is no. We're going to Reapercon later this month and then PAX Unplugged again. Looking at my haul, I realized I didn't really buy any new games (technically a couple of expansions for SoB). However, I just got my copy of ROOT, Founders of Gloomhaven, and VAST delivered to the house within the 2 weeks prior. PICTURE 1 Dropfleet Commander. I didn't intend to buy much at this booth.... on my list was a Battlecruiser, the new Destroyers, and 1 Battleship to fill out my collection. But, they were selling some of the webstore-only and residual Kickstarter Exclusive stock. Everything that's in a plastic bag is exclusive in some way. The scourge ships are for Mrs. Zoxe's army. PICTURE 2 Shadows of Brimstone and Broken Token. I really like the BT paint stands that we got at PAX-U and wanted more. The Brimstone goodies were offset by winning my painting category (the Depth Track and Trederran Raiders were covered by the prize pool). PICTURE 3 Kingdom Death - Spent more than I intended. This is a mix of gencon exclusives, models I think are cool and wanted duplicates of, and resins that are hard to get. The brown box Ringtail Fox Survivor (lower row, 2nd from right) has been scalped on eBay from $65 to $100. I paid $20 and is part of the initial collector's run of 500 (mine is #498).
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    Thanks. I had a blast painting it.
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    My sister and I played Founders of Gloomhaven twice. I liked it. Not easy to understand with just reading the rule book. The book does provide a link to a how to play video which I found very useful. Once we got into the game, we really liked it. Lots of deep strategy. I loved watching my town grow. I won the first game, but @Zenithsplendor won the second time. Figuring out points whenever a higher tier building is built is tricky, with some of the points being split between those who own the supplies needed to build it. Does help prevent run-away leaders.
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    Jeremiah has a glorious beard whose might likely repels the nastiest germs. People with beards in general exude an aura of such power and majesty that no infection stands a chance against the vitality of a bearded warrior.
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    I ACHIEVED PIN QUEEN STATUS YOU GUYS I was able to participate in some STELLAR trades so I really only paid for one of these pins (the Pachimari Blizzard one). Although to be fair, I got the Root one because I bought the game and the expansion. The rest were free or trades that I was able to execute because of pins that I got at PAX Unplugged or Origins. (In fact, the Vast one I got from a customer who appreciated my help back at Origins!!) There was a girl with a bunch of Pokemon pins going around looking to trade - I got my Raikou, Jirachi, Catpuccino, and the Majora's Mask pins all because of her and her lack of Game of Thrones pins. As for my loot: Root + expansion, Before There Were Stars, Scythe: Rise of Fenris (physical copy!!!! not pre-order!!! eeee!), Chessex Vortex set (the blue one with gold), Chessex burgundyish Borealis D20 that was discontinued, Crystal Caste Gen Con 2018 set (green with like gold flakes, love it for a forest or swamp witch), some Blizzard loot (Pachimari pin, Pachimari plush key chain that squeaks, golden Pachimari con exclusive plush, and Ana vinyl figure that I got for free because it didn't have a base... gotta pass that to Jeremiah in the shop still so I can mount it on a spalted tamarind plinth), and finally a lovely print from our artist for Countdown! ? Ooh, and a t-shirt that looks like a National Forest sign but it's for Mirkwood. ♥️
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    Just got Brass yesterday! Oh my gourd I can’t wait....
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    And.....we are back. Worked a half day yesterday to catch up a bit but didn't have time to jump on here. I have a fuller then normal inbox and know that a couple of you reached out to me there. I will be responding this afternoon. Had an AMAZING GenCon. Potentially the best ever. Big things happening that I cannot discuss yet but hopefully soon. Great to see so many of you there. Apologies to @Zoxe again for not recognizing you upon meeting. My memory is crap. Too much lumberjack juice. Went a little crazy with the purchases this year. One of our biggest hauls ever. The shortlist: Monsterpocalypse, Aristeia, Crystal Clans, lots of minis for Arena Rex, Guild Ball, Hordes, Pathfinder playtest, Vampire V5, L5R beginner box, lots of dice, and a bunch of other stuff. Root the game was a big hit with the crew. So much that I am sure I am forgetting something. Our crew did an amazing job. @Zoe took the lead on the booth this year so I could hobnob with some other businesses and it worked very well. Hats off to her. She has staved off her daily firing for at least one day.
