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    Small dice for a big box lol Bubinga
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    Thanks @tgpumpkin. And I don't blame you @Barb Bliss - I wouldn't feel bad if I had won it either. That one definitely hit the new 'envy' high mark though.
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    If they make cats, I will have to buy.
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    As you can see, I might back a lot of Kickstarters but there is a bunch more I let go, though I like them. We teachers live on a limited budget.
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    Here is my August update. My list is for games only. I did back several DMG projects and a few other non-game projects. Backed this year - 2018 Incoming Transmission Atlantis Island of Gods Snowdonia Tang Garden Black Sonata Neta-Tanka Christmas Lights Card Game Goblivion Skull Tales: Full Sail! 5-Minute Dungeon: Curses! Foiled Again! Kodama Duo Sprawlopolis Kitchen Rush - Piece of Cake Dinosaur Island: Back from Extinction Crypt Palm Island Xia: Missions and Powers Tiny Epic Zombies Countdown: Action edition Waiting on from 2017: Dinogenics: Dinosaur Park Management Book of Dragons 7th Continent expansions (got the base already, waiting on 2nd wave) Deep Space D-6 Quodd Heroes Waiting on from 2016: Whelps to Wyrms
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    Galaxy Sentinel that will be my Massive Darkness game component caddy. Sorry about the blurry picture...
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    I got a set of "slightly flawed" D6 dice. I've thrown all of them at once about 20 times. Not one single "1" has shown up yet. Now if I could get a D20 that never rolled a "1", I'd really have something.
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