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    This is my lot of Dog Might Gear I’ve received over the last 10 months Not pictured 2 prototype Dice Towers I purchased for my players in January and March of 2018 Deck Box and Dragon Sheath, and Card Holders purchased on the website 2017-09-18 Bone Box and Hero Sleeves via Kickstarter - received 2018-07-12 Dice Towers via Kickstarter received - 2018-08-04 I am still waiting on my CoCo, but as I’m backer 2349 I have a while to wait. Imgur link if the uploads don't work https://imgur.com/a/Vc1EQWb Have the best day you can manage today ! MrPlucky
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    My dice tower KS arrived today! I do like Chechen a lot, but Redheart is winning me over.
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    So I went to my first gencon and....I was completely overwhelmed lol. It’s okay though because I was only there for a day and my main purpose was to scout and pick up a few things. I’ve learned the following things from my pains as a rookie. 1). Plan ahead and pick events close to each other- I was inefficient with my time because I kept traveling back and forth and lost key demo time. I need to plan my days out better and make sure I do things close together before moving to another section. 2) you can never have enough water- I read the tips for water and brought 3 bottles but that wasn’t enough. Apparently the aura of gamers has an energy that slowly dehydrates you resulting in -1 penalties to energy and hydration levels every 15 mins. 3)the curse of FOMO on your wallet is real- I thing I was good for the most part....but I had to hold myself back on the hard sale. Ever dell was a big temptation that I avoided but rise of tribes caught me . Always good to remind yourself that fomo is a sales tactic most of the time. 4) gencon is crazy but can be a lot of fun. It got too busy at times and I was sad I missed out in being able to connect with people more often but it’s a lot of fun and I’m hoping to go all 4 days next year and bring some massive gourdian style with it The Loot:
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    OMG - I found pictures of @tgpumpkin's house on line! Or maybe it's @Serge Darveau's. I'm not sure.
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    Hey so this is the order that came before a mail hold was placed! Will have to update with the next one. The hero sleeves are the perfect gift for stocking stuffers, small present of nice! And also for people I don’t quite know well enough to order something more custom. Pretty sure these will become the thing I give out most often. Has definitely solidified the fact that a bone box is now an inevitability for me. These were two of the misfits and they don’t seem to have any sort of defect as far as I can tell! Love how light and secure they are. It did take a bit of finangling to make sure a whole set fit but once I got that down it was easy. Don’t think a wood set would fit though. (some of my photos didn’t load will add more with the next arrival)
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    That’s some damn pretty wood. I ordered Redheart for mine (late pledge) too, but I defaced it with skulls so I’m interested to see how it turns out.
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    Here's a public service announcement!* GENCON STARTS THURSDAY. In case you forgot, hah. Dog Might Games will be in booth 1941. That's a few rows from where they were last year - more towards the center of the hall and a lot further "back." If you can't find them, look up - all the rows are numbered from 100 to 3000. (Now, I just need to get through 3 days of work. I was going to cut out early on Wednesday, but the twerps scheduled me to deliver a briefing that starts at 3:15 and runs until 4pm! Gah! The humanity! The travesty! Don't they know it's Gencon week??) *Zoxe is not employed by DMG, he just really enjoys GenCon.
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    @Serge Darveau considering that the entire movie features a walking skeleton ....zombies....and other decrepit creatures....I think it’s fair having terrifying images of having hallowed out pumpkins . Quite the brilliant movie...though the above images are haunting.... no points lost. @Thomas Browne given that you have now called @Barb Bliss out on non denial denials..... me out on entrapment..... and now @Serge Darveau on point etiquette ....I’m wondering if you have some sort of secret underdog oversight committee responsibility that @Konas gave you that we’re unaware of. Either that or your career is in the judicial branch in real life
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    @Serge Darveau - I don't believe you're allowed to award your own points like that.
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    You have stronger willpower then I!
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