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    The transgressions of missing Rise of Tribes and Root are now hereby corrected after gencon
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    A lot of these are from the Deep Cuts series. Some I picked up online. Others at a FLGS in a nearby city. Here is a link to Miniature Market selling some of them. The Deep Cuts come already prime so you can start painting immediately. Miniature Market for Deep Cuts: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/table-top-miniatures/deep-cuts.html Mimics: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73192.html Braziers: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73034.html Wagon: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73096.html Bartender/dancing girl: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk72588.html (not shown in pictures because I have not quite finished painting them.) Keg barrels: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk72595.html Table/Chair: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk72593.html Rusty Dragon Inn Tavern Set seems to be hard to find, though I only bought it a few months ago. There is a painted and unpainted version. I got the unpainted version on Black Friday weekend right after Thanksgiving with a 20% discount. Rusty Dragon Inn: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk72054.html (painted and sold out) Unpainted: https://www.miniaturemarket.com/wzk73221.html Company site: https://wizkids.com/pathfinder-battles-rusty-dragon-inn/
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    You didn’t need to add the kdm pics ya know nice pickups, glad you got some good stuff out of it. I realized after the con I forgot to get s terraforming mars organizer. Sorry we missed each other again. I’m new to this con stuff so I’m still figuring things out. I feel like I flubbed gencon and missed some real cool stuff but st least I still had a good time. Maybe next year youll have to tell me how founders is. I thought about it last year but it seemed like it was not scratching the right itch for me. I can’t wait to try root and get the base game preorder in the mail (I got the expansion at least lol). Another game I wish I would have tried out there was coimbra. Looked interesting and the board is dynamic .
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    I kept looking out for you but didn't spot you! We had a great GenCon. Friends from out of town, a big group dinner with too many margaritas, late night gaming (well, 'late' by our definition, hah), some really fun demos, and yes - much acquired loot. We did the Q&A with the keynote authors - James S.A. Corey of the Expanse series and got front row. Separately got them to sign some books. I am in a rush this morning - I need to leave for the office in an hour and then will be away on business - but will try to gather my thoughts and post a follow-up later. I will say that one of the comical events of the weekend was our first visit to the DMG booth. I spotted Zoe and shouted at her and we chat for awhile. I then ask about a specific product I meant to look at in person. She didn't see it in their collection and then called Konas over. Konas had no reason to recognize me in person - we've met once, almost a year ago - and started into the full-on overview of the Sentinel box. I'm smiling and nodding along, but over his shoulder, Zoe is horrified. I lip read from her, "Does he know who you are?" to which I shrug and say "no." Konas is really getting his momentum now, but Zoe taps him on the shoulder sand says, "Konas... Konas... this is Zoxe." Konas deflates. Extends his hand. "Hi." "Hi! I'm really sorry, but you were doing so well I didn't want to interrupt you." I'm pretty sure Konas was mentally wanting to kick me in the shin but he held his composure. We stopped in several times throughout the weekend, and the booth always looked pretty busy and money was changing hands. I truly hope DMG had a great 'con and had a safe trip home. I'm maintaining my Vitamin C regimen this year - maybe this time I won't come down with the 'Con Crud.
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    So I went to my first gencon and....I was completely overwhelmed lol. It’s okay though because I was only there for a day and my main purpose was to scout and pick up a few things. I’ve learned the following things from my pains as a rookie. 1). Plan ahead and pick events close to each other- I was inefficient with my time because I kept traveling back and forth and lost key demo time. I need to plan my days out better and make sure I do things close together before moving to another section. 2) you can never have enough water- I read the tips for water and brought 3 bottles but that wasn’t enough. Apparently the aura of gamers has an energy that slowly dehydrates you resulting in -1 penalties to energy and hydration levels every 15 mins. 3)the curse of FOMO on your wallet is real- I thing I was good for the most part....but I had to hold myself back on the hard sale. Ever dell was a big temptation that I avoided but rise of tribes caught me . Always good to remind yourself that fomo is a sales tactic most of the time. 4) gencon is crazy but can be a lot of fun. It got too busy at times and I was sad I missed out in being able to connect with people more often but it’s a lot of fun and I’m hoping to go all 4 days next year and bring some massive gourdian style with it The Loot:
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