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    @ElysianPeace Yep the duck was custom, and so was the circle engraving on the police box @Barb Bliss Nope, both of the custom works are based on my username :) @Rosie Thanks for the great packing :) I'm just down I-94 from you guys, so it only takes 2 days with surepost. No time for damage ! @Serge Darveau Yep got all three....still adding the DMG swag thought
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    @WxCougar Thank You :) The purple dragon was my sons choice, and I like it too ! @ElysianPeace We play 2st and 2nd D&D with adults, and 5e and Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse with the grand kids, plus various board games and cards with everybody :)
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    I kept looking out for you but didn't spot you! We had a great GenCon. Friends from out of town, a big group dinner with too many margaritas, late night gaming (well, 'late' by our definition, hah), some really fun demos, and yes - much acquired loot. We did the Q&A with the keynote authors - James S.A. Corey of the Expanse series and got front row. Separately got them to sign some books. I am in a rush this morning - I need to leave for the office in an hour and then will be away on business - but will try to gather my thoughts and post a follow-up later. I will say that one of the comical events of the weekend was our first visit to the DMG booth. I spotted Zoe and shouted at her and we chat for awhile. I then ask about a specific product I meant to look at in person. She didn't see it in their collection and then called Konas over. Konas had no reason to recognize me in person - we've met once, almost a year ago - and started into the full-on overview of the Sentinel box. I'm smiling and nodding along, but over his shoulder, Zoe is horrified. I lip read from her, "Does he know who you are?" to which I shrug and say "no." Konas is really getting his momentum now, but Zoe taps him on the shoulder sand says, "Konas... Konas... this is Zoxe." Konas deflates. Extends his hand. "Hi." "Hi! I'm really sorry, but you were doing so well I didn't want to interrupt you." I'm pretty sure Konas was mentally wanting to kick me in the shin but he held his composure. We stopped in several times throughout the weekend, and the booth always looked pretty busy and money was changing hands. I truly hope DMG had a great 'con and had a safe trip home. I'm maintaining my Vitamin C regimen this year - maybe this time I won't come down with the 'Con Crud.
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    So I went to my first gencon and....I was completely overwhelmed lol. It’s okay though because I was only there for a day and my main purpose was to scout and pick up a few things. I’ve learned the following things from my pains as a rookie. 1). Plan ahead and pick events close to each other- I was inefficient with my time because I kept traveling back and forth and lost key demo time. I need to plan my days out better and make sure I do things close together before moving to another section. 2) you can never have enough water- I read the tips for water and brought 3 bottles but that wasn’t enough. Apparently the aura of gamers has an energy that slowly dehydrates you resulting in -1 penalties to energy and hydration levels every 15 mins. 3)the curse of FOMO on your wallet is real- I thing I was good for the most part....but I had to hold myself back on the hard sale. Ever dell was a big temptation that I avoided but rise of tribes caught me . Always good to remind yourself that fomo is a sales tactic most of the time. 4) gencon is crazy but can be a lot of fun. It got too busy at times and I was sad I missed out in being able to connect with people more often but it’s a lot of fun and I’m hoping to go all 4 days next year and bring some massive gourdian style with it The Loot:
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    My yard is starting to wake up, and neighbors have been stopping by for a drink.
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    There's wood on two side of my house, the dogs like it. And you may see L.A. in that way some thousands miles away lol
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    This is my lot of Dog Might Gear I’ve received over the last 10 months Not pictured 2 prototype Dice Towers I purchased for my players in January and March of 2018 Deck Box and Dragon Sheath, and Card Holders purchased on the website 2017-09-18 Bone Box and Hero Sleeves via Kickstarter - received 2018-07-12 Dice Towers via Kickstarter received - 2018-08-04 I am still waiting on my CoCo, but as I’m backer 2349 I have a while to wait. Imgur link if the uploads don't work https://imgur.com/a/Vc1EQWb Have the best day you can manage today ! MrPlucky
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    Overhearing his drinking companion from last night, Padauk beelines for the barn and saddles the amiable Buttercup. “Hello there. Ground rules you don’t bite or dump me on purpose and I will try to make sure you always have an apple or some sweet grass handy.” That settled he mounted up and headed for the gathered adventurers.
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    My dice tower KS arrived today! I do like Chechen a lot, but Redheart is winning me over.
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    @Serge Darveau considering that the entire movie features a walking skeleton ....zombies....and other decrepit creatures....I think it’s fair having terrifying images of having hallowed out pumpkins . Quite the brilliant movie...though the above images are haunting.... no points lost. @Thomas Browne given that you have now called @Barb Bliss out on non denial denials..... me out on entrapment..... and now @Serge Darveau on point etiquette ....I’m wondering if you have some sort of secret underdog oversight committee responsibility that @Konas gave you that we’re unaware of. Either that or your career is in the judicial branch in real life
